Beard Trimming - Conair I-Stubble Vs Philips Norelco Series 5100

It's built to get you from five o'clock shadow to design your stumble. But can this Cohere man, I, stubble, beard, trimmer really compete with the Philips novel series, 5100 we'll find out coming up next what's up guys, I'm pulling off Rio back with you from groom reviews we're, getting you comfortable confident and clean in grooming on this channel we're, bring you everyday grooming, product reviews. So if you're new here, be sure to subscribe make sure you hit that notification, well, Sam's having all our. Latest videos, you can also check sound our website egg room, reviews calm now before I jump in I want to give a quick shout out to Angel Benitez out there. The groove use community. He suggested that I do review.

This Conor, I, stubble and we're making it happen. If there's a product of interest to you that you'd like to see me review, let me know in the comments below. So today, we're taking a look at the con air. Man, I, stubble, beard, trimmer model, GMT, 900, a which Cohere talents for its pivoting. Flex. Head technology, it's just perfectly to your face for extra comfort and control.

This grooming device is an Amazon choice. Recommendation Nikita number 23 for the category of beard and mustache trimmers. It also holds a 3.5 out of 5-star review rating accompanying. The is double beard, trimmer and it's.

Electrochemical. Four blades are a charger brush. Am I lubricating oil. Now, if you take a look at my previous video on the filter out clothes, here is 5100 you'll. Notice that these two brewing devices are. Both similar dry operation trimmers that claim to achieve the perfect stubble. Look while the filter Elk beard and hedge trimmer utilizes, three beard and hair combs that work in combination with a built-in zoom wheel.

The counterman I stubble is made solely for the face and integrates a single flip back guide comb that height adjusts on an LCD. The Condor is double allows for 15 integrated trim settings, starting in point, two millimeter increments from length point. Four millimeter to two.

Millimeter and point five millimeter increments from lengths two millimeters to five millimeters as far as battery life. The Conor man, I stubble uses the nickel metal, hydride battery versus the lithium-ion battery of the series. 5100 IAN requires 90 minutes of charge time for 45 minutes of use. Additionally, a 16-hour initial supercharger is required to ensure optimum power performance for smooth fast trimming for first use it's recommended that you of lubricating oil be applying on to the blades.

This. Will help in reducing friction and keeping them from pulling or snagging facial hair. The place can be removed and rinse some to the tap. However, the Connor I stopped was only to be used in dry condition and cannot be used while bathing or in the shower.

Currently, the Connor man, I, sublet, trimmer, sells on Amazon for $39.99. First, the $44.99 price tag for the Philips novel series, 5100 I'll link to the products in the description below. So if you saw my previous video on the Philips rail co series, 5100. Ah, you were really able to see what this device could do as far as getting me that stubble. Look.

The blades were very sharp. It worked very well, very even trim. And it got through there. Now, we're just going to see what this Conor man I stumble can do the difference is this only goes up to five millimeters and is basically made to use on the beard. So a goatee a beard mustache.

This is what you're using this device for this one over here, it's good for beard, and it's good for the hair. This goes all the. Way up to 13 millimeters based on what comb attachment you have on there, looking at these blades, my initial impression is that the Philips novel is basically a more solid blade. It's thicker looks a little. You know, sharper this one looks kind of thin. So now we're going to jump in we're going to use the condom, an eye stubble on the right side of my face and the Philips novel series 5100 on the left side.

We're gonna start at 5 millimeters since this is the highest that the counterman eye. Stubble will go, and we'll go down from 5 to 4 3 2 1, and then we'll have that lowest point for a millimeter setting that both of these have, and we're going to see basically what both these devices are doing as we're going down. Those settings are we snagging? Are we having power issues? Are we cutting evenly so let's jump in right now, I'm going to test these out, and I'll let you know on the other side, how these compare alright, guys.

So there you go that's, the con air man, I stumble on this side. And this is. Philips Novel series 5100 on this side, I have to say that at the point for a movie you're setting, both these trimmers are very comparable and got me that stubble look. But that said, one of these trimmers definitely has an edge over the other just starting with the battery.

If we look at this Philips Novel series, 5100 takes one hour of charge time for 70 minutes of use this Cohere man. It takes 90 minutes of charge time for 45 minutes of use, plus you have to charge at 16 hours at initial usage and. They want you to charge this for 16 hours every three months to keep this battery in check. This has a nickel metal, hydride battery, first, a lithium-ion.

So as far as the battery life advantage to the Philips novel series 5100, even though this comes with 312 attachments that you have to keep track of certainly advantage again, Philips novel series, 5100. You have more cutting ability with this compared to this. This is really only used for the beard where you can use this for beard and hair. Also. You know, this has flex head technology, but they said comes with it where basically this moves up and down and guides with your face, but I found that it really didn't matter that much, you know, this filter uncle was cutting just as well.

Do you think it was an advantage going under here? But for both of these I really had to kind of lift the skin to even get that hair. So both these units are to be used in dry condition. But one of the things that turns me off with this Conor is that you have to. Oil the blades with the filter, aqua series, 15, 100, there's, no oiling required.

So just having that less maintenance advantage to Philip Terrell Co, the Philips Rocco series 5100 is also fully washable. So I can take this unit, rinse it under the sink, whereas with the Cohere I have to actually pop out the blade if I want to rinse it under the tap as far as the noise level goes the canary. A nice double is definitely a bit quieter than this Philips novel series, 5100. So certainly I'd give the. Advantage on noise level to the con air as far as power, certainly the Philips novel series, 5100 seems that have a lot more coming out of this device.

It feels like it's humming to really move in the con air feels like it's, almost on its last leg with the battery. This only has 45 minutes of use once you give it a full charge that's compared to the 70 minutes out of this. So again, I give the advantage to the series 5100 as far as moving through the different increment settings. You have the zoom.

Wheel here that you used with series 5100, but you'll have the LCD screen as well as these press buttons here with this con air man, I stumble, and I'd have to say that, you know, this is convenient when you're able to see what you're actually pressing press the button and watch you move up and down. So in that department, I'd say advantage Taconic as far as gripping the Connor here has kind of like a boat shape. And then it's got this little part for your thumb, get some pressure and make sure you have. Some leverage on it, but I really like the design of the solar out coaster, 6100, it's got this part right in here, this little groove where you kind of like put your finger, and you can get a good grasp for this. You have a lot of leverage when you're working in there, and you can feel like it's, not gonna slip this one feels like it could slip a little. So definitely I would give the advantage against the 5100. Also, you have to look at the blades.

And how long these are your last the sharpness level. How they're made my history with the folks were Elk, you know, these blades have worked very well. They last for years, and I'm, not sure based on how thin the blades are with this Conner I, still, you know, how they're gonna actually work out a few years from now having not tested this device that long now, with both tremors I, wasn't able to go over an area just once with one pass I'd be done with it.

You know, you had to go over the area, a few times kind of work in it, almost like you were using a. Foil shaver, but that's based on, you know, different angles of the hair, how they're growing and what angle you're getting in there with these two cut out. So overall based on the pricing features. And what we can expect from both these trimmers, long-term I, definitely recommend the folks throughout Coast series, 50-100 over the con air man, eye stubble. So if you're looking for that stubble look go out there pick up the series 5100. And let me know in the comments below what you think.

Alright, guys, I. Hope. You found this video helpful, if you did a like comment, subscribe share anything you can do to help channel I greatly appreciate. It makes sure to check me out on Instagram at GRU reviews I. Thank you again for being here, I'll catch you.

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Dated : 09-May-2022

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