15-Yard Files: Aggressive Deer Calling Pulls 190-Inch Buck Into Bow Range

And then a smoked her a giant Iowa that's, my turn I'm up, and I'm fired up I'm ready to go a second morning in Iowa we're in the same ditch that I got it last year go to the party. The only darling cloud cover might be a great day for the rut, we're still coming off a great day. Yesterday, I'm Anita, shearing opponent project grows, hey, boy, what a punk. So we know there's one in here really close to that. So we're gonna sadly into a little, rattling, , but hurt I understand maybe I'll happen today. We're watching about Jason, just cut down, rattling there's, a boy year old buck look like big knife. Boy, came here.

Mind, 32 yards, Dana, never outside looking in to decoy that's hard to pass up right there boys? Well, that's the way dear : supposed to work right there. I rattled we had what three is all bugs.

You know, I think that bug that through you Sam Boyd kind of weird with knives heavy. Why drat he came in hello. He got wind of us or somebody jumped the fence. You wait down and chase this two small. Bugs and I hit him with alone, don't bleed man, Wow.

He turned around boom, here they all come. They thought there was a doe in heat up here. They come right to it. It doesn't always work, but sometimes deer calling is your best friend your best to today. It worked good for us. Well, listen, we've had a great day to day has been books all over everywhere. But what she didn't get to see is the book that came up behind as well, be an hour mist and set in the tree 11:36.

We have a book that we've been chasing it. Came down, he went across a draw, and he went up. We were facing that way.

The camera was facing that way there was nothing. We could do he winded this, and he ran right underneath the tree I was sitting in last year. So what we're going to do, and we're going to go set up in that tree?

The Bucks were still cruising I grew seen seven bucks this morning, puts a stand-up will climb it back in we're going to put the decoy in that field tour when the Bucks come out they'll come up and see, oh, let's, go kill a buck I was. About halfway up the tree putting up the stand and I looked behind me and I saw that big buck that I just had an encounter with laying right out in the middle of an open field with four-dose. So we made a decision to go ahead and put the stand-up.

We were very quiet I, got back down I, put the decoy out right in the edge of the field. We got all of our gear. Ready? All we could do is watch that guy and just wait that's, better Oh God that buck was in full all he cared about was chasing those doze around. I snore, tweeted, I, grunted. I rattle I did everything I could to get that deer to come in.

And he wouldn't do it he's standing over there with his head down behind a doe? You know, all looking at her to toast padded down and another buck standing there, looking at him, I'm shooting something I'm, ready, shoot, um, don't. Well, here comes all the toes. Now I finally, got their attention, and they're coming right to the decoy Hey. Ah, that was a burner, 45 yards and tried to draw pick up I win world. 45 yards is.

Where I thought their is she drew Center had three toes coming down. I mean, he was behind them. They were coming right to a decoy. Now that makes me what Paul you you you. Every hunter has a day like this, where you just want to set down and bawl your eyes out. And you just got to see one of those days with me. It was one of the most amazing days, white-tailed deer hunting that I ever experienced.

But yet one of the saddest, and we're going to talk about what happened on this hunt, the key to this. Hunt was I wasn't afraid to move. My stand I got in the stand at daylight I had several bucks coming to the call, but they kept coming from the wrong direction. They kept catching my win I could have killed many bucks, but not the buck that I wanted. Well, what you didn't get to see was the encounter that I had with the buck that I really wanted to kill. He come from the right direction.

He did everything right, but it just didn't work out, and he crossed it above us. So when he crossed it and I thought. He caught our wind I thought, you know what he's not coming back I'm moving the stand so that's.

My first key here is don't be afraid to move the stand in the middle of the day it's, a little after 11, I jerked, the stand down, I know, right where he's going I got a pretty good idea where he's staying I already knew a tree I wanted to get in. It was the same tree I'd been in prior I. Go I, put the stand right back in the same tree that I had hunted before. Well, the key to this hunt was calling peak of the.

Rut in Iowa I get in the new tree. I start rattling I. Start grunting. I, start snoring wheezing.

And you can see I finally get the deer to come to me. But what I didn't anticipate were all the dough's that were with him. Well, what was the problem was my decoy placement? My decoy did everything I asked it to do it got their attention, the rattling the grunting, the snort wheezing. It got their attention. So from a hunting standpoint, I did everything correct. Except for one thing I didn't think about was the.

Doe smelling my decoy I set, the decoy too far away. She was able to get between me and the decoy, and she winded it. And that was the killer of this hunt that decoy was said about 17 yards away from my location. I should have said it, no more than 10. So after that hunt made a pact with myself, I will never set a decoy more than ten steps from my tree because I do not want a buck to lock up like that did 40 yards. If that decoy had been 10 yards that buck would have locked up say, 30 I would have been. More apt to kill that deer I would have had a little more time to draw my bow.

So you can see this was a heartbreaker so don't make these same mistakes that I did on your next hunt, and you will be more successful than I was folks. Thanks for being with us today right here on the 15-yard files fighting in the woods, or you can't see the forest for all the cottonwood trees. My little humble abode sits back in a hole or nothing don't bother me.

And in the spring of the year, when the Big Bird struck you. Can bet I'm going to call I'll be hunting, Tom turkeys and eating deer jerky that we killed back in the fall. I got a blonde-haired Final beauty. Queen. She knows how to keep me right, she's been known.

Dated : 17-Mar-2022

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