Honda Cr-V Led Headlights & Fog Lights How To Install - 4Th Generation | 2012 - 2016

What's happening everyone. My name is Phil with precision, LED calm. And today we have a 2016.

Honda CTV we'll, be installing LED fog lights as well as headlights on. Now, this insulation is compatible with your models 2012 to 2016. That is the fourth generation, and we'll be using kits from precision. Del com. We have an H 11 premium Cree lighting system here for our low beam and a h 8 style kit here for our fog lights, you can check the description link below to get product links on precision, LED calm. Let's, go ahead and get started for our low beam headlights we're looking here at the passenger side, the bulb right here. This one is our low beam headlight assembly.

Now, we're going to take a look at first, the LED system, it's a two part system. And you have a power connector here from the ballast to the bulb. You want to go ahead and plug these together. And this has a rubber o-ring to prevent any water damage. You want to make sure that seal is tight.

And then you screw the cap over for additional. Protection now, that's ready to go we'll, put that aside to remove this bulb. You want to first remove the connector. You want to push down here with your thumb and pull down that releases the power connector turn this one counterclockwise to unlock it and remove the old h-11 halogen bulb. The new LED bulb is a direct replacement that one fits right in turn that one clockwise if that locks in place. Now this one has a motorized heat sink, so it's actively pushing air to keep the LED bulb at the right. Temperature now you can connect your power wire as you can see on this connector.

The female side is a clamp right here that goes on the top side where you used your thumb to put pressure and that one locks in place. So right now, before we go any further, let's, go ahead and test them to make sure it turns on leave that one on, and we'll just show you here bulb turns on all right turn that off. And now you want to prepare our surface, we'll, go bottom, mount our ballast now there's a section right here. It's perfectly fitting sized right here for it. So we're going to mount to here using some 3m double-sided tape that comes with your kit. Now to prepare the surface, you do want to clean this off just some degreased. And a cloth should do the trick just wipe that suction down I'm going to use a 3m mounting pads that came in your kit.

Take one side here, apply it to the ballast make sure you tighten that down and just apply pressure. So you get good adhesion. And then remove the backside here and you're. Going to put this in place right here, push that down all right this sides all set. The process is the same on the driver's side, we're looking now at the passenger side, fog, light, we're going to be using one of our trim tools here.

This is a fork shaped wedge tool, and this will be helping us remove the front panel here to access the bulb. This entire assembly pops out as well as the light assembly that one comes out as well. What you need to do is you need to insert here from the side and there's, a. Series of tabs that are holding this in place, you can release all of them so coming from the top. Once you find a tab there. You go that's. The first one here, this one right here ones out.

And as you can see what I'm doing is I'm coming in to the side and then forcing up to get the bumper to unclip there's. Another one here, you know and there's another one here, all right, there's a series of them on the bottom as well. One down here. These you're lifting. Do we have one more there?

We go that. One's out and now this one turns pops out now you need a Phillips head screwdriver, there's, a bolt right here. And once you unscrew, this there's a clip down here below you need to save that we'll need to push down and then pull out. And that removes the whole assembly. Now you have access to the back side here or your flog light is so removed the power connector turn this one counterclockwise to unlock it. And now we have our old h8 halogen bulb removed.

Now, the new LED bulb is a two-part system. So you. Want to make sure that the water seal here is screwed on and there's, a rubber o-ring in there to help waterproof the connection. And then you might as well, go ahead and connect power. Here there's a clip on only one side of our female connector here that goes over the top locks in place of all the direct replacement of your old halogen bulb.

And you lock it in place all right now. What we're going to do next is we're going to mount the ballast here on the interior, and we're going to put it right. Here against this surface, so a rag and some degreased and just prep the surface we're going to use the 3m mounting tape that was included in your kit, I'm going to mount one side here. And now this is quite amount right here.

Okay, she will come around just for the wire management, that's, just nice and snug. Now, what you do here flip it back around this side, this tap goes in first then angle. Remember, you have to start down make sure this locks into place right here. And then you can screw that in and. Right now we'll, go ahead and test the lights to make sure they work before we finish up the assembly there we go. Light looks perfect. We can go ahead and turn those off finish screwing this into place and lock it in all right now.

While we have this open, you can see right here. This is your height, adjustment, screw that changes the angle of the fog light. So if you're looking to adjust just do it from right here, use a Philips head screwdriver, you'll, be turning it left or right to twist this. Entire assembly, and that lifts the bulb up or down or rather lift the whole assembly up and down all right now to put this piece back in you want to start from the far side again. And each of these tabs you want to make sure if you're looking at this run one here, you want to make sure it's going through the slit right here for it to lock in place. If you go under if it's, not actually going to hook on to anything, and it won't be a secure connection, okay.

And for spit there, you go it's all set just. Want to show real quick we're going to turn the vehicle on. Now we have LEDs on our interior, and we also have LED headlights and fog lights.

And as you can see here, there are no engine or no vehicle warning codes, letting you know that the lighting installation was a success and that's the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at help at precision, LED, calm, or you can reach us online and submit a support ticket at WWDC, LED, calm / contact, please like or. Subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we do, it really does help us out. We make the next one knowing that there's people out there watching the videos have a good one.

Dated : 13-Apr-2022

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