Alpha Dog Filming Locations, Sante Kimes Mother/Son Killers, Elvis Presley, Rat Pack & Anna Nicole

Marker are you a fan of the movie alpha dog, a little of a dip in the know? The thing here are you a fan of the movie alpha dog because I am it's one of my favorite movies ever. So if you haven't seen alpha dog, see alpha dog it is based on a true story about the killing of Nicholas Markowitz, who was 15, I believe at the time it is and uh, it is a crazy story. It's, a true story.

Now, how to explain if it's about drugs and uh, some revenge, a kidnapping that turned into more than just a not. Really a real kidnap, it was it's very bizarre. It's, very dark. It's, very gritty, it's, such a good movie and it's so sad.

But this is the filming location from it. This isn't, the real life location. This is a filming location from alpha dog. Now I might do a few of them while I'm here in Palm Springs, or I might just do this because this is one of the best parts of the movie. Let's go. Take a look at some pivotal.

Mo, well, you know, let's, go take a look at the hotel room, the pool and a few other cool things. About this place I'm going to tell you about as long as I can get some light, but the scene takes place at night. So I thought what better time to do it than at night.

This is a cool place. This is funky to do. Now I've been out here before, uh, probably four or five years ago, whatever year the movie came out. I came out a few years afterwards, because I really wanted to see the pool this. The in the movie there's, a big party held at this hotel, you know, the climax of the film and stolen boy played by the.

Beloved, Anton Yeltsin, one of my favorite actors has an encounter with two girls in this pool and then switches back up to the hotel room. And a very pivotal moment in the film and real life happened because it's a true story like I said, but right here is the pool where they filmed it I'm going to tell you something else that's really cool about this hotel like I mentioned. Okay, I know it's dark, but the movie's, dark, wait, look in there. Yeah, the movie's dark.

So it suits it besides you're here to see me. You want to see this here's the pool from alpha dog wonder if it's warm answer very, very, very warm, Marcus, they definitely keep this place dark. This is a tiki themed hotel, motel hotel. And they's really it's, really like you think there'd be a lot of lights, but no it's really dark and funky and cool right in the middle of the desert.

This was I believe ken Keynes is the man. He was a motel, uh owner who owned like multiple pro. I did some digging on this guy. Let me tell you about him. Well, More importantly, his wife and his son, wow, there she is that's her on the right she's born Santa walker. Now she spent the better part of her life, fleecing people of money, expensive merchandise real estate, either through Labrador games, forgery arson and shoplifting.

And in other attempts to defraud people, she often impersonated. Elizabeth, Taylor, do you see the resemblance, wait for it, not so much? But wait hurry up here. We go kind of right there. All right? I can see it up close.

I don't know, so she. Wanted a rich husband, she got one that's him. Ken crimes. They had a son, Kenny, jr. And she enlisted him in so many schemes as well. She used to introduce him as an ambassador, and that helped them gain access to the White House during the ford administration there. They are with Gerald Ford. Santa.

Frequently offered young homeless, undocumented migrants, housing and employment. Then kept them virtual prisoners by threatening to report them to the authorities if they didn't follow her orders as a. Result, she and her second husband, motel, tycoon, Kenneth climbs right there spent years squandering his fortune on lawyers fees, defending themselves against charges of slavery. Santa crimes was eventually arrested in August 1985, as sentenced by the U.S. district court to serve five years in prison for violating federal anti-slavery laws. Her husband took a plea bargain, agreed to complete an alcohol treatment program. Ken and their son can he lived a summer normal life until Santa was released. From prison in 1990, 89, ken senior died in 94.

Guess who he didn't leave in the will Santa and the sun big. Trouble ahead, they needed money. So in June 1988, with her son, Kenny, Santa perpetrated a scheme where she would assume the identity of their landlady that's for their 82 year, old, socialite, Irene Silverman and then appropriate ownership of her 7.7 million dollar Manhattan mansion. I have no idea what's going on in this picture.

