Forecast: 2-5 Inches Of Snow In The Forecast For Most Of The State Today

All right, I just got an email from patty in Washington depot. She said, it's snowing there. So the snow is reaching the ground in parts of northwest Connecticut. Good morning. Everybody 5 15. This is just the very beginning of what's going to be a day of snow here in the state we're expecting as much as five to six inches in parts of northwest Connecticut, even in other parts of the state northeast Connecticut in the highest elevations. You guys might be picking up a little more snow as well on the.

Order of four to five inches. There winter weather advisory is in effect for the entire state except the immediate shoreline. That is in effect all day today, all right here's. What we're thinking one to two for southeast Connecticut, we're expecting a little of a mix there. The temperatures are going to warm up a little above the freezing mark, and therefore it's going to be a little sleet it's going to be a little rain it's going to kind of be a nasty day today, two to five. Inches of snow in parts of northern Connecticut.

There should be all snow for you folks up here. No, mixing is expected there. Now, it's not a blockbuster storm, but still we could pick up an additional inch or two in parts of the highest elevations that brings the totals to six that's, a half a foot of snow you're going to have to measure, and you're going to have to plow it, and you're going to have to shovel it. So get ready all right once again, just getting an email from Washington depot.

Thank you patty. So. Much I appreciate that got a little of light snow coming down, she says, the cars are covered there already. So just a little of the snow is coming down a lot of this is not yet reaching the ground, but it is now in parts of northwest Connecticut.

So more snow today, 8, 9 12. These are the temperatures out there. This is cold weather, ladies and gentlemen, freezing weather. The good news is the winds are fairly calm.

I mean, a very slight breeze, three miles an hour, not a big deal. So the. Wind, chills are okay. All right as we take a look at our Waterbury eye, cam, we're, waiting for the flakes to start flying there it's going to take a little while another couple of hours Hartford, mostly overcast conditions right now, no flakes flying in the Hartford area at this hour, 19 degrees.

And the winds are calm and here's Middletown. Also, no flakes flying there in Middletown we're, keeping an eye on it for you all right as we move through drier and brighter tomorrow it's going to be a beautiful. Day tomorrow, so you can make some plans. You can do a little cleanup, but not so much today. You'll, notice, the snow icons are with us. 8 10, 12, 3 6. This is for inland Connecticut, but the temperatures only rising into the upper 20s, maybe a 30 degree mark in parts of lake Hartford for the shoreline temperatures.

Notice, the icons they go over to that little of a wintry mix 33 degrees with the temperatures, just getting above the freezing mark. So that's, why we're calling for lighter totals along the. Shoreline and then more snow Thursday and Friday it'll be light snow, Thursday and Friday, but Sunday that could be a bigger. Storm system, we're keeping an eye on for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday all right snow, it's all the way back to the west it's, a narrow swath of snow. But nonetheless, it is going to be making its way across the state you'll.

Notice it through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, all of this is marching right in our direction over Connecticut. So that's, why we're calling for. That snow out there this morning, here's early one of future cast, tomorrow's weather today by seven o'clock this morning we're dealing with the snow in parts of northwest and southwest Connecticut. It starts spreading across the state by 9 a.m this morning. And then by noon everybody fills in the snow rain line is to our south, but watch it between noon and about 3.

It advances and just clips parts of southeast Connecticut with all snow for inland Connecticut. This is tonight at five o'clock in the. Evening and then tonight, we should actually start to see some gradual clearing. And tomorrow here comes that bright and beautiful day tomorrow looks beautiful all right.

So once again, one to two inches of snow can be expected in southeast Connecticut as much as two to five in other parts of the state again, maybe a six inch isolated amount in parts of northwest northeast, Connecticut, that's a half a foot of snow, headed in our direction for parts of Connecticut, snow, a wintry mix along the coast sun. Is up at 6, 54 sets at 5 16., the days are getting longer, but the snow continues to come down 31 tomorrow beautiful day. Again, tomorrow, Thursday, light snow, especially in the morning, giving way to some partial clearing in the afternoon Friday light snow with mostly cloudy skies. Saturday, looks good. But cold.

Look on the weekend. Look at the temperatures across the next seven days, below average and then Sunday again, that could be another major winter storm. It all depends on the track. And the intensity.

Will keep you posted as the models continue to come on in we're still several days away, and then Monday looks to be cold and windy with a high of only 23 degrees.

Dated : 07-Apr-2022

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