Góp Tay Đôi Với Chủ Với Chiếc Waves 6Tr Honda Sirius 7Tr Bao Ship Bảo Hành 6T Tại Bình Dương

You vs., Honda, That's, right, The cheapest Honda on the market is always the cheapest on the market, Listen to Kitchen This car loves you, but it's, super durable, but it's, super fuel-efficient, But in this period, it's, the beginning of the new year. So. This car shop is also a very new car shop of Day, Nine cars, So today I am sending motorbikes. What is your name, Nam, Hair, Phat, motorcycle, shop, I'm here and there. Everyone at work today is grateful to you for a Wave S car with the same color as. This 110 right, you are new 211.

How do you raise this hero? You can't eat this child if it's at fault then you're apart from me, what about the other person, The machine is all faultless, sold for exchange. And the child has a warranty for the machine for 6 months and 6 months for the mother bear's warranty, I will notify you to ship it, Oh, my god, The price is six million, So I'm used to the new year. Good health hero, Hello everyone, I'm Ok, I, don't know about the iPhone, but for myself, I want to. Buy a Hoc car card like this, People have to look for a lot, must say that there must be an opportunity, No NGO.

Hong in hand is an opportunity that comes to me only once, that's, right. You eat that. Now this car is at the bottom of 6, a million.

I told you to ship if anyone comes here to buy it, the boss, 300, five million seven is full Yes. This is beautiful, but you guys are beautiful outside, when the machine over here is heard, You just got it back, and it still hasn't caught a set of stamps that.Haven't been pasted always glued, bro, Now it's me again, telling you six million bags to ship to the chicks Yes, now, we're, ok, with this, the card at the in braces, in, sneak Well, there's, nothing to worry about., It's like being grateful at the beginning of the new year to open a shop for it to be new, This is a brother, not someone who stops by this driver and sells them to interact with relatives, But if you come here, and now you know, it's like that, it's still difficult for people of all kinds, So you should know that now take 5 million and come here without 2 million carefree for the poor, carefree for the needy, But when you have enough money, you won't earn a single penny, The hero drives a penny, right, there's, no interest at all, no interest rate at all. But you already know, this is a one-way street with me, This is now five million seven come directly to the right ship newspaper yeah yeah. Let me consider this as flexible.

Let me know if you like this guy, this car is dead for seven. And a half million stamps, full of stuff, still full of seven and a half million Saigon license plates to sell cheaply for relatives to take as a warranty 6 months warranty for this 6 months machine, This one is better than China, is it really 85? A Million, China, So Five million can buy a very nice, car, it's, not beautiful, But also the is as beautiful as this That's right, You can spend a lot of money on dirt, and they can buy a baby vs. or hat.

If. You don't have a child's face, for. Example,, you'll be fine with the store. Yes, Do I have a bank account here?, Yes, ,, I support, it. I have 34 banks that support installments. But all models here, I must be a mid-ranger, that's, right, yes, no need to pay upfront.

But let's, ask you that you don't have bad debt or other bad debts of the public, You can get a car within 10 minutes, get a car without bad debt, enough, 20 years, old, seventy children. Then just turn around. And you are good guys. Then No need to say much full mirror This. One. Is 9 million, I'll, sell it to 20 11 or 12. Already answer me, this mom, because she picked it up Hey, This one is 9 million VND, sister, eight and a half million Yes, I'll.

Take my tongue, brothers and sisters, If you go anywhere, else, other stores will lose this baby, This quorum is the ratio, Dong Nazi, Dong, Nazi, only If not, It won't be long before there's a baby out there because this one is seven million This. One is the cheapest at six million bags ship In general, Whichever one you buy cheap, You'll sell it cheap., The, car's papers are complete, So the bottom line is that every 500 million deposits is required to get the car. Atria. 2019. Ah, yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Right. This car is for sale. 39 million three The profile is correct, The price is 2 million dong cheaper than the boss. The file is also Euro, 22,000., I, agree., Now. If you want this baby, do it quickly, This baby is popular Yes, I know, it, but I don't have much How much does it cost?

