1972 Harley Aermacchi Sprint 350 Ss - For Sale - $900

This is a barn fresh, 1972, Harley, Davidson, Aramaic, AMF, three companies involved there, sprint, 350 SS. And basically this bike was made in Italy imported and sold by Harley to help them compete with Honda Yamaha and the lightweight, Japanese manufacturers. And this thing the previous owner said that it was last ridden in 76, supposedly in Park 1076, you know, just a barn basically with a leaky roof. So basically you can see it's missing a few things here. It's missing the taillight CV taillights. You can.

See also that the exhaust are totally rusted out, there's, there's, there are holes in the exhaust, their big daylight coming through so that's unfortunate, obviously the clutch cover is missing so that's, not a good sign and put some oil in the cylinder, and it kicks over. But this seems to be more, definitely more hesitation than there should be there. So I think the top and will need some work. It's, not good to go. You can see right here.

It says made in Italy Harley-Davidson. So by Aramaic Harley, Davidson so you know, Aramaic was an Italian lightweight motorcycle. And now they do mainly helicopters and things like that and airplane parts. But back in the day, they had this range of two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycles.

So you see a lot of the 90 CC - strokes that Harley brought over. But this was, you know, some of their four strokes got bigger. So this is one they're, bigger, four-strokes. You can see it has on the gauges there 2300 miles on it. So not real high mileage, you know, not too bad. Actually and the gas tank has all the original was all original the inside of it, I know, it's hard to see the inside. So you know, has the CV switches see the electrical as the gauge is intact.

Now, the headlight is GE I, don't know if that used to be CV, or you know, one's been switched out for you possibly on the other side of the bike say that storage compartments intact. So you know, there's a battery used to be the battery box used to be there still has the key which is good has the. Original carburetor on it. So now the rubber boot obviously is cracked, but it has, you know, chrome cover here as well, Bosch ignition coil.

So this would be a definitely good project. I've got a lot going on right now. So I'm, just basically looking to just you sell this thing flip this thing out of someone that can restore it. So I was asking, 900, just because I figured you'd probably have a grand into it, restoring it to be a, you know, uh, twenty-five hundred dollar bike it's, kind of the math that I was. Thinking, but uh, so I'm asking 900 for it seat cover it's got a few tears here, necks and things, but mostly there could probably be well, yeah, maybe you want to replace that and left side.

Yeah, exhaust is also rotted out. So let's do a quick walk around on that I, don't know, I'd probably say, yeah, oh the forks. The forks, they're straight, but they need to be rebuilt. They just you know when you compress and they hardly spring back. So it needs the Crowley some top-end work. Obviously, the clutch cover.

Replaced the forks rebuilt, the carb would need to be gone through probably rebuilt taillight lens. A lot of the rest of this will, oh and the exhaust. So you know, but it's, mostly, mostly complete and all original, which is pretty rare.

So if you're interested in the bike, you can shoot me an email at rust belt, cycle parts at gmail.com. And we can go from there bikes, located just outside Milwaukee Wisconsin I can load it up too. If you want to have a carrier come, pick it up so. Alright. Thanks a lot for. Watching.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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