Amazingly 18-In-1 Conversion Tool Converts Up To 330% , Leads & Sales , Recovers 50-86% Lost Traffic

99 of businesses, online fail to make good money. Well, not quite a news, bulletin right? I'm sure you knew that already, but why does it happen?

Do you know that here's? The number one reason they failed to convert their visitors into buyers that's? The sad reality bringing traffic is not a problem SEO blog viral marketing FB ads, even sharing direct links on social media. There are tons of ways available online to bring traffic onto your site. Even a six-year-old can bring traffic issue is converting. That traffic into leads and sales. Let me show you a quick demonstration of how businesses like yours are leaking money daily let's.

Compare two online pages, one, a page that is converting its traffic into sales at nine percent. And two second pages with just a single line of code extra from cover z. And now converting at twenty-three percent let's say, there are one hundred visitors, and they're able to sell to nine of them.

Maybe they spend a thousand dollars to get those laser targeted one hundred. Visitors and they are selling a product for one hundred dollars revenue generated will be one hundred times, nine or nine hundred dollars, plus there will be refunds. So the net turns out to be a loss. This happens with the majority of the businesses. Now let's have a look at the page that is converting at 23 with the help of converse same set of 100 visitors, but they are able to sell to 23 of them. Same 1 000 spent on marketing. But the revenue generated is a hundred times.

Twenty-three or twenty-three.A Hundred dollars minus the refunds, but the net is still massively profitable. Do you see product page design number of visitors page, copywriting and all those other things do not matter against the fact whether your page is converting or not this is exactly where the businesses lose money? Leak money. Go broke.

Imagine if you had a consistent way of converting traffic into buyers, then you can even spend a thousand dollars daily to bring traffic, because you know, it can be doubled back in that's, how. Good marketers scale for every thousand dollars spent they make an easy, two thousand dollars or more back and that's, what they do day in and day out and that's exactly what is now possible for you with the help of converse I'm going to show you tons and tons of case studies in a moment that will show you how we took a dying page and turned it into a massively converting page with the help of a single line of code using converse. But before that, let me introduce myself, my name is Amit versa and. I'm the guy behind the massive success of multiple products that you can see on the screen right now and overall more than 2.5 million dollars in revenue generated for my clients in the last 12 months with my laser sharp page, conversion tactics, chances are you may have bought some of these products too. And you are the living proof that my conversion optimizations work.

Now I do all those conversion optimizations using coding, but I wanted to come up with an easy solution for you. So you can simply. Just duplicate the same optimizations in your business. And along with my team we have made it as simple as possible all that it takes is just a single line of code that's it with the help of confer z. You will now be able to use 18 powerful conversion and growth hacking tools in your marketing, which will increase your sales and conversions by three hundred thirty percent and will help you recover fifty to eighty-six percent of your lost traffic. Let's have a quick look at all the eighteen tools.

That you are getting today, one tab messaging, single tool, powerful enough to recover 50 to 86 percent of the lost traffic from any website as you can see from this screenshot from tab, engage 2. Urgency. Timer here are the converting timers that you can create easily with the help of cover z, a massive 93 percent of people have agreed to buy a product or service, maybe clothes, toys flight tickets or anything because of the fear of missing out data suggests that sixty percent of millennials make. Reactive purchases because of urgency, same tactic is also used by Amazon in their marketing. You know, you have to use it when a giant like Amazon is using it three central timers. We have taken timers to the next level by adding call to actions in timers as soon as the time expires.

So not just you will be able to induce scarcity in your marketing. But also you'll be able to lead people to your desired URL with the help of our smart redirect technology as soon as the timer expires. This is a first to.

The market technology and only we are offering it number four, hello bar. Timer. Can you see the big bold? Hello bar timer on the top of this page, just like this let's face it. If you visited 10 different software pages online, you would have seen a big bold, hello bar timer on the top or bottom of all those pages, pretty simple and logical to understand that. It works right.

Not just works. It plays a huge psychological edge in converting the traffic into buyers 5. Hello bar opt-ins. Now you can collect a. Massive number of leads because of the hello bar, opt-ins have a look at ActiveCampaign.

That adds 800 free trials every month with a similar. Hello bar, opt-in on their page, not just that cosmetic capital increased their leads by three hundred percent using a similar. Hello bar, opt-in.

Well, there's, a reason why the famous company charges 360 dollars per year for the hello bar subscription that you will be getting this inside converse for a simple little one-time price with everything. Else included overwhelmed yet then click on the link below and sign up for converse. If you are the curious kind then let's continue to see the other tools, six images, pop-up successful businesses all over the world use image, pop-up simply because it's an extraordinarily simple, but super effective way of converting your traffic into buyers.

For example, go keyless generated, 500 new leads and experience a double-digit growth in sales within a month of using similar image, pop-ups that's, how effective. They are the only catch, however, is how to create them can't say without conversing, maybe a tool like opt-in monster that charges you 588 dollars per year for the pop-ups, or you can use converse for a simple all-inclusive, one-time cost, seven video pop-ups. This is a first in the market technology that is combining the powers of videos with pop-ups. This is an exclusive technology that we have invented and the in conversions, because of it is going to be massive. You will be the first one to use it. And convert extra sales because of it eight geography redirection.

