Guild Wars 2. Ranger. Обзорный Гайд Новичка.

Ranger is one of the simplest and most effective classes in the game, the controls intuitively do not require high skills and the ability to collect pets will make your journey of loss, not so lonely word. This is a great class to start with and with great capabilities rangers wears medium armor. It has an average degree of protection against direct physical attacks base health for 80 levels. 15900, 22, confident average class mechanic lunch and ranger fights with their pets, each of which has special. Skills in the game, there are more than 70 of them elite, specializations, druid, addition of hard of the rings and sat best in addition of pets and power, DPs code, DPs support, healer difficulty of mastering two stars out of 5. Ranger can carry 11 types of weapons and two more underwater ones, try them all, but stop offering the next bomb as a starting weapon will come in handy because his attacks shoot at a distance of one and a half thousand.

And this is the biggest far there are attacks in the game. Let's look at skills and a longbow. The first skill is a simple auto attack that you use during the cooldown of other skills, the second skill fires, a series of arrows, puts a vulnerability rebuff on the target for each stack of this rebuff enemies, take 1 percent more physical damage.

This is a ranger burst skill, which should not be neglected in battle, The third skill puts INVS on you after a successful hit, and your trouble succeeds in getting a buff to speed up movement, keep in mind that if the. Target dodged during the use of the skill or somehow blocked the attack, then INVS, you will not receive the fourth skill repels, the target of which is close to the closer. The target approaches you, the farther it will be thrown away. Keep in mind that the range of this skill is 1200. So calculate your strength correctly, the fifth skill throws out a hail of arrows in a radius of 360 targets hit by hail receive a temple rebuff you under its action. The speed of movement of enemies slows down by 50. Percent note that the skill operates t, only for five enemies, as you can see, The bow is an extremely simple and effective way to fight opponents;.

It has a long attack range;, the ability to go into invisibility when in danger;, this combination will allow you to buff you before the fight and also fight with several opponents. The first ax skill is an auto attack that ricochets into another target. While you hit the enemy. Stacks of strength are hung on you the more stacks, the stronger your attack. The second skill, throws 5 axes in a cone in front of you on a successful hit, they hang stacks of bleeding on the target. The third skill bewitch, the area around the enemy, frenzied him, bleeding your pet's. Next attack, inflicts, a rebuff of weakness half.

So you will deal less damage and never CRT. And the enemy's stamina recovery is reduced by 50 percent. Fourth skill, summon flocks of birds. They peck at the enemy, hang up to 15 stacks of vulnerability on him. The fifth skill is what you should start. Any battle with if you have it on cooldown, because the skill gives three important fury buffs at once increases the chance of CRT by 30 percent and also adds 250 points of characteristic to grow.

And this characteristic increases damage openly. Mike increases as physical damage, such damage from negative conditions. Stacks up to twenty-five times swift us increases movement speed by 33 percent. And so with the weapon sorted out now let's talk about the class mechanics of the ranger, his pets' ranger. Finds them in the open world.

They look like friendly, green creatures above their head. The inscription joey Nile, definitely hangs. This is a sure sign that the animal can be tamed approach. The pet press, the f key. And voil, it is at your disposal. Let's. Look at the pit management by default they are called on the English key.

The top two betas are On. The ground, the bottom two are underwater, Some pets can be used both on land and underwater, for example, The bear on the right, We see the passive. And active skills of PETA, the passive mental ones are not applied automatically.

And you cannot control them, But the active ones are applied on the f2 key, Each PETA has its own skill read. And in your free time, while I'll tell you about the pet control window f1 orders, the pet to attack, usually after ordering the pet to use his first passive skills, f2. This is a controlled pet attack. Use it when you see fit f3 calls the PETA to the owner f4 changes any land or underwater PETA. Then there are. Pet control modes in quartet mode attack, the same one you attack or attack any enemy who started to beat you while you are of and cough and mode and white combat make pets passive.

It will stop attacking your targets and will calmly accompany. You're wandering. This mode is sometimes useful for supports mode. M, stampede hides a pet outside of combat.

If you are worried about the choice of herds, then I recommend watching a life hack for a beginner. This is an extremely useful video that will forgive your. First acquaintance with Guild Wars 2, a movie tip will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Now let's talk about elite specialization. In addition, hard of thorns ranger can become a druid. This is a strong support role in the same raids. For example, in this specialization, ranger wears harrier stats, which best reveals the support potential of the druid class.

Excellent heals, a group of five people and also supports offensive buffs on it. Such as fury. I might this is achieved by applying van. Horn, which I spoke about a little higher, in addition, during the battle, the druid put spiritualists, they distribute various buffs in a large radius, increases physical damage, allows you to passively set fire to targets, impose protection on party members, and also heals the spirit of nature in a large radius and can cut up to five people at once It was with the release of the specialization that the ranger druid received a staff. A weapon with a high support potential, a method that allows.

You to place barriers and walls that shelter you from flying projectiles and also move long distances if you need to temporarily immobilize, the target, then the staff will cope with this task, But the main mechanics of the druid is the avatar. Look. This blue bar above the stamina bar is a bar of astral power when dealing damage and more when healing someone this bar starts to fill up as soon as it reaches 100 percent. You can enter the avatar form in this form. You have access to powerful support. Skills mass healing by removal area, negative conditions and control of surrounding enemies in addition, The avatar is an important element in maintaining the rate of strength on your comrades' specialization.

Colby stranger, turns into a powerful weapon dealing damage, moreover, This damage can be achieved both through direct physical impact and pillboxes here already questions of your choice. The main mechanics of the killer is boys mole ranger merges with the soul of his pet. This grants him. Additional buffs and abilities, pets have five archetypes.

All of them are presented in this table. Stout d2r, I think, Ferrari and supported merging with each of these archetypes increases certain stats and grants an ability appropriate to the type of pet e.g. Irish experts increases strength and damage openly and also gives access to massive area attack while support'a, Fred and heals a large radius and allows you to temporarily ignore damage from negative specialization conditions from kills. Rangers dagger appears a weapon with a fairly good average damage, while this damage is supported both by builds based on physical attacks. And in builds based on negative conditions rangers PVP is quite good, even in vanilla aspects without buying add-ons. It is good duel chi in fights one on one and can also play the role of a tank when you need to capture and hold points.

A long bow allows you to press the distance with the enemy and fire at the area when capturing melee points, you also always. Have something to answer with a word. This is a very friendly class to new players.

But c.c. The ranger is mainly a roamer in large groups, It is difficult for him to occupy himself because classes with massive skills of both support and damage rule here, But finding adventures on the fifth point of your beta is quite easy for everyone. The unloved stealth trapper, build will allow you to fill your personal with warm wishes from opponents outline the general position of the ranger classes.

So that. You can get a first impression, of course, the class has much more features, but I don't want to overload the video with map information to get all the pets. You will find in the description under the video. It was a different guild leader of the Russian dogma server in both do not say that you are not warned.


Dated : 09-May-2022

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