Bolts Elements Of A Map

In this video we're going to look at all the important elements of a map there are five main elements that each map should have, and they're represented by these letters, which spell the word bolts, and we're going to use this very simple map of mission Island to look at each of these five elements. The first element 4b is border. We can see on the map of mission Island that we have a black rectangle there, which is the border of our map, the O of bolts stands for orientation. And the orientation is the. Direction on the map, we can see the orientation here, which is showing that North is facing upwards, and that will be true on most maps, but not on all maps L stands for legend. And sometimes a legend is called a key.

The key on the map is your section down here, and it shows that which are what the symbols on the map represent. So this area here we can look down here and say that is mountains. And each of these red squares here we can look down here and see that each of these red squares is a city and. We've read that off the legend or the key T stands for title, and every map should have a title receipt is very simply here that the title of this map is mission Island. And the last element that each map should have is a scale, and we can see on the map of mission island that we have a scale down here of one to 100,000 some of these elements are very straightforward things like the border.

And the title they're very easy to understand two of the ones, which are more difficult are orientation. And. Scale, and there will be further videos, exploring each of those.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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