April 12, 2012 Ellis Fischel & Talking Horse Productions

University of Missouri health care knows you've got better places to be than in a hospital that's where our world-class technology and highly skilled medical team. Come in. We get you home sooner that's important to you and those who wait for you, you are good morning and welcome to radio friends on this Thursday April. The 12th are two topics today are talking harness productions and also special screening at Ellis. Fishell let's, let's, start first with Christian FCC.

Welcome, Tiger. Radio. Thanks.

To seeing, or you're, representing Ellis Michelle Cancer Center, tell me there's a special screening coming up. Yes on Friday, May, fourth, we're, going to have an exposed skin screening. And so that would be for anyone that wants to come it's free, and it will be from one to three anybody that has a concern or something on exposed skin. We want what happens during this exposed skin screening. Well, they'll first come in, and we'll register them. And then they will go back and see a dermatologist, and it's.

Anything that we can see without having to remove items of clothing, and so they will analyze moles and freckles and in anything that might be of a concern now do they do that just by looking at it or do they when you say analyze it, do they put it under a microscope, today's special lights on it? Actually they are large magnifying glasses that have light so that they can really look at something, so it's similar to a magnifying glass that they would just look at your skin, and they're. Looking for anything that might be abnormal. So someone lets's just say, if someone is, I'm the prime candidate for someone being at risk as you're very light, very light skin, lots of freckles, red hair, blue eyes, but it's anything that's abnormal. If someone lets's just say has 50 moles or more, they should probably have an annual screening every year. If it's something that it's a normal-sized mole that might be the size of a pencil eraser. But now it's changed in color or size or starts itching or.

Bleeding there's something that needs to be looked at those are the types of things that people can. So how do you tell the difference between, and I know, you're, not a doctor Greg people, listening. How do you tell the difference if it's a mole or if it's something else? You know that you should go and see it? Well, if it's been with you most of your life, it's, probably something that's normal. But if it's something that has just come up changes due to hormones changes due to s, aging being out in. The Sun a lot if it's something that is either changing or has newly come up.

I would recommend. We have a newly come up. We like it hasn't been there and in it, and you've just noticed it, or you've noticed it. It came up a year ago, and it's starting to change get it. Bigger change, colors, sighs, yeah, but they will be able to tell you all of this with the screening correct, and it's going to be may Friday may forth from one to three at Ellis Basho, and should you register ahead of time or not?

Um. Yes, we will need to register and kind of make a reservation slot. Okay. And how long should the screening take about five to seven minutes. Oh, so it's, very quick, very quick because it'll be exposed skin. So if you come in with, you know, a tank top and shorts on they'll be able to look at more, but it won't. Okay, you know, okay.

So it depends on how you dress. It does depend on how you drive so for more information or to sign up, what do they do? They can call me, and that is 88 to 54 56.

And it is free of. Charge it is free right. So the number again, is eight to five four, five, six call now and make your reservation for the screening on Mae for May. Fourth Kristin. Thank you so much for you I, appreciate it. So how many people can you take that day? You know, we're going to be limited I'm looking probably around 75.

Okay. So if people are interested if you're listening you're interested in doing that, you should call right now. Definitely? Okay, one more time. The number eight, eight to five, four, five, six. Now we turn to Ed Hanson who is with us talking hearts productions. And this actually is a new theatrical production company.

It is I was on your show about two months ago, and we talked about launching it. So yeah, here we are again, its launch. How is it going? Well, it's going pretty well so far, actually, we've we've successfully completed two productions, and we are heavily into the rehearsal process for this. Third one show, the one that we're talking about today is called title of the show. Title of show title of show that's the name of it title, I've shown its inside brackets title of show. Okay.

So what is title of show about well title of show is about to struggling writers in New, York, Jeff and Hunter, they collaborate on musical productions, and they find out about a festival that they could enter a project in, but they only have three weeks to put something together. And so as they're talking about putting something together for this festival, they decide that they're just going to. Write about what they're talking about right, then, which is how to put a show together, oh so that's. What show is about show is about two guys writing a musical about two guys, writing a musical. Okay.

So are there a lot of musical numbers? There are a lot of musical numbers, and they never, yet we're going to recognize. Well, if you're an aficionado of this particular show, perhaps it's a relatively new musical, it won a Tony Award. No I was nominated I.

Guess for tony award for best book in 2009, so it's, not. Not been around for a long time, yeah, but it is running when to win. We open April nineteenth on a Thursday, I'm going to run Thursday through Sunday you're, open actually you're opening a week from today. Because today is April cross that's. Not a week from today. You'll be opening, that's, correct. And you run for how Thursday through Sunday for two weeks.

So Thurs next Thursday through Sunday, and then the following Thursday, true that's, correct. Now, why should somebody want to come to this production? Well.First, you need to come and see something at the Berlin, if you've never done that before it's a very intimate theater, 65 seats seeing something there is unlike seeing something in a bee auditorium. I think they should also want to come and see this show just because it's a very unusual musical I don't want to tell you too much about it. But it's just very unusual, is it or Amelie musical? It is not okay.

So it's. Not this is recommended for mature audiences. Okay, it is for four actors.

Two men, two. Women and a keyboard player, four chairs, that's the entire set, oh, okay. So it's going to be entertaining another way. Wildly entertaining is wildly entertaining very clever, very clever writing are you in it?

I? Am NOT I'm directing it. Okay? Well, I wish you the very best of luck with it. You know, the Berlin theater, if people are not familiar with it explain what it is. Well, the Berlin theater is in the same building as caf Berlin on North tenth Street.

It used to be an old gas station. So the caf is on. The convenience store side, and we're on the garage side and it's more than a garage it, truly, it is more than a garage at 60. Would you say 65?

People it's a very intimate setting, and you almost feel like you're part of the production. Absolutely, I mean, the front row is less than three feet away from the actors on the edge of the stage. So it's, very close, ok, all right and for ticket information. What do they do? Well, you can buy tickets online.

If you want to at Berlin theater dot, ticket leap. Ticketleap ok, calm, or you can call my number is 268 1381, or you can get them at the door, or you can get them at the door, 30 minutes prior to performing. Ok. Thank you so much for God. Thank you, Anson talking hearts' production. Tomorrow we've got the musical Cathy and Dave our show directed by Travis McMillan on the rentals' journalism. Institute, audio pad acres, Que, did our floor, director, Danny Madison and our assistant producer and guest coordinator uncle James miles here.

We'll, see you tomorrow bye. Bye.

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