Does Thou Wanna Duel? | Reaction!!!!!

I know, I was performing some w ribs, but like your kind of caught blocked. Welcome back guys. We got another video from g, Dion, uh, yeah.

The prankster, um, this time he's back at the freaking viking thing. I don't even know what to call it. But yeah, if you don't watch this video today, if you like the video hit the like button and hit the subscribe button for more content. And yeah, with that being said, let's watch the video. So the video is called does day. Want to do I don't know?

So if you guys watched. Last week's video, you guys know that your boy went to jail and everything speed. He spent the night there, god, didn't post, our bill that night I want to go in their symbolic. So this is what I did at the same time.

And hopefully the judge can like to see this and appreciate this. If the judge is like too ballsy, I'm going to say object, and I have some other courtroom terms that I can use now, your favorite YouTuber will record them going to court and just vlog it. I didn't even buy a Laura, you all I'm going to. Represent myself man, I don't know, he's trolling him. This far do you guys know any cheat codes that I can use on the judge honestly you'll have to check online for that I'll, put all these hours of law in order to get used what's going, where are they all in there, trying to get them? I think that's me, so I'll, catch you guys, see you on jury duty or something the cops here? The bailouts they're telling us?

I don't, remember, oh, he really went to jail. Thank you. Thank you so much appreciation. Oh, my god.

What happened at shop said, my boy, man, he didn't. Do nothing this man got, oh, my god, dude, they really Finney go to the gym they don't stop playing. You want me come get me. So this is your first listen. He's bragging about this man, got tattoos on his face and everything whenever I typed in my name, it doesn't pop over because everybody on the block, doesn't think I actually want to appear.

And like if I don't show proof they're, not going to be good, you know, I have to like prove my street cred, you know, come. Get me, oh, my god. This dude, I say since today is our first day out, even though we've been out for like a week read my mind. I always go with you all boys man. So we back at the renaissance fair, I don't know how you guys did it. But you guys literally got the video to like 280 000 likes like, I think it's on some crack man. So I was supposed to call the captain back.

But the thing was, I lost his number, but I had my assistant call back up here, and actually she didn't, even tell them like who I was and. Everything all she said was like there's, this YouTuber that wants to get in contact with the captain. And the guy was like, oh, yeah. I just told you I'm going to come back up here, so I'm kind of scared like I don't know how the captain took the video. But hopefully he took it good because I mean, I'm, not glad he was a w guy. But yeah, I'm reporting in for my first day of duty, not even him around this . Watch his videos.

Hey brother, I have to ask you girl. What is your workout program? Man like I want to. Look as good as you are your age I'm so out of shape right now. Do you eat? The conchie is that how like your beer got so full, you see I'm not trying to eat it like after hearing about that waffle.

I don't want to drown, you know, oh really, yeah, when we get older you're, the one that's gotta make it. I think our type of people are wearing these uniforms. No, they were not without type of people ain't, getting paid 22 now all right, where's the captain we're in the 15th century. You can't take pictures, bro.

You got two coins, I'll, give them my tips. Furthermore, you give me the tip. Your hairline is up, to have you seen him? Captain? No, no, . I'm. Not are you here? Am I mine guys I'm late for the cup, though, no way I'm late for work? Can I help on the show guys tell me once I joined the ship ? This YouTube . I don't know, that we hit 2 mil.

Oh, my god. I lost your number I'm. So sorry, well, fortunately, I got your email. So I understood that you were looking for us if you're willing to make a little.A bit of time you can help us do big things, I'm, ready, you're, ready. I'm, ready, I'll, be your Kylie. You can be LeBron all right.

Sure I need as many people. But more importantly, at the end of that show, we strictly take donations to raise money for the disabled veterans. I take this. So seriously, I don't want anybody to ever feel discriminated against. But when we come in here, we can be whoever we want to be, because let me tell you brother, I'm, 50 years old.

And I have been blessed. I do this full-time as a. Living, I gave a career as a registered nurse right now. My goal is to give back to the community that's. Why we raise money for the veterans and that's? Why I'm so thrilled that you came in and that you are as passionate and energetic what time is the event today. So we, uh, we do our auction every day at four o'clock, I'm a little disappointed, you didn't wear the shirt that we got you.

I was kind of hoping I'm like is he coming through us like a pirate I'll, go by the trip right now you don't need to. I'll tell you what I said, I'm disappointed, I didn't say, I'm upset, because brother you know what you are fine just the way you are what the hell that's. Why you're taking out there? See you at four o'clock? Yes, sir my friend what's, the name of this section.

So I can tell people where to come. So this is booth 139. This is the pirate docks. This is where you know you were out front when you're throwing the pearls and having a good time and everything else bro. He could get a lot of business.

You were. Probably by just being him up in the safe you're, not going to get my chain snatched, I can walk. But when I send him my money, I'm 66. Is this like the L.A. customs of the pirate world.

Two girls, oh, my god, stop. It's. Gorgeous, absolutely. Why are you touching people my lady?

Thank you. Thank you. How many coins would that be my treasure?

Oh my god. Damn. I feel good.

Hey, you can't talk to me, it's, 200 dollars. Man, hey, guys, please don't. Look at me. I got Gucci power drift is that this or something it is.

