3 Funerals In 3 Weeks A Life Is Saved By Mobile Phone And What3Words Helicopter Lifts Man From Mud.

Three funerals in three weeks and a mobile phone, plus what three words saves a man's life. Hello, everybody, uh Monty. And I are off to west wales, um we're going to do a bit of sightseeing.

But the main reason for going over that way is rather sad we're going to a funeral on Monday, and it's a sad time really because in the next three weeks, I have three funerals to go to and uh, it's so sad. But anyway, I have to make the most of it for now. I've certainly got a good day for it, plenty of blue sky, very. Very few clouds and uh, I'm heading up the a470 towards the heads of the valley road. Um, I chose this way instead of the freeway, because we get ball on the boat away. Any trouble is on the head to the valley road.

There were a lot of roadworks. And I suspect they're still there, so it's going to be a slow one. I think, and I've got, um, 53 miles to go. This is the head of the valley road or the beginning of it for me, and it's called that because the valleys in south wales tend to run north-south more or. Less and this road is near the top of the brick and the Beckham beacons and the black mountains and picks up all the roads that come up the valleys. So this road is running more or less east west, uh, after a weird and wonderful trip around all sorts of places. Uh, I've arrived with Monty, uh at kid welly key and there's, a couple of other camper vans here, there's that one and over there, there's that one, so we'll go and have a look around Gwendolyn, tucked in there, quite an attractive looking area here.

And there's, obviously been some industry here at some time we'll go and find out what it was. Apparently, it started off as a port for exporting coal. But well into the 20th century. It continued thanks to the local silica brick industry, which shipped fire bricks used as furnace linings around the world, a nice picnic area around here.

Plenty of picnic benches, very pretty well, there's one of the dock basins dry now because the tide is out, and it is well and truly out, I don't know whether it's. Completely out at the moment, but it looks like it. And it certainly left that boat high and dry. I got a bit of drama here coast guard search and rescue. I've turned up with blue lights flashing. Furthermore, I have two of them looking out for something apparently there's somebody out there stuck in the mud. But I don't know what they're going to do to kind of get him out.

Well, the chap had a mobile phone with him, and he phoned the milfordhaven coast guard. They instructed him to download what three words up, which. He did, and they're chasing him through what three words, well, there's a lot going on out there, and they're making a lot of preparations, and apparently the chat's on the mobile phone, and they've been talking to him and giving him advice on what to do, and they've called for a helicopter, but we don't know when it's going to arrive, but they're taping off the area, uh, ready to make a landing place for the helicopter after a little while the helicopter arrived, and he hovered over the person for quite a. Long time, and then eventually somebody was lowered down to go and rescue.

The poor man, um, but it was so cold and very, very windy, and I'm afraid, I couldn't, hold the camera straight enough to catch the recovery properly. But eventually they managed to get him into the helicopter. And then he set off to the landing place that they marked out for him, but it was so windy, um and in the wrong direction for him.

And he circled around here for quite a long time, and then decided no, he was going to go. Somewhere else, and then eventually he managed to land it a little fairly close by, but even then he had a heck of a job putting it down on the ground, and they got the chap out, um, they sought to make sure coast guard had taken him over properly. And then they set off again there. We are another call out successfully completed well done dads, but that night half past nine at night, and they got the drinking generator running all right get back in here.

And then the next day good morning, it's just going. Up to 80 o'clock on Sunday, the 6th of march, um, I've had my first cup of tea, and I'm off to go and see what the tide's doing because yesterday it was well out. And today it looks as if it's well in well, the day looks a bit mixed there's, uh, some blue sky over there and there's, not very nice weather over there. Oh, but you can see the waters, the tides well in and that boat that uh was looks if it was on the mud yesterday is now floating. And if that chap had still been stuck in the mud either being in. Real trouble, take a little walk around here and have a look at this wharf this little dock area with the water in and there. It is probably the dock now see quite chilly this morning and my fingers are a bit cold.

It really does look like a harbor now. Doesn't it. No, I think it's, breakfast time after my little mishap in uh, bonsai.

When uh, I ran my battery flat. I had considered, um getting a generator. And I was concerned because a lot of comments about how noisy they are.

And last night that made up my. Mind positively the people in that band, there had their generator going until gone half past nine at night. Oh, it was so noisy, so I'm glad I didn't, go ahead and buy one. But what I did do I brought my battery pack with me there. It is, and it's quite capable of charging the engine battery, or I could even start it from that. And it fits nicely in behind the seat there in their like that. Well, it's a very nice little, uh, part for night place.

I must uh put a review on that. But before I leave this place. There's somewhere else to have a look at next to the gatehouse coffee bar, there is the gatehouse. And the gatehouse is two that castle up there. And within what would have been the old castle walls is this lovely old building here obviously had been the school house now residential and just to confirm that castle school, and it's, an Norman castle, which originally started off with just a simple mutton. Bailey I'm afraid we can have to leave going around to look at inside to another day because.

I have other places to be and a funeral to get to, but I certainly think it'd be worth making the effort to come back here. And how would you like to buy this place, the chapel complete the up-to-date graveyard? So in my younger days, when you had paper and pen diaries and information things, instead of these flip-flop things that you use these days, um, I would have realized that I got the date wrong, because I've come to this place. It doesn't open until next month I'm at this place. And it is in the.

Railway line so I can't pronounce, the name of this lower line. Could you tell it for me? Quill gorilla? Quell, yeah, oh right with it because it's got the two l's in it. Yes. But the two they took the two hours is after the g, if the two l's are before the actual name it's. Cl, something like that right, okay?

And if it comes after the g, if it comes after if it's coming in the middle or towards the end of the name, it's, just ll, all right like as in Willie all right? And thank you very much indeed, the. Chat behind, you will be able to tell you a little more because he's a proper Welshman, and I'm, an Englishman that's only been living down here, seven years all right that's as much as I've worked so far, I'm a Welshman, but I haven't got any welcome.

I was born in Cardiff. Oh, right. That's. Interesting anyway. Thank you very much.

Indeed. Thank you it's. A pleasure.

Well that building there is actually two coaches, which somebody had had a home house, but they bought them and move them here as their tea. Rooms, no Gwendolyn and there's the train, or at least what's left of it for the moment. And I don't know how? Well you can see that in there, but that's, one of the first class compartments in this coach there's, a little tank engine over there. Number one, three, six nine, a very neat little signal box. Next to the level crossing, uh, tonight, I'm stopping at Kelly, kelp tents and tourers Mandy's, favorite of all campsite Mandy's up there with a little Roma home.

But the ground is so wet that. Um, I can't. I. Couldn't get up there with Gwendolyn.

So I parked over there. I made one attempt to get back up the hill backwards, but no ended up with. So I just went straight forward, I'll, stop there instead.

And that should be okay to get out of there the facilities here, look a bit basic. But in fact, they're perfect with the ground being as wet as it is it's. Hardly surprising somebody came by boat, there's the private pitch where the dogs can run free.

You can run free in there quite Tilly. Hey, hello. Tilly. That's a good place to set up, I've been invited into Rosalie for a mug of tea with a big mug, but it's only about a third full. But it is Earl Grey.


Dated : 17-Apr-2022

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