Hans Capon Takes A Proper Beating | Kingdom Come Deliverance Game | Hans Capon Dlc

Father is coming Host. Thank you again. Oh, God! with my finishing knife.

Are you still there? Still here my love, how could I have apart from you father's coming he'll kill you? He will not because it'll never cross his mind, where I'll be Henry it's time for me to claim my prize, whatever happens cover my back there.

You are you said, you sir now you'll, see how a butcher protects his daughters honor buy me time. You got some explaining to do you bastard. What are you after you bastard sneaking around and. All his citizens house in a dark, oh I'm. Just here to pick some cemetery blossoms see is that so Wow, you don't look like you had much success. I only just got started when I was interrupted by some idiot, but not meaning you, of course, enough of this you're, getting a hiding from your life I knew it the Lord be praised. What brings you to me?

How did it go with Karolina? Sounds dreadful. She didn't appreciate my courtship at all and threw a screaming fit.

Then the butcher burst in had started roaring like a. Madman, he in his hands had no qualms about beating up an old woman and brutes. What the hell are you doing outside blockhead didn't I, tell you to delay him shame on you for leaving your Lord and Master to the mercy that bruised his dogs, but Sir I, tried you didn't give a damn. You simply left me high and dry. Well. Thank you so much.

Now my name is mud. You have half a night have you wit, but I'm too kind for my own good, but I never want to hear a word from you about the whole fiasco, never simply didn't. Happen got it god, be with you.

Dated : 27-Apr-2022

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