But the factory doesn't stop at the beginning? In. This part, the custom This book is full of people dare to eat here, it's, still the throne, it's this, It won't change. The color, this car has you click indifferently. But this one is 34 million documents, This one is 32 million 500 So. When will dad Hoeing Son ah, This child, you have two keys, These 2 keys sell this item and then the builder here, It's a beautiful.

Number plate, it's, always good, luck, brothers and sisters, Ca, MAU, Ca, MAU, it's, great to take this car and run it. This child can give. You 27 million to sell lottery tickets this car, 67 An Gang, let you guys 25 million in machines. , just won the disc to make life a bit high Wish. This child sells 10 million for you, But if you want to change it, I will exchange for this.

One is to give you nine and a half million on the plate after the city number plate, 3 Van Line, tell me right away if you are fast, This beautiful car is very good, but I want it to be a little more 6, the ones out there will be cheaper. Right? This is up. To you guys, depending on your needs, again, the hero gives the photo corner, So lying down is all easy for me to buy Than, Than, buy and sell What's. The meaning of these 10 cars are painted, but not painted, brothers at plate. Number, 67 An Gang here, 2018 to give you 12 million Rides like new, Here I see a boyfriend, This 12 million children is to build a house, a 2018 motorcycle with a city license.

Plate, The price is for you 12 million eight hundred wheels, who can buy it without me? Yes, it's. The right disc., if it's a factory plate, it's, not a locomotive, it's, a Honda wheel, yes, is this a good word in Saigon, The top of the pot is the machine, The original is not stupid, a12, 12 million 800k ship In. Hello. Hello.

Hello brother, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, this Saigon index 436 write this. Now this future machine hero is a 2015. But the only fault is that his shirt is a little scratched. , just run a little, what's wrong with me Leave this here without cleaning it up. So you can sell it.

Like that, it's okay, let's, Inca, FI, let you guys 16 million life in 2015, right? In addition to glitter, it's so simple, bro., Yes, , . The Wave 100 is a 2013 model, The machine is quiet, The price is 12 million 500 in HAI Phone, The inside child inside is a 110-year-old movie in 2019 to give you Oh, This baby is being damaged. I'm missing this, So I'll just have to come back next time, Yeah, a winner p1i motorbikes. And machines are in original condition, The number plate is still beautiful, You have. It God of Wealth Hey kid, If, you sell a bag for NEM, it's 28 million or six million If.

You know, the store's paper is 126 million, This kid's fingers will be big, it's, not good at all, 2019 at you This is a pair of racing. Boy, wheels, riding a bike, The owner also keeps the phone number of installments from before, Maybe how many cars this is this one is 32 million bags of installment records If. You pay in installments without prepayment, just love If. You need to be 20 years. Old, You won't have bad. Debt.

If, this child is like this, Let me owe you about 10 million, Then you can take the car home. License plate, 69 Ca, MAU, like this is the key, will usually shake hands with this child, The normal key I can give you guys to exchange, This one is 25 million 500 records extra money. Bro, yeah yeah, yeah, , ok, I'm in the Lucas 7 and a half million. So we can argue and sell my job. I'll sell it to you guys to work and plow 7 and a half million was 2016 before this.

So I can give it to you guys. My. Brother is 10 million 500 VND, automatically, The price is 7 and a half million, These two are the same, They play 7. A Million, The blood is a lot, so it's a shop that sells a lot of cars.

These days. If. You see dozens of cars, you'll know when you're home, they're all clean., My husband and children are here for 7, a million. I want. This item, only I can withdraw eight million.

And the rest is, ok, 6800000 where six million bags. Ship Children are seven million Ba Train, not seven million If. You read out. The address for brothers and sisters to come and buy, the address of Nam View Phat.

Motorbike shop is number 52b cross three streets, dt743 block, 2, An, PhD ward, Than, An, city, Bin, Dong, province, Do you have any relatives to come and support? All of them? Donate and high heels. The shop is always available. Thank you for watching this video., Thank, you, brothers and sisters for your support.

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Dated : 27-Apr-2022

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