Gitar Terbaik 2 Jutaan!! Review Cort Ad - 880 Ce Natural

In Indonesia, hello, meet again, with me, Memories of chubby, we must, and today we will review a guitar from chord still from today. This is still included in the serious Are family or acoustic dreadnought from chord. And this is often the medium is not serial 8 10. But this is a chord series AD and 80 yes, This is the brother of the Korean 8-10 series, which can be said to be quite in demand, because it is an entry-level guitar that has an economical price.

But the sound is quite good, Now it can still be said to be quite economical too, because compared to HD 8 10 days, the difference in price just a little less than 500,000, which is clear, The sound is different from the A8 10 chords, which is certainly more bass-friendly. And also the sound is more Bridge or more. I'll just review it starting from the specifications on the body first, Okay, because this is sharia, so I still use the dreadnought body.

But there is one advantage over the guitar ad in the previous series, namely, this series already. Has I we or single card at the bottom? So it allows us to play up to high notes even up to the 14th fret. We can still play accords.

Then the difference with the series below or a81 Wow. This series has a gloss finish So. If you look at it looks more luxurious than the A80, which still using Open port, or this finish setting already uses a gloss finish. Then. There are some interesting touches given by the chords in this series. So that it makes this guitar. Look more luxurious than the previous series.

On. The back, on the front, There is an abalone insert on the inner side around this guitar. So. It looks more luxurious. And also more elegant. It is also applied to the sound hole around it. Using, an Apollo insert, There are also some circle accents on the outside, giving a more aesthetic message., this and also elegant compared to some series below OK, on to the rising part, This guitar uses mahogany neck on the front using a fingerboard from five ears of smell at the top.

And the upper. Part is also given an appear like in the body. So. It looks luxurious and looks connected Bette n, the body. And also the rise very elegant. In. My opinion, go to the stock section around this using a standard dryer of chords, it's, the same as the one used by Sharia 8-10, So, it's, more or less similar.

LAH continues to discuss a little about the Bridge section and also the notes on this guitar using notes and also Shadow Bridge changes to graphite. It is a substitute for bone, because bone material can be said to be quite expensive and also quite difficult to find at this time, Some guitar manufacturers have finally decided to use a graphic whose sound frequency is quite close. And also the hardness level is quite close, which is clear when compared to conventional plastic., The quality of the sound produced by a lot of graffiti is far above it, in the amplification or PM section, This guitar uses free m-code, 30, 4T, it's, the same as that used by ad810, but because the quality of the wood used by.

Us is better, of course, the sound produced is also better than the odd Series 8-10, yes, at the bottom. If we look at this, there is a battery compartment and also a Jack like the previous series,, more or less. This is an electronic device that is usually used by us around the basic settings of chords. So it can still be said, this is we are entry-level, but we have more elegant, cosmetics and appearance than the really entry-level series or the cheapest series, So let's try the sound. So you can listen to the Sony sample, we'll play it by streaming, something like this, hi, hi, Hi. Ok. Today. We try to record with the first two inputs.

We record me using a condenser microphone in front of me, Then the other one we record KLX from this BM guitar to go directly to season 4, which we use. So the sound you will hear is the sound that represents when you listen to this directly, pulled or the sound that you can get when you record with Then, we will try this digital frame with other playing techniques, More. Or less like this, The result is Hey Laura, Laura, Laura, hey, hey, that's, more or less. The sound sample of this a880 C, chord. So.

You guys can draw a clear conclusion for yourself when compared to the series below or A8, 10 or A850, this series has better benefits, because the sound is also better. And the quality of the wood is better. What I don't like is that it has a finishing that looks elegant compared to the previous series, the team. Maybe if you are tired of hearing or seeing the series this A8 10 chords can be an option for you to buy, because the price is not different or not far enough compared to the series below, Okay, that's my review, You can comment below, write your opinion about us today, or you can also request something about what we should do for the next video See you on next video. Hi ha, hi, hi.

Dated : 17-Mar-2022

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