I know who those people are. Furthermore, I just like the ways ante looks in it. Hilarious now, despite the fact Silverman's body was never found both mother and son were convicted of murder in 2000, look at this pair of cuties right here. And it was this was no small part, because of the discovery of Santa's notebooks detailing, the crime, brilliant and also notes written by Silverman, who was extremely suspicious of the pair during the trial Kenneth cries confessed that after his brother had used a stun gun on the sleepy Silverman. He strangled her stuffed her corpse into a bag. And deposited in a dumpster in Hoboken, New Jersey, it was eventually discovered that they killed two other people as well. That's.

David Kazan on the left, they shot him to death and that's who they drown in the bathtub. So all crazy idea she denied her right to the end and the end came. She did now the sun's still in prison.

I really urge you to look up this case. I mean, he took a court reporter hostage with a pen it's crazy. It was a mother-son killer, combo, I'm making a little light of it, but they were. Nuts and it's a fascinating story.

I couldn't believe I discovered it after I left the motel look into it. Santa climbs. You won't be disappointed watch the footage.

And it became hugely, hugely popular like around, uh, in the 60s, it was big with the rat pack. Elvis Presley Nancy Sinatra lived here, apparently. And this was the place to come and party, and it definitely has that vibe, and it's. So I'll show you some pictures, I'm going to insert some pictures of what it looks like during the day because. I could come back here during the day, but it takes place at night, and I'm actually just staying up the street. Hmm, no. I like the darkness.

I like the darkness, I made up a tagline for a movie that doesn't exist. And what stop it. Ladies. Please. What was it is'll?

Come to me? I made it up. I was whispering it to my dog before I left in his ear over and over again, because it sounded creepy.

Hmm, oh, yeah. I kept whispering in his ear. Sometimes when it's quiet, you can still hear sounds, scary, huh? Like. Imagine like a little kid's voice, saying that as at the end of a trailer for a movie, sometimes when it's quiet you still hear sounds, oh, I think it'd be creepy.

I'd probably see it unless it's a ghost movie because they bore me. I like real life movies or like real life like Jason stabbing people because that's real life, Jason's real. Okay. Look at this guy. What did you eat?

These are some big ass, palm trees. Now I'm going to go show you the room where they filmed the party scene and where the orders were. Delivered, and if you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about if you haven't seen the movie stream, it rent it buy it? Whatever you have to do to get it. Do it alpha dog, I'm telling you will love it. If you like dark, gritty, true, crime, movies, you'll, love.

It. Now let's go find the room macho Shiva. Are you ready to see the room from alpha dog? I think you are.

I think you can handle it. Furthermore, I think you're ready for it. Furthermore, I think you know, it's this one right here, and they filmed inside, but there's. People staying there right now, yeah, this is the room from alpha dog.

Take a little look inside there, but that's really invading someone's privacy. But people do it to me all the time they fill me in my hotel room. So why can't I so here you go. So in the movie, they had a little thing on the stairs where they sat. I think it would have been those stairs over there.

I have to re-watch it, and I should rewatch it before I came out here, but of course, I didn't, but it would be these or those, but.Those make more sense because of the way, yeah, I was shot up. But this is the room from alpha dog. So here we go believe us these stairs right here from alpha dawn. How many times can I say alpha dog, hey, I know you. I just saw you. Yeah, you cut you're for. Well, time's changed fashions change style, doesn't or styles change style.

Doesn't that's. What I meant to say, okay, buddy, I don't think. So I don't think so sign not at this hotel, not a Frank Sinatra state here, it's available in half grand bags or. Gram bags one of these guys again, different wine, but he doesn't have his tongue out, uh, what else can I show you there's a famous restaurant that's here on the premises let's? Go there as you can hear there's live music.

I was going to stay here. And I decided to stay up the street. Why didn't I stay here? This is a cool place. I think the reason I didn't say it because there's only like three rooms left when I booked it.

And I don't know, I just thought, well in other places up the street had a bunch. Of rooms available, I'd be able to park these here everything's about parking with me, but I could have stayed here, but I would that room was booked three days in advance. I was told so I called ahead. Yeah, I'm. Not weird. Anyway, look here's. The restaurant is there's.

Actually another restaurant on the premises that's, really like I think it's like fine, dining let's see if I can find that it's, a pretty big place is this fun. Look at this architecture. So yes, tiki themed.

