Best And Funniest Pilot Atc Conversations

Central aircraft has a zero four, four, five, Zulu. Las Vegas tower is closed until further notice for further services contact, Las Vegas approach and departure control on one two, five point, nine carrying traffic build at 12 26 climbing. Third here, 500 feet and departing to the west southwest via the departure of the cayenne traffic coast. Uh 415.

I've always wanted to say this make sure the opportunity direct the weed. Yeah, direct weed. Paco's, 415, right on brother, 415 contact. La on 271. You guys have a. Good night, 27.1 pack codes, 415, you do the same two, orange liner 113.

I have a request for delivery. Please? Why were we assigned runway?

One? Six right when there is no traffic for one six left, uh, due to traffic period flow due to traffic flow. In your department one six, okay, I understand that sir, but there's, no aircraft landing on one six left. And that is the depends on the situation for the to number is 168, orange liner, 113. Good morning down there. Good morning, sir, how are you good? Good view of.

Cargo lunch with the sun shining there. Thank you very much for your beautiful view, what's your destination away for, um, Paris, Telstra all right and you will go back home to electric aboard yourself to flight to Atlanta. We've leveled off with a good ride. Default sign is off. We will give you an update on the Atlanta weather when we do begin our descent right now, computer shows approximately two hours, 20 minutes flight time remaining a little background about your captain retired from the united. States navy after 27 years as a special instructor pilot, logged 123 aircraft, superior landings. I met the controls your flight today.

So you're in good hands. If there's anything we can do to make your flight more comfortable, please, let the delta girls in the back Canada. Zero, six, three just have a coyote there just past it. Uh by the cargo or cargo jet airplane here.

I'd like to take one. Thank you. So if you want delta two requesting onto runway, two six left there's, a coyote that's crossing the runway. Right now in front of me, chapter 15 28 Kennedy, grounds win two, three, zero, eight runways. Two left middle end, good journey with 15 28. Your tower, right? I'm.

Sorry. Take it. You said, candy, ground, I'm, I'm, just confirming we started talking tower.

Yeah, it's been a long night. So this is tower. Two left to the left tell me about it, 15 28 square gallons, good evening, ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck.

We're. Number one for departure invited to the street. Yeah, you get a phone number in the. Controller's initials, please for which position this ground frequency, okay, well, I'm in charge here. What do you need?

You just require a phone number and controller's initials from my report? What happened south was 66-15. We called for a clearance to push off a gate, 12 bravi at 20 minutes past the hour. And then we sat in the alleyway for 30 minutes, trying to get a taxi clearance as a company aircraft was trying to get to our gate.

And we were blocking another aircraft. Pushing also it just took us. Forever to taxi.

And basically, I just took off at my minimum fuel to try to get to my destination. So 66 15, okay, sorry about that. We were super busy at that time. And there was no call that ever got through to their frequency.

So I tried to reach out to you when I could, but um, if you want to call the tower, do you want the phone number? Yeah, they're, shut down taxi in, oh, they didn't tell us that. Okay, you would think they would tell you guys, huh? Well, you think so, but with the two people that we have in. The back of the airplane, I guess they just really don't care anymore.

Yeah, they're sat down until further. Notice the ramp we're going to control it. Wow. Thanks for letting us know just went by there was a coke can that was, uh dripping around on the statue of power to wake up the car. Well, I'm a little seasick at the moment, but it's passed we're back to normal now bye-bye. It was a rocky rock in a few minutes.

Yeah, same here in the plane. So how about the Chinese ggs-60? We just stole the Freya object. At the six thousand mc-006 heavy, can you say that one more time? Please we just saw the flight update like a flight still kept typing by a 6000 flying object, was it an UAV or was it a jetpack? A left jetpack that's, too shiny, uh, too far back three.

Zero. Zero, six, heavy, rogers. Thank you. Idaho, 30. And uh, there was a jetpack reported about seven miles west by, there's, no way you can go and check that out can you 30 affirmative looks like we might have taken a bird in one of our engines on the uh. Departure we would like to get rid of our ventures back to Manchester and do the iOS and three five stops the table.

No five.

Dated : 30-Mar-2022

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