Die Nintendo Wii Am Hdtv Anschließen - Was Taugt Der Wii2Hdmi Converter Von Mcbazel?

Hello, everyone and welcome back, even in the magic in today's episode this little accessory returned, ,, namely, it's a HDMI upscale. They have their converter, especially for the Wii one, or the other may already have it somewhere while browsing Amazon or eBay seen quite cheap. The cost of parts under 7 euros was unrivaled for me today and that's. Why I thought I'll make a video about it right away?

I haven't, tried it, yet I'm, very excited to see how it performs I already had a RGB fan on a channel. Even tested to HDMI upscale. I would succeed you such a video you fall in there so interested, he unfortunately could not convince it was not even the modest picture quality that would have been somehow tolerable. But simply this input way, this input delay between yes between your keystrokes. And the picture, what you saw on the TV that has there. The whole thing has unfortunately been made almost unplayable, so that's, a bit disappointing.

Of course, nowadays, we're, looking more and more for. Ways to connect our older devices to the new ones and televisions, which almost exclusively still have HDMI. That's, a solution, that's specially designed for the Wii, But the via has the great advantage that it has demolished. Many older games via the virtual console, the idea of the n64 s per Nintendo and so on, and apart from that, how, of course you c. N, also, soft moth. That means you c?

N, also run your own emulators on it, it's great, one solution because the device is small and quiet. And it also. Works on tube televisions, and hopefully also quite well on an HD television via this adapter.

We will now take a closer look at this. So you can see the Wii menu here, right now, which frees me a bit from all the channels so that you can also look at the controls, Of course, w, If. You don't, remember the individual windows that he sees there, of course, There is this background noise that is supposed to imitate a tube, TV, But I think you can see the contours of the primeval times of the date. And the. Individual settings menu relatively well here, So on is now in 576i, why I'll tell you right away in a direct comparison, I'll now switch to the view, which can also play Wii games, and which also offers a menu, which you can now directly compare with each other. And of course, we have because the young only HDMI outputs, the pure digital image for comparison.

Then let's do it. And here we have it. There I don't have the extra channels. The bottom row is free.

There I think you can see it quite well. I have. To say that the seat spacing is right now about half of what I would have on the couch again. So we are relatively close and look at the close-up me, for example, which I don't really like at all these double contours around the time on the video, you probably won't see it that? Well, if I switch back to the normal one with the HDMI adapter at the top left, we can see we have them too resolution. 720 x 576 moment at 50 hertz. Then I find the time because the edges are just a bit more homogeneous.

It. Will continue to be clear a bit soft drawn. But I think as I said, it is relatively homogeneous. And now at this normal distance are there for me, no big differences, visible. I have to say that this is really, really impressive.

What the reason I have set it to 576 is the following. I have found that actually if I change it here to 480p, strangely enough, a year in no image interference could be like that waves in the picture have a look if you can see it at all at this distance k, Ann I'll, take a close-up. Again, right here, Maybe if you look down at the edge of the screen, where the stripes are, it runs from right to left. 480 hp, is the case that's, a mystery to me if I switch the screen here to now they run through it from left to right it's a bit annoying. If I have to switch now, we're significantly less now so it's still quite a little to see, but also only because I'm very close to the TV. Otherwise, I. Can't really see any difference in terms of image.

Sharpness that's. Why I would say 576i is. Probably the best choice, that's f zero now, and I drive pretty much everything together, yes, So I think it's a really nice colorful game.

And in comparison because it's also relatively bright I. Think you can really do it here. It's easy to see that the adapter doesn't actually have any visible traces or major effects or anything like that, So the image quality is really, really decent for the low resolution, and I'm. Judging that right now from a distance of 60 centimeters, I would say, well, I'm, very. Close to a 55-inch TV. You should say I would never normally sit that close in there as already mentioned in the intro.

There are a bunch of retro games for the Wii and that's. Why we're going to take a look at sonic, and I can also give the all-clear, in contrast to the basement, which I had already presented on the channel, I can't, find any noticeable input lag here, There will probably be one simply because of the Bluetooth connection of the Wii controller. And maybe the HDTV will also have a say. You can now try to judge for yourself, I think, this is the case. Now you don't name it that clearly, but I'm holding a controller in the picture here, and then I could see if you notice something minimal, I'd say so, and here we are at Mario 64 again, I really like the display quality here, too really decent.

There I don't notice much what I'm there could be faults for after all a Nintendo 64 plays that runs in 240 on solutions. So a fraction of what this television here has a native resolution. And. Here, again, yes, so I have the feeling there is actually almost no input lag at all. You have to accept the entire Bluetooth, but nothing that would disturb me in any way while playing that may, of course, also be different as we just had with the mega drive emulator that there the emulator I still produced something myself, but I don't have to say anything that would have bothered me and I think the picture quality is, yes, still really nice like that. And now again that you can perhaps see it better. When shooting, I think I don't want anyone to be upset that afterwards?

If I claim I didn't have a noticeable input lag, so that I could see it again here. Now I want to think that you can see a few of them relatively accurately when shooting Leon, because I have no feeling of being able to keep an eye on them. I have to say, I am very enthusiastic about the adapter because I expected much worse. I mean, six euro pairs crushed, and you can connect your like via HDMI to TV. Didn't really have to worry. Anymore, so the picture quality isn't any better than if you had it purely digital with the video.

I don't see any appreciable difference like it's also a sensitive thing, but It's nothing serious. And I think with that, you can follow a few satisfied. S, an input lag that is not noticeable is the only thing that is a bit stupid, So of all things streaks occur in 480p of all things, but it's good that it's absolutely bearable for me as long as the other modes work, wonderfully. And they do that all right. Then let's, go, yes, I'm, pretty sure I've also tried this here on dolphin, just like they play and also looked at it in native resolution.

And the result was that it was actually relatively identical to the one here because I can't find anything worse that I. Can't watch the film and play it at the same time knows, as you have seen, And that is why we are now continuing with Mario Kart 7, the ones about them and nothing to complain about here, either I, like everything, very much, yes, I. Think I should give you a perfect impression with that, we. And in with this in mind, I say goodbye and hope to try your luck with Mario Kart until then a little addendum, because I just I noticed when I was watching the video I forgot to mention that you should make sure in advance that your TV or monitor or whatever you wanted to use actually accepts the resolution via HDMI, which this converter makes available, which means the 1080p dieter. They are printed on it. You can safely ignore. It does.

Not output the player must be able to accept either 576i, 480i 480p or all three via HDMI. Otherwise, you will not get a picture. My TV can that most other TVs will probably be able to do that too because the conventional SD resolution is also valid for some TV stations, my HDMI monitor. But my pc monitor didn't want to provide me with a picture in any of the three modes. It can always say, HDMI out of change. So that should be clarified on site with some emulators. You also have it Such.

A scaling mode is. Called the original, which is unfortunately, not called what it is 240. PS and 240 p that doesn't work via HDMI, because you have to switch the picture or this scaling mode to unfiltered. It was said to me, I think and last, but not least just to mention us again, as you can see here, there are next to HDMI also has a separate holly output via jack socket. So that's it for this episode. I hope you liked it. And next time we'll have a similar converter like this one for the PlayStation 2.

Unfortunately, Didn't get me in time for me, otherwise I would have try to wrap them up. But then next time, if you liked the video, give me an easy one, if you have any questions feel free to write them in the comments below. And if you like my videos channel subscribe to the channel, I would be happy in this sense until next time.

Dated : 06-Apr-2022

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