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Mark Claiborne here, founder of startup credit repair business, comm, your mentor your coach and your lead generation master. Now, today's training we're going to talk about the creditor dispute letter that's, right? The creditor dispute letter.

Now in the last video that I did we talked about debt validation letter now in this video we're going to talk about the creditor dispute letter. Now, the question is, what is a creditor dispute letter? And why is it different from any debt? Validation letter? And why.

Is it different from just a basic dispute letter to the credit bureau. Now a creditor dispute letter allows you to dispute directly with the creditor chase, Wells, Fargo, Macy's, Walmart. These are your creditors. These are the people or companies organizations that place the negative item on the credit report. So they report it to the credit bureau. You went late. Your customer went late the creditor put the information on your credit report.

Now, the law not an attorney so don't interpret this as legal. Advice, but the Fair Credit Reporting Act allows you now to dispute directly with the creditor before you could not dispute directly with the creditor. But now the Fair Credit Reporting Act was amended with fact Act, which now allows you to dispute directly with the creditor. Now, if you notice when you do some disputes with the credit bureau, and it comes back verified, they say, hey, listen, you can always contact the creditor to dispute it directly with them if you're not happy or satisfied with.

Our results so now we have the opportunity and the ability to fix an inaccurate credit report by going directly to the data furnished. Now you may ask, hey, Mark, why are you giving all this information for free? And why are you teaching us all this stuff for free because I'm your mentor, and I'm your coach and that's?

Why all right I've been around for a long time? I kind of know what I'm talking about, so I'm teaching you this for free. So you can understand how to do basic things right now. This applies.

To credit repair companies, or even you try to fix your own credit doesn't matter. Now, here's the step here's when you use this step safe example, you sent a dispute letter out to the credit bureau. They verified it. Step. Two is now to send a dispute to the creditor.

You can send it dispute to the creditor directly, that's step, two I'm going to show you exactly where you can get this letter from right here. And we have a whole series of letters going directly to the creditor if they fail to fix. Inaccurate information on your credit report or your customers credit report. Now, let's take a look at this letter here, very basic, nothing very technical about it at all your information here or your customers' information right here, hey, Derek creditor I would like to invest I would like to investigate the account listed below as it is not reporting correctly on my credit report. Now all you're doing is asking the creditor for an investigation, you're, not disputing.

The account you're asking them for. An investigation now, in fact, the Act says there are certain things there's a certain procedure in way you need to communicate with the creditor. If you want them to investigate it, right? So you have the keyword is investigated you're asking them to investigate not to you're, not disputing. If you're asking them to investigate right. So you want to put the creditors name, the account number.

And actually this letter right here is in my software the client dispute manager, the professional Kyle Bay. Software says, so this exact letter, this is the first letter that we sent down to creditors when the creditor is reporting inaccurate information on our customers credit report again, you can use it for yourself if you try to repair your own credit right all right? So we did. Then we continue. We say, hey, look, I disputed. This account with all three credit bureaus, which you did.

And they responded to me stating that the count was verified by your company. So you did you just viewed it with the credit. Bureau and they said that changed Wells Fargo or Bank of America verify, this account with them, and you're just repeating it right here. This can't be correct. Okay, I'm asking your company to investigate here. We go with this word again, let's highlight that I'm asking your company to investigate this matter and to correct the inaccurate account or the inaccurate account.

Yes. So again, you're asking them to investigate again, you say, hey, creditor investigate. This is your reporting is wrong from my. Understanding this law, the Fair Credit, Reporting, Act 6:23, the ability of a consumer to dispute information directly with the furniture now, put that in because I want the creditor to kind of know that we're not dumdums and that we kind of understand how this whole process works.

So now the creditor understands that we're, not a dumdum right? Okay? This section of the law allows me to contact you the company and ask for an investigation, that's all we're doing we're, just asking for investigation, it's. A very friendly letter, we're, not threatening them to take them to court or anything like that we're just asking them for an investigation, that's it.

The creditor has 30 days to investigate, and they will investigate. They will look at their accounts. They will see if their reporting is correct.

Furthermore, they will see if what they're reporting to the credit bureau is correct, and they will respond to you let's hope. Furthermore, they will respond to you within 30 days. Okay, I await your response. So there you go letters, very.

Simple straight to the point, very basic again. This letter, we do offer this letter inside software. And we offer a series of letters just like this inside of the software of the credit, the credit dispute letter inside the software I'm going to show you where else you can get this letter. If you didn't want to if you don't want to purchase software, you already have a software, whatever, and you just wanted more credit repair training and I have a series of letters right here. The flow. Letters, it's, a series of letters going directly to the creditor. If they don't fix the inaccurate information after you send this letter right here, then there's letter to that you sent to the creditor Islet three that you sent to the creditor is another four, and it goes all the way to letter six.

So let me show you exactly where else you can find this letter. Okay. So we have now logged into the client. Dispute manager. Let me show you exactly where you can find this letter and a series of letters.

Just like that one, the creditor dispute letter all right, so I need to do is go over here. This is the credit repair mastery class. Actually, this is a very powerful class where you go through modules, one through nine or modules, one month or two months or three months for take your quiz. And you get a certificate. There you'll become a master and credit repair it's a special guest right here.

Some bonuses here and how to start and run a credit repair business. And right here is the resource section. Let's go and click that alright, and we're going to go ahead and right here where it says, credit repair mastery class module, three dispute flow letters. Now, if you download this right here in the class, you will get six dispute flow letters, like the ones I just showed.

You're focusing strictly on the creditor, trying to get them to fix inaccurate information. And again, you can find that right here inside the credit repair mastery class. Okay. Now, if you haven't signed up for the credit repair. Mastery class, this isn't really powerful class on how to repair credit it's over ten hours long. It focuses strictly on credit repair. We don't talk about anything pertaining to running a credit repair business.

If you are new to the credit premise tree. This is a fantastic course, even if you are a seasoned creditor per customer, this is still a fantastic course because you're going to learn some more stuff that you didn't even know before I'm a coach and a mentor, but I'm always learning, and I haven't. Mentor myself and again, this is Mark Claiborne. The founder of startup credit repair business calm. You master your lead generation coach and I. Hope you learn something from the basic explanation of a simple letter, a creditor dispute letter to the creditor.

If you haven't joined our community here with the credit repair mastery, class, go ahead and click, the link below this video and get signed up for the credit repair master class. So you can go ahead and take your certificate course and take your. Class and take your exam to get your certificate, take care you.

Dated : 24-Apr-2022

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