Cara Mudah Cleaning Mesin Kopi Welhome Wpm Kd - 310 #Samasaya

ABC to the maximum limit of seconds, the maximum limit is here for then Turn on the engine Hi. So this is still the process of managing. Yes, there is writing rewedding, wait until Ed is ready to use if Mandy's condition is clean. It usually says, clean after that later, there will be writing clean like this Okay. This is for but Liverpool, but hotels typically have singles with Staying label, yes, I agree, This facial is replaced with another port, like this, You can climb in or maybe if you're not in a. Group like this, you can use this channel and continue to give it when you have sustenance. It can be installed like this, or it can actually be thighs Hi for cooking.

But this is just adding detergent to detergent for cleaning. So just plug it in. And then add detergent to it, Possibly you can use this continuously, There are several buttons. Here. There is a Goya written by Joko here, This means this time I'm stuck here.

But. This smells means copy. If TIE means the timer is up to you, This is hot. Water, so this steamer is hot water, If you want to copy it for class, now, I'm trying to do v-class first, so copy it, So just press it again, copy about 10 seconds, and it will be repeated up to five times , All you have to do is press this, when it's 10, it will eventually go to the sewer, which it brought, He came out of there because the one that was made was closed. And then you can repeat it. Again, we'll.

See. This is selected hoping. I Hey fine After, 10 seconds of lifting, It took a. Long time to get out of OK, repeated, five times, So after getting on the Vespa, more dirt came out, everything came out. The reason was why the writing was an order of claims. Okay, This will be repeated until it's completely dry. It feels like or in memory, I use it.

And again, use the pump then press the hey, hey button, but it's repeated, GI earlier mask, Hi, Now we clean the team. So this is pressed, It appears here, There is a copy, press again in this section until there is an ST writing. After that it is sticky, The review section Oh. Ok, check. This means I have to play anyway, Hey.

So keep this open Leave it until the water above it runs out, Finally, there is a time like this, yes, So he cleans the cracks, the cracks, the cracks in it, more Brother's work after that B checks. This means it has to be opened., I'm afraid, it's the same with creamer. Let's, wait until the water runs out.

Dated : 16-Mar-2022

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