A Million Dreams(Instrumental Version Originally Performed By Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman And Michelle

Close my eyes and I can see the world that's waiting them for me. Then I call my through the dark through the door through annoys me for. But it feels like they can say they can say our sounds crazy.

They can say they can say of us, I don't care, I, don't care, so-called Nick Mesa. We can live in seven idols. I'm. Man. The bride is scholars feel my hand.

A million dreams are keeping me. I think the world could be a vision. A million dream is all it's going to take a million dreams for the world. We're going to make.

There's a house we can build every room inside is filled with things from far away, special things. I, compiled, it's. One letter, make you smile on a rainy day. They can say they can say all sunscreens in they can say they can send we lost our minds I, don't care, and I get if they call us crazy to the world.

The brothers going to smell my hair I think we should dream today. Wheeling dreams for the world. We're going to make a waiver big, a waiver small.

Let me be me. Maybe run. You made me wrong, but say that you. Bring to the well you see to the world I close my in the night, a lion man, the brightest colors with my hand a million dreams are keeping me away. Man dreams for the world will come me. You.

Dated : 07-Apr-2022

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