Cannabis Training University Review

Under 18 get the out of here, get the out of here, get the out of. Here if you're under 18 get the out of here, get the out of here, get the out of here. What up you all what's that , Anna, hi, how you all feeling today? Man and today, we're going to be talking about cannabis training university.

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Anyway, if you're. New here because I know this, uh, this topic will bring in a couple new people. If you get offended by the word , , , , , , our effing, , you're in the wrong. channel, get the off of here. Now we got that out the way cannabis training university. I did that man.

I did it again, like let's see probably three years ago, roughly somewhere around there, uh, honestly. So if you don't know what cannabis training university first is its a school for. Cannabis education, if you couldn't put two and two together, cannabis training university, but uh, it's for uh, cannabis education. So it kind of covers things from growing to different type of uh consumption for cannabis.

It kind of gets into like the science of the actual plan itself, how it actually interacts with the body there's, a lot of things that they cover in there. So I'll kind of get into it. But the reason I did it personally, and I'm sure, some of you guys are doing it you're, wondering. Do you need it to get a job with the cannabis industry, , no you don't? But with that being said, it also depends on what type of person you are.

So for me, I did need it to get into the industry because I'm the type of person. I do not like having a conversation with a about some that I don't know anything about, you know what I'm saying, and I know a lot of you all is probably like me. I've been smoking for x amount of years. So I know, my , . You've had feet your.

Whole life, but that don't make you a , podiatrist so get the out of here with that , you know, I'm saying you still require the real education, that's behind your habit that you've had for this long. I look at it kind of like, uh, like say, me doing music. You know, I'm saying, like I take I have talent for that natural talent, but never be afraid to mix knowledge with the talent or book smart with talent, meaning I can hear I play music by ear, but I never learn to read music.

So that doesn't. Make me as powerful of a musician as the person who knows how to read music, but also the person that reads music doesn't have the power of the person who can play by ear, a lot of classical artists, can't make up a song for the life of them and trust me. I know this. So uh, I said, and I all, but a lot of them. They can't make up songs.

Anyway, the whole point of that is never be afraid to mix. You know, book, smart with your talent, because I know how that can limit you out on . So your talent would be. You've been smoking like a , right? But the book smart will be you getting some actual education behind it. Now some people can't do it because it is kind of like a self-talk class.

You know, you got to sit there. You got to read watch some videos, like that you got hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of this that you got to sit there and read and listen to for me. It wasn't a big deal like I did homeschool for high school.

So I'm, good with teaching myself . I. Don't, I don't need to sit there in front of a and have him read to me, you know, uh. So it, if you can't do that, I definitely don't suggest the course for you.

But if you can do that, if you can sit down and do that on your own, I certainly say do it. So like for me, uh, I didn't I'll, keep a 100. I didn't even know what a tincture was before I took, this course.

Now this was before it was like all super legal. And you are able to find everywhere. Now, like you can in a. Lot of states.

But at this time, I didn't know what a tincture was. And I've seen people that get hired at the dispensary most people, and they're like what is a tincture? I've had one person now let's go to death. She cool as . But when she got in the industry, she couldn't say, the word teacher, she would say tinker, so she would be helping people, and she'd be like, hey, would you like a ticket? We would laugh, but she just didn't know.

Now she cold with her . She knows her now. But she didn't. Know it at the time, so it didn't hinder her from getting the job in any type of way at all. But it does help you because there are a lot of things that we just won't know, just by being smokers, just plain and simple, like you might not understand topical fully you might not understand what CBG is or CBN. So there's, a lot of things like that.

You might even be like dang. What is THCA? You might not understand that reading a bottle on some cannabis that you might see a percentage, but is that the. Percentage of it at its burn rate, or is that the percentage of it just sitting there because that's the percentage of it just sitting there once I burn it that's going to go down. So you also gotta learn how to read labels on these, uh, packages. You have to understand the difference between hybrids and sativa.

And you know things of that sort, and you know, dominant and things of that like there are ratios, there's, a there is are things that you do need to know about that. Uh, you need to. Understand how it works with the endocannabinoid system. Uh. Now, I mean, do you really need to know that part all the way to sell the eighth, not really, but does it make you not seem like a stupid ass? Pothead, absolutely so the course it really did help. It made me feel like when I went and interviewed.