This was big in the 60s. And this. Apparently was around for a good 20 years was really popular. And then it kind of just went downhill, a little fell into disrepair. And the new owners bought it and fixed it up, and it looks amazing and it's so funky and cool. And next time I come to Palm Springs. I am staying here.

Here's. The fine dining restaurant. I think let's see if I can take a look at this place, see that's, very nice. I can see why Elvis and frank and Nancy Sinatra like this place, because I have their exact same taste. So. Yeah, alpha dog filmed here.

Elvis stayed here frank stayed here the rat pack. Parting here Nancy Sinatra lived here. Oh, I need to show you something really cool. Are you still with me? How's?

My retention level I was told to check my retention levels on YouTube see how long people watch my videos for I don't ever. I just assume people watch them. I hope you watch it till the end if not you're going to miss this let's go.

And by the way, yes, I've been up for 21 hours now yet again, I keep doing this, but waking. Up early and not getting a lot of sleep and driving going place to place, but I love it I'm, fine, you know what on Jodi said, john, on, Jodi, I'll sleep when I'm dead. So remember Anna Nicole smith, she filmed part of her reality show here, and she left her hands in cement. Here, her hand, prince in cement here that would be so weird.

She left her hand. Prince. I never got to see. I don't, remember ever watching her reality show, but uh, come on. And Nicole smith, I think we all kind of like and Nicole smith, she. Seemed sweet, she had a troubled life sad very, very sad ending to her life.

And I think a lot of people saw it coming. Huh, let's not get this brings this down with that. But it really it was sad a sad tragic ending, but she filmed part of a reality show here. And she stayed in one of the rooms.

I don't know which room. But now let's find those handprints because they're somewhere here, that's a rock that's, a smaller rock. Now, there's something here, I don't know what that says that's, not Anna Nicole smith. Okay here, where are you? I should have been filming here.

The whole time it's, nice, light, I'm showing a little too much. What do you call it too? Much skin there? Sorry about that and didn't realize my hoodie had fallen my hoodie had fallen I've fallen, and I can't get up where is Anna Nicole's footprints and handprints or footprints or both come on.

I don't have time for this it's got to be here somewhere and just hit me the word they dcolletage, which would be when a woman was a low-cut. Shirt that's what I was doing how unladylike now, where are those hand prints come on? Well, that is an abrupt little ending, because you know what somebody bought her handprints, and they're gone that's.

Why I couldn't find them that was just those are just regular people's hampers that they put over there, who knows who they are not Anna Nicole, but somebody bought another clothes, handprints from this in the cement that was over there gone now. Well, that means I've done all. I can here at client. Tropics resort that's what it says, that's, what it's called good lord all right? Let me show you a little few little shots from the outside, but then I'm going to wrap it up get some rest. Ah, somebody's, somebody's, enjoying themselves with something.

Yeah. That is pungent, oh, gee contact. Hi.

So this is the outside of it. Pretty cool. Huh? Look at these palm shoes.

These aren't regular punches. These are palm trees on steroids. Those are regular ones, these it's, a jumbo lion's, not in terms of height. But in.

Terms of plumage, hey, I just got the word plumage in plumage, no it's, plumage. Ugh. Everybody's got to tag something all right. This is it client I'm out of here? Alpha dog filmed here. Justin Timberlake's in the movie. Did I mention that Dominique swain Emile Hirsch, my beloved, Anton Yeltsin, uh, Sean hats?

I believe is how you pronounce the last name who I met at the Toronto film festival once nice guy and uh, oh, what was his name? Ben foster, sir, what why am I saying, sorry to a car, driving. By what story there's like trying to dominate swing who else? Oh, Amanda safaried is in it, too. Yeah, she's in it isn't.

She anyone you can think of young Hollywood they're all in it. So that's it. If you're wondering what the name of the restaurant is it's, Epson I'm out of here. I got someone to be, oh, you know, what I'm going to take a selfie by the sign? Okay? Hope you enjoyed this video. I might do, uh.

I might add on to this video. Furthermore, I might do a separate alpha dog or might not even get to those. Locations we'll see, this could be the end of the video peace out.

Watch the movie just watch it. Thank you. You'll love. It.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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