Animal Crossing New Horizon 2.0 Update - How To Unlock Everything Asap

Surprise animal, crossings, 2.0, update is out a little earlier than expected. This free content, update adds a ton to the game. And if you've been eagerly waiting like, I have you'll want to get everything. You can right away. But remember, this is animal crossing, which means the game is going to force you to wait for stuff to unlock first meaning, you'll want to make sure to take care of a few things right away. So you can, for example, unlock Brewster's caf as soon as possible.

So if you haven't dived in. Yet, we got the lowdown on what to prioritize. First thing you'll want to do is head over to resident services and spend a lot of time over at the ABD, hopefully you'll have saved up those nook miles because you'll have a lot to purchase right away. You'll want to buy all the upgrades. You can unlock instantly that would be the island life 101 service.

Ba, chef, DIY recipes, plus pro camera app custom designs patterns, plus pro decorating license, custom fencing and a flash new reactions' notebook. And. Top 4 rad hairstyles, there are also a few new recipes if you're lucky one, or both of the two daily fence, recipes will be one of the nine new fences available.

Additionally, there is a recipe for a large wooden shed, which will allow you to access home storage from anywhere on your island. Lastly, there is a donation box recipe, which can act as a tip jar for visitors only the island owner can collect donations from the donation box. Now it's time to check out all the new items.

You can purchase with. Nook miles because there are a bunch if it's been a minute since you've made a lot of purchases it's worth remembering that you can only order 5, shippable, nook mile items per day. So choose wisely and order all 5 items to maximize your collection. I recommend picking up the ABD. If you want a second ATM on your island right away, there is also the storage shed available for purchase, but you can also build the wooden storage sheds using the recipe and save a slot for another nook mile item. Next.

You'll want to talk to Isabel and set up your island ordinance. You have four options. Beautiful island makes your villagers, help pick up weeds and water flowers. And is a great choice. If you're tired of dealing with the daily maintenance of your island, early bird, wakes up, your villagers and opens up all the shops, early and is perfect for players who like to get their animal crossing time in the morning before work school night, owl does the opposite keeping the shops open and villagers up later and. Is perfect for someone like me who gets most of my animal crossing time in at night last is bell, boom, which increases how much items sell for, but also increases how much items cost.

This is best for those of you looking to focus on making more money. An ordinance change costs, 20 000 bells, and you'll have to wait until the next day for it to take effect. Finally, talk to tom nook about upgrading your storage space. The first of three storage upgrades starts at 700 000 bells and will take a day to go.

Into effect so buy that. Now, if you've got the cash, you can also check out the new house customization options. But keep in mind. You can't do both the house customization and the storage upgrade on the same day. So you'll need to pick one now that we've taken care of that head out and make a quick stop by nook's. Cranny you'll, be able to purchase the latter setup kit recipe and basic cook recipes, however, that's pretty much it.

Okay. I know, you're all itching to get the caf open, but it's going to take at. Least two days so you'll want to start right away head over to the museum and talk to blathers he'll, ask you to find Brewster. So you can get the caf open.

No one knows where Brewster is, but blathers hints that he's likely looking for gyro ids, which can be found on an island that cap'n will take you to so head over to your dock and talk to captain cap'n only offers one tour a day. So it's important, you talk to blathers about Brewster first as long as you did this, you should find Brewster right away. On the first island cap and takes you talk to Brewster, and he'll tell you to return to blathers, make sure to pick the island clean and dig up some gyro ids while you're there after you return to blathers he'll, start preparing for Brewster's arrival. Tomorrow, the museum will close for construction.

And then the following day, the caf will finally open. The final thing we need to take care of on your first day is setting up the new shopping plaza, which is another multi-day process, grab 100 000 bells. And then head over to harvest island, he and Harriet will give you the spiel on the plaza.

And then you are free to pick which of these seven merchants, you'd like to set up first, including leaf red, six Sahara and new merchants, Mortimer Katrina and Reese. And Cyrus, each shop costs a donation of 100 000 bells. And you can only build one a day. If you are interested in the new cooking recipes, I highly recommend setting up leaf first as he is the only way to get the crops. You need to start your garden.

Make sure to return to harvest every day and donate for a new shop after the first day, an ABD will be added letting you withdraw money on the island. So you no longer need to worry about bringing it with you anymore. After the first shop is set up, Harriet will open her salon station once a day she will offer you a free hairstyle.

Even if you don't like the look, she gives you and ask to revert it back the new style will still unlock permanently as an option at a vanity or mirror. And that right there. Is everything you want to take care of. So you can get access to all of your new shops and goodies right away. If you found this helpful, give this video, a like and sub to game spot, because we aren't done, yet we'll have plenty more guides for happy home paradise on the way that you won't want to miss.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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