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A net full of jack, trust me, it's, frustrating, all that work for that. Yeah, that's that's. Your lunch. Wow, net fishing on the fringe of its high season didn't pay off today. But my deuce, smart wife knew he might come back empty-handed and already had a fish curry cooking.

So I could try some authentic. Caroline cuisine. Hello. How are you? Okay, nice to see you, mmm, tasty.

So she's saying that there is a way she can, uh, reduce the spiciness, uh, oh coconut. Coconut. Yes. I can add milk coconut.

Yes, yeah, or. A fire extinguisher something like this. Yeah, she's handy with that. Uh, Cleveland, I bet he never upsets him. No he doesn't. I bet he's never late for dinner what's. She's doing now.

Oh, uh. She is grating the coconut with her feet. This is like the most awkward yoga pose ever. Ah, yeah. You might as well, sit down that you've done a good job enough. Yep enough, oh my gosh, you mix it up. That's better a lighter curry, mmm, how was it now that's?

Beautiful, that's delicious. Now, yeah, wow. Yeah, it's.

Amazing. How it just. Elevates it makes it fragrant. A lot lighter and so much sweeter. Madame, I love you. I like you, yeah, I said, love, you said, like honestly that is delicious. Now, this is a true ant in the pan situation.

This is definitely a happed. What is this secret ingredient, she's making a chutney out of the weaver ant, nice, it's, spicy, it's, salty, and it's, soft that sounds like a unique chutney. And where are these ants right up there? That's? What we were looking at okay, she says that he's going to chin up the tree lock.

That branch off drop the ants down, right and fill it into a second fire. Yeah. Okay that bag, you know, you're swaying left to right bang. I missed it. Shake it up. Shake it up shake and then all of a sudden they're everywhere meh. And just when you think you've got the last one, you put your hands in your pockets they're in there.

I must have been bitten 50 60 times. So there we are she's putting salt in this to make the chutney. We mix coconut, garlic salt, coriander seeds. And of course, chili powder. All of. It, yeah, then we add the ants some water and grind, wow, wow, it's, delicious.

Oh, lovely. It's, very fresh. Yes, um vibrant.

Uh, chutney. I love chutneys that for me has to be the most fragrant slightly bitter. But with the addition of that coconut meal in there, mmm delicious. How would you rate my casting skills give you a six six six and a half six, okay room for improvement? Right?

Baseball? Played? Oh my god, wow, oh, my goodness me, mate. Good to see you guys. Thank you very much. Fly-fishing for trout. Showing me the best spots are Robbie Aiken head and his 13 year, old daughter, right on that that perfect, Gordon perfect, keep a look keep a look keep a look.

Oh, oh he's done he's on him, get all down pull, please he's on cool he's on how oh Leila are you still on there? Yeah, he's still on there. Look at him, oh lovely. So the inside and outside coat, it really nicely put some native pepper berry. And then one of the most important ingredients is our leather wood, honey, right? So we put that on.

There as well, yeah inside and a bit on the outside as also let's get that in the smoker and 20 minutes, we'll be ready, yep, that looks incredible. And a sprinkle of the pepper berry, to finish it off and then fresh lemon juice. You are hungry. Yes. Now I am. Yeah, that looks unbelievable. That's.

Lovely, stop laughing, I'm, getting embarrassed honestly, it's, like all my daughters, see you're, avenging, one, just we use a spoon. Yeah, yes. I have enough pressure on me going up against chef wan so. But this is harder than it. Looks do you have a bigger rock?

Yes, yeah. Better. You give me the small one first, thank you.

Thank you. And this lady seems a bit impatient with me seems she's a follower of the Ramsey method I'm starting to get the hang of this. And with the shallots now pulverized in goes the garlic salt. And of course, heaps of chilies that was a workout that was good. I'd love to start cooking this. Now, how do I because the secret yes is getting this thing done with sort of eight to ten hours in front. Now that Katja.

Has helped me with the paste I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and take it from here. Here we go useful. You see it's, not even cooked yet and look at it already it's starting to smell, um.

Dated : 25-Apr-2022

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