Clearing A Pressure Sensor (C0 288) Error On My Buderus Gb142 Hot Water Boiler

Okay, this is a message to my future self for when this Peter decides not to eat anymore. And what we do is this check the error message on here, the error message you look it up in the book, you'll probably see something about low pressure, that's, what we're going to be able with now. The one I got today was c02 88 says, the pressure sensor wasn't able to check the pressure that's, usually the problem.

So take the top off of this thing and the pressure sensor is right in there, I can't, remove it because. There's a lot of water and pressure behind it. What you have to do is turn off all the feeds these to feed the hot water upstairs. You turn those off these two are the returns this one you turn those off, and then you turn the supply here all five of those go off.

Then you come here, and you'll see the pressure gauge here. My pressure gauge here is probably reading around 18. The issue is about pressure gauge up there is it reading anything that is blocked? So watch that pressure gauge as you.

Open this up it'll dump into that bucket. And this needle will hit the floor once all the water is out of the system here you can come up here and remove this little pin remove that pin. And then you can pull this off it's. The whole black part here, I'm water will come out you'll want a towel under there. We pull it out, and it'll have a plug on the other end.

You take a paperclip you're going to want to stick that paperclip a good way in there or so it'll go well into the wine barrel part, they're, tiny, Little hole you just clearing it out make sure that's clear I need to put that back on put the clip back on. And there you got a refill the system water. So you open this up make sure the drain is closed first. And then you open this up water will return to the system pressure will come up again. When the pressure comes up, what you want to do first is make sure there's a bucket under this pipe there's a. This is the bleeder valve if there's any air in this system open this by pulling it up, I don't. Know if you can see that we've pulled it up, and it'll drain into this bucket, once you know, air comes out it's, just water, you're, good.

There, it'll, refill back to the right pressure. All right now you see I just did all this and this building pressure and that's. Basically it. Once the system is at pressure. You can reopen the supply, the return and the supply here.

So all five limbs should now be open. And on the display, you should be reading pressure and heat that's. It all right probably has to be done. Every year these fences you should be faulty, I replaced it. But uh, every once in a while they just get full along, can you have to clean them out with the paper club? All right?

Good luck.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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