This is a technology that ends up adding almost up to twenty percent. Extra revenue that would otherwise always be lost. For example. Skates dot, co dot. UK.

Increased their daily sales by two thousand pounds with geography targeting here's. The thing majority of products or services offered by businesses, cater to a limited demographic. But the internet being such a huge place can get you visitors from any part of the world, no right product to show. To a right buyer ends in a lost revenue opportunity, not anymore, geography redirection feature, helps you redirect the traffic from different parts of the world to your other offer pages, or even affiliate offers that they may be interested in rather than showing them a product or service that they can never buy show them what they can buy immediately and take a cut inside the members' area. We will also show you how to find area specific affiliate offers 9.

Exit. Intent, exit. Intent is a technology that. Helps in recovering 20 to 30 percent of the lost sales.

All the time visitors who are silently about to leave your page are shown an exclusive message or deal or discount and converted into customers check. These out Wall Street increased their newsletter sign up rates by 279 percent by using exit intent. Tech Samsung used exit, intent tech to increase their revenue by 26 in a short two-week period, we're talking about brands, like Wall Street and Samsung here with possibilities of revenue in billions.

By using exit intent technology, imagine they were about to leave your website. And now they're turning into a customer. How massive a deal is this 10. Mobile vibrator, let's face it a mobile is filled with thousands of elements of distraction. Have you ever thought about it? There are thousands of ways for your mobile visitors to be distracted when they're on your page phone, call, Facebook, WhatsApp Instagram and so many others. And you have nobody to blame for that lost traffic because that's, the.

Usual thing and every business loses sixty to seventy percent of their mobile traffic because of it. Well, now you have mobile vibrator, that's able to bring back up to forty-five percent of those lost visitors. It shakes and vibrates a mobile device indicating your visitor to return to your page when they have exited your page and moved on to something else, a really powerful way of gaining back all the lost customers. Now, you know, converse is really the smart choice for your business. Well, then. Click on the link below and get started 11 dynamic elements in the online world. It is very important that you lead your visitors to the buying process without being intrusive converse, dynamic elements, play a very beautiful role here in gently leading your visitors to the buying button without causing any disturbance and being present in front of them, 24 7, creating that psychological edge, not at all intrusive yet, damn effective.

In fact, we have added an advanced feature that will allow you. To add one click call email or Skype chat options inside dynamic elements on your page, imagine getting a flurry of inbound leads because of this simple little button, 12. Offer iframe. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

And the only tool in the market that allows you to post, affiliate links, even on social media platforms who otherwise block all the affiliate links. Imagine how rapidly it can increase your revenue if you are the only affiliate marketer who can post affiliate links directly on. Social media in the complete ethical way, your reach and revenue increases exponentially 13. Back button.

Redirect visitors in the online world are so habitual of clicking the back button every now. And then it results in lost sales. All the time we're giving the powers in your hands by giving you controls over this back button and redirecting your visitors to any link of your choice when they click on the back button. Imagine how much you can grow your revenue so easily by this simple little trick.14., hello bar with opt-in form generate leads right from the stylish and dynamic hello bar on your side and pages. It allows you to create beautiful, attention-grabbing, opt-in forms that convert well, what will be more powerful and easiest way than this 15.?

Hello bar timer with opt-in form inside converse. You can also create a stylish hello bar, including a timer into it to use the angle of urgency and increase the rate of sales and lead generation on your sites and pages. 16., exit, intent with opt-in. Form exit intent with opt-in form will give you the opportunity to reach out to a prospect who left your page in the coming future.

In short, we are not losing them. We are getting the opportunity to convert them in the coming future. 17. autoplay video. It will allow playing the muted video, and you will have the option of playing a GIF as a clip. You will also get the option to add text over your video in short, no one will miss the video on your page 18. Proof app. This is the best example of using.

Fomo to increase your conversions and sales, a pop-up appearing on your website, either on the left bottom or right bottom, saying, someone recently purchased your product. Well there you have it 18 powerful growth hacking and conversion optimization tools to help you rapidly grow your revenue and increase your sales converse presents you with an incredible opportunity to increase your conversions by up to 330 percent. More leads and sales and helps you recover 50 to 86 percent of your lost traffic. All the time plus as a limited time, bonus, you are getting a commercial license included for all the 18 tools.

So you can use all these powerful tools for your clients businesses as well. We have just launched converse and naturally today. Our price is the lowest that it will ever be. Plus your purchase is backed up by our 30 days, 100, no questions asked money-back guarantee if converse doesn't help you get more conversions, leads and sales simply reach out to us and take your money back no questions. Our price is increasing daily.

And the second our early bird is over our price will be doubled. And soon we will switch to monthly membership today. You can get unrestricted access at the lowest ever price, and you'll never have to pay even a single cent ever again, grab converse power of 18 growth, hacking and conversion tools. Now in your hands,

Dated : 05-Apr-2022

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