I was able to say what I was strong at and what I was weak at. So at the time, I wasn't too strong on concentrates and cannabis training university. It covers concentrates like a . It burned me.

To out. I didn't retain all that information. Yeah. So when I got when it got down to it, I'm, like, I know enough, though to at least get in the conversation to say, hey, I have some questions because sometimes you need to have certain knowledge to know what question to ask. But if you don't have a certain knowledge of certain things, sometimes you don't know what question to ask. So even if you take, the course, you're, not going to retain everything that they teach it's like five, six hundred.

Hours or some it's, like a lot of hours of of information that they give you, but it gives you the, you know what direction to go in, you know, and it also inspires you to really enjoy cannabis more than what you've done like, especially if you like a joint and blunt smoker only man you take, this course, it's going to open up your eyes to some and you're going to be like damn you're going to realize like damn every time I'm smoking. This weed I'm, , degrading that like this. Is the least potent way to do this . And you start understanding things like that. So then it makes you kind of start wondering, okay?

Well, if I did pop the metals, what would it be like? And now I understand how CBD works. So I know how to mix this up where I can enjoy it and not be off in La La Land. You know, so I definitely definitely definitely say this ain't, no endorsed video of my . So I certainly say, though if you are serious about getting into the industry, uh, because if it was. Up to me, I would have gone to ulster down, which is up in Oakland, California.

But our Frisco I'm, not sure if there's some Frisco Oakland right now, but I would have gone up there that was , expensive as . And I would have had to like to stay up there, which is expensive as . So I was like hold that player. I ain't doing that, but I did it because I wanted to change the industry. Some of you guys know I used to do, uh, personal training.

And then I got into doing biometric health. Screenings, and I wanted to get out that industry, I wanted to get into the cannabis industry. I want to get into an industry that I felt I could be myself one that I could have fun one that I could start this channel and be open about that like I wanted to do that . I got a homie that got a channel, uh, GC, ganja. Man, you all need to go check out him check out. GC got man that he's.

He is smart when it comes to him talking about his , uh, his strains that . He that he got some. Knowledge of him on his .

I don't think he did the cannabis training university. I think he just street smart on his , like he knows, his strains like a . But I mentioned him to say that he's not able to show his face. You know what I'm saying. And so I'm like, nah, man, he's doing good without showing his face. So I just he got real good personality.

So I personally wanted to just change my industry and say, okay, I want to just be able to be open with my , man, and it's been hard to. Change industries, you know what I'm saying, like it's, hard, there's, some sacrifices you got to make, yeah. I mean, financially, but if you know where you're trying to get to sometimes that's, what you got to do is make that financial sacrifice. So I guess I for me, I figured I'd rather make the financial sacrifice than to make the sacrifice that a lot of our uh marijuana ancestors have made by spending time in prison, or even losing their lives on the street by you know, trying to slang some trees. So, uh, You know, I'll, take my sacrifice to go where I can go and see where I fit in the industry. But anyway, uh, yes. I definitely say, if you really really really want to get into understanding the cannabis and knowing it after you, take that you'll have no problem, getting a job because it'll make you look better than anybody else like?

Well, what's your experience. Oh, I worked at trap shops. And I've been smoking for 20 years.

And then they asked what's your experience. Oh, you know what I came from. Whatever industry you're coming from, and I actually went and did the cannabis training university. I have my certificate.

They actually give you a certificate. You know, you can say, I got my certificate right here, my completion of it. So I actually want to come into this industry knowing that I, you know, know something. So then they'll, look at you and say, huh? This is probably you know, manager material or something because you see that you are willing to learn. And they see what type of foot you put. Forth before even coming to them to ask for anything, which would be a job, so it definitely definitely definitely sets you apart from the other people at the place that I worked.

There was only me and one other guy that uh that had that did the training. And we had a different language with each other than we did with most of the other employees. He doesn't work there anymore, but we had a way different language when we talked about cannabis and things like that, and our philosophies on stuff.Then we would with the ones who just been smokers.

Okay? So, uh, I definitely say if you can do that, , , make that happen. Man. So that's the end of this video.

I thank you all for listening to that. I'm out. This , make sure you all keep the love going love.

Each other keep the peace going be peaceful to each other, and I'll highlight. You , later, I'm obvious, . Peace. We in the jungle smoking Lego.

Dated : 06-Apr-2022

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