Ghost Of John Flipbook

Anyway, I decided to get in character for today's flip book video, which is about a skeleton so here's where this idea came from when I was really young around Halloween time, my mom used to sing this song. And the lyrics went like this poor old, John, poor old, John, long, white bones with the skin all gone Oh wouldn't. It is chilly with no skin on. Okay. So I got online to look for this song to see what it was called. There was a real song. So apparently it's called the ghost of John.

And the lyrics online. Are a little different from how I remember hearing it, but it got me thinking about that skeleton. And so I started imagining this shivering, cold skeleton sitting in a graveyard wishing he were warm. And so that is what this flip book is going to be about, so I'm going to do it all in black and white and gray, tones, oh and music. The song, if you didn't know is by Bach, it was awesome, and it always makes me think of graveyards. Okay. So I thought I would have a ghost in the graveyard too.

So this is. The ghost crossing in front of the skeleton. So this is going to be a series of shots. Next I'll do the opening shot, which would be this wide shot, where the camera is kind of panning across as I'm working on this wide first shot, the tricky part is kind of figuring out how to keep the right amount of detail without making it too tedious to trace every time with all these little small details of all these ribs and bones what I'm doing I'm building this shot out in layers because it's a tracking shot.

It's a shot where the camera is like tracking through the gravestones, and so I'm going to have some parallax effect happening, which I've talked about one of my other videos. But what I'm doing here, I'm going to make three templates to trace, so I'll have foregrounded middle ground and then background. And so when you're when your quote-unquote camera is tracking sideways, what happens is the objects in the foreground. They move across the frame faster than objects in the background.

So these gravestones. In front, they're, moving a fairly large distance each page. And then in the background, the increments as they move. Each page, you're going to be much smaller. So all I'm doing is readjusting the position of my template on each page.

And it also really helps to measure out your distances beforehand so you so that your speed stays consistent as the objectivity I'm, pretty excited to color this one, even though coloring always seems to take at least as long as the drawing does or longer, but it's, really. Like nice, when you get to that point, because the animation is basically done, and you can just sort of sit back and kind of chill and relax a little in just color, all right, so I want to have this moment between the ghost and the skeleton where they're just like looking at each other. And the ghost is feeling sympathetic toward the cold skeleton there's, not really much movement happening here at all, but I want something, so I'm going to have the ghost just sort of subtly slide in and then there's. Just a little lift of the eyes same thing with the skeleton there's, really, no movement, he's just looking at the ghost, but I'm I'm, just going to make this shot kind of pan, very slightly it's probably going to be so subtle you're, never even gonna notice, but that's, okay, I'm all I'm.

All about subtlety that you don't ever really notice consciously. Okay. Now I think maybe I shouldn't, totally spoil the end of the flip book for you. So what I'll do right now is I'm just going to cut ahead to the coloring.

Montage and I'll show you the finished flip book after that, and it's done, but what's, even more awesome. The fact that it's finished is my sister-in-law Candy. She is amazing with music, and so I did a collaboration with her. And my niece Josie on a new version of the ghost of John song that matches with the lyrics and melody. The way I, remember hearing it as a kid, it's, really cool, it's really haunting. So I'm going to play that song now, along with the flip book as I live in here knows it burns with the. Skin, Oh, God, wouldn't, it is really skin.

Let me know what you guys think I hope you liked it. This was a super fun, flip book to make and getting to collaborate with candy and Josie on the music was just so awesome and fun. And music is actually what brings me to today's sponsor the rake on e, 25 headphones, these are awesome little headphones, they're about half the price of any other premium wireless earbuds on the market.

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See you in the next I was with the scared it's going to be chilly wouldn't. It is chilly with no skin.

Dated : 07-Apr-2022

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