And that's her man, talk about what happened last time, you're, not you're filming it now for your next show, damn that's, my boys bro I'll work with you all now we're all employees. Congratulations you're, not working on your props. Why are you playing just my cards because you're wearing highlighter? Yellow crocs that are run through, oh, come on man. I don't get bands. I know I was performing some w Ritz. But like you, you kind of caught blocked them like that's.

Fine. I was about to bag the messenger picture. I. Don't care, oh, can we please end this video let's. Do this challenge meet me at five o'clock, be there or be square, I'll, stay square.

I think it's time for you to go look at him. Damn. He got him, , it's, just so funny because he has seen it. Oh my gosh.

I love you. Oh, people can't just be like chill. I understand he's kind of like annoying, whatever. But I can't, why can't people just be like? Okay, it's a video.

And you know, they're just playing maybe he's he's kind of older. I don't know, I'm not going to speak on. It bro, I mean, you're almost as dripped up and nice as me. I have a question. When is the last time he kissed your hand, that's, too long. You paused way, too long to add to that may I teach him the art of the handkerchief are we watching Ritz and 4k, this boy's killing his girl and she's falling for it.

I would fall for it to the . However, you feel that the man needs should try no freaking one. So when do they raw dog? Can I get a hand kiss from me? Yeah, you ready. Come on it's.

A 15th century, bro, guys, Can kiss each other's? Hands, let's, put that wrist to good use. My lady you look so beautiful, actually, I love your outfit. She doesn't speak I'm, not saying, I'm, sorry, do you see that w? What is that like there is like I was risen around. What is missing me?

My porn I'm, sorry. My lord. I haven't had a proper education. I don't know how to write just come by Hogwarts.

And we got you. Oh, full ride scholarship. Hey, can I get a score? Of course how much this one's going to be 28. 20., see? I am a pirate.

So I could just. Like steal that, and it'll be in character, I was like, yo, let's squash, the beef. And he was like, no you're just going to record it like I'm going to have it all on video. I just said, nothing rude to him at all. What is your name DeMarcus cousins.

The third is that your real name. Yes, sir you guys will not hear from DeMarcus cousins. The third, whoa, everybody, put the hands in no trouble on me.

No trouble on three one, two, three, no trouble. Let's. Go.

I don't want to go to jail again, what's good. My merchants, bro. This. Man is literally going to jail for nothing bro like why are people just so they you have to be this way you have to be that way, everything's gotta be chill. Everything like somebody just making a joke it's, just like it's just words, come on man like people get mad over words.

Can I please get a coconut? Can I put the hole in it? I can see if he was like actually like stealing stuff, you know going around messing up stuff, but he just he's just talking , she's, a squirted. Thank you. My brother no problem. You got me going coconuts. This guy right here.

I watched him every day, he's, giving me confidence. When I was at my lowest point watching his made me, want to be someone with his life. So with his life, he's funny and . I , love him, but real sock bro.

You really saved me when I was in dark space. So real talk, I appreciate that man, I don't even care if that makes a video or not that's, just real . I love you though I appreciate you. I love you too bro.

Speech the Black Lives Matter, I don't know if we do that, oh, yeah, I'm saying, England, of course, to there's a lot more people that like him than people that hate him, that's that's. The good thing about this, um, whatever what's up. Why do people hate him? What are you doing?

No I'm performing you all? Should come what's, good, g. Dogs are looking at me. I don't know how to start coming trouble. Hey, hey, come on. Man. I've to come talk to you.

He works there. Oh, I ran to a couple fans right? But there's. This guy that. Like I had like to make this disses track on.

And the name of the disses track is Tyrone. So whenever people that see me, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So we were one of the other like just whenever they see me, just like , Tyrone it's like their way of telling me like they watch the videos and stuff like that.

Do you realize I'm seeing words like that it's also a violation of state law? It could have been somebody we're going to issue, someone trespassing, and we're going to support you off the problem. We.We're just going to go through the thing at four. And then after that, we were going to leave because I just promised the captain that I was going to do that for him all right you all. So we just got permanently, oh, not permanently banned.

We're banned for a year. Literally, the reason we're being was us. You're literally yelling, time, huh, that's. All we said, that's.

The only reason why I'm upset because I know he was like looking so much forward to us and captain if you're watching this I'm. So, so sorry, But like literally, this was just out of my control if they're going to kick us out for this, then like it just was bound to happen. It could have been anything, but yeah, you all I'm. Sorry. But I got fired on my first day, if you enjoyed the video be sure to hit that like button, subscribe and share let's get this video to 200 000 likes for the captain man, also, don't say, anything bad about the renaissance because it's really not their fault. And if you stay for the end of the video spam up, I love you captain.

In the comment section, so I know you guys watch the whole video. Yeah, man, I'm, not going to lie I'm, really bummed out I'm kind of upset. But we still got a good video out the way, so we'll, see you guys later, yeah, man, like people. Just I don't know, I think it's just this is different like people, don't like different. You know, like they just like everything just to be perfect straight line. And like they get mad when somebody like actually I feel like they just got mad.

Because somebody famous was there and. Like they are, you know making, you know making it fun like I feel like if he wasn't there it, probably it probably would have still been kind of fun, but like he made it even more fun because people knew him there. I don't know that being said hit the like button and subscribe button for more content. And yeah, I'll see you guys in the next video.

Dated : 24-Apr-2022

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