How The 2020 Cxc Exams Will Be Graded!!

Welcome back to learn SKN. And today we have a different kind of video for you today. We're, looking at a video that today we're going to make a video discussing what was dropped about two days ago on the CIA Facebook page or on their website, where we have a little video about five minutes explaining what cx plans to do as it relates to the grading of the 2020, modified examinations and the description here. Dr, Wayne Wesley register and cx of and CEO of CXE has a special message about grading. And the.

Modif modified examinations for 2020, all right, so we're going to look at the video, and then we're going to look at some of the comments I'm going to discuss what we think is going on here all right. So let's, look at the video good day, especially to our candidates, parents guardians teachers universities and employers I would like to use this opportunity to thank the ministries of education, local registrars, teachers, invigilators and center staff for the successful administration of the regional. Examinations, especially during this time of movie 19 and your commitment to the safety and well-being of all stakeholders, your service to the region and the development of our young people is commendable in March 2020.

When coveted 19 became a reality for the Caribbean, it required organizations, including the Caribbean, examinations council to create an alternative strategy to facilitate the advancement of students to the next level in their professional development in July, the threat of hurricane. For a short period affected administration of examinations in the subregion of the organization of eastern Caribbean states. I am happy. However, to report that we were still able to accommodate those candidates impacted thanks to the collaborative efforts of the ministry of education, local registrars and the CHC, where candidates in territories were seriously affected by Koontz 19 to the extent that they were unable to sit their examinations.

These candidates will be allowed to do their. Examinations at the next available sitting free of charge at the regional examinations body, the council maintains that grades awarded must be valid equivalent and fair in rethinking the way forward, the Caribbean, examinations council created a modified approach to the administration marking and grading of c-sec and cave examinations a modified approach was also applied to CVS. The modified approach included, the administration of one common paper, the multiple choice paper or paper one, the. Moderation of all school-based assessments, and the administration of the alternative to SBA paper, 3-2 for private candidates, without paper 2, being administered the council had to give more careful attention to equivalence means that from year to year candidates, who earn the same grade demonstrate the same level of performance.

Here are some points that will assist you in understanding the grading process, the determination of grades will be modeled to account for the performance. According to the candidate's competence on each profile, there is no adjustment to waiting of papers since the modified approach being used excluded, the paper, to the trends in teacher predictions over the previous years will be used to determine if the grade awarded is fair to the candidates. The council is confident that candidates' performance in 2020 can be compared to past performance trends. The basis of this confidence is that a candidate who is awarded a particular grade in 2020 will have.

Similar characteristics and performance on the multiple choice and SBA papers as a candidate who was awarded that grade in previous years, therefore, candidates, parents, guardians universities. And employers can all be confident that the grades earned this year will be no different from the grades that were earned by those candidates who set the examinations in previous years rest assured that the grades this year will be valid equivalent fair and of equal status to the grades awarded in previous. Years, thank you for listening. May god, bless you all, yes, sir so that's it from the video all right? So let's, try and see all right.

Let's start off right here. So all of us know that 2020? Mr, beer. So exams were modified to accommodate the whole corvid thing.

So we know that the paper 2 was dropped. And so only the paper 1, and the SBA would to acquire a final grade for the candidates. So the multichoice and the seas. And so CXC is saying that all this video is trying to explain is, how is it how equal. What the candidates of 2020 be seen compared to those in the past, because people had that question of the people asking well if I'm in the workforce, and I'm trying to find a job, and I see a candidate registered from 2020. And I say, yeah, one. And I see a candidate from 2020 from 2019 18.

And they also got a one. Then I can. I would pick the candidate from 20 19 or 18, because they would have done a paper to a more comprehensive assessment would have been done on them, but sexy, saying, no, you can pick the. One from 2021, still because the exams would have been equivalent fear valid equivalent to those in the past and so that's, what they're trying to say here. So we know that it was modified to accommodate this global situation right now. So cx is saying that based on certain pillars exams from 2020 are fear valid and equivalent. So they're, saying, the first thing degrees are going to be based on would be, of course, your performance as a student.

So based on your performance that would be one factor that. Would go in to determine your overall grade. And of course, that makes sense you cannot, you can do crappy on the exam expect a decent grade. So the first one is the performance of the candidate on the exams on the seas. Then we look at then let's say, we're, looking at the waiting there's, no adjustment to the waiting. What they're saying is that in previous years in some subjects, you would have a 20. So if you for your overall grade, 20 would come from the SBA, 30 would come from the paper one and.

Then fifth from a paper to that's, how some exams would have been graded in the past. What they're saying here is that the waiting is not going to be changed there's, no adjustment to the waiting of the papers. So they're, saying that the same whatever grade you get today in 2020, the paper one would have quite would be 30 the SBA for some subject would be 20. And so questions will remain.

I still already 50 gone for the paper too. What is going to step in for the paper too? If they are saying, there's, no.

Adjustment being made to the weighting, where is the 50 percent gone and so that's, an issue that people would be having, and a question people need to clarify clarification on. And another component of the overall grid would be called using trends in teacher prediction to assist, the awarding grades fairly. So some of you might not know because you know mac seas, but upon making a SB, a teacher is given this document this one is a POB that shows, of course, the year name of the center, the sender code. Territory, the name of the teacher, teacher, signature, etc. But what we're talking about here now is this part here that says, subject grade. So teachers would have to go and estimate what subject what grade. They think the student is going to get so based your teacher would, should know you because you should have, you should have the same teacher teaching at least from maybe third fourth to fifth.

So they would know your competencies. They will know what you're capable of. So they would predict what grade. You might be getting on the CXC, whether it would be due to the market examiner would have given in fourth form or whatever.

So they predict what the estimate what grade you can get some estimate a one actually, some actually do estimate a four or five based on the competency of that student, whether they came in good with the SBA and not. So they would use this to estimate what grade you might get as a student Dixie. Now is saying that they're gonna also use that the trend past his historical data to. See that to see if to see what grade students should get, so they're saying is that they are going to look at what teachers have predicted in the past and see how accurate those predictions were those trends were and then use that to help to assign a final grade to the candidates of 2020.

So the three things they have outlined here as to how they're going to use what they're going to use to obtain the overall grade for 2020. Candidates. So of course, you feel free to sound off in the comment section. As to what your view is on all of this as for me, I think some clarification needs to be done, because some things are just not adding up.

How can you have the same? You do not adjust the waiting, but you get the overall grid all right, remember their their their point is that they're trying to get equivalency with previous years to say that the exam in 2020 would measure up to pass exams, all right so let's, look at what some reactions are to this thing that. And so we see we have about 212. Reactions commence a couple shears.

So we have some, you know, concerned angry faces here we have some people love it. Some people like it. So let's just see some of them update up voted comments and let's read and see what they're saying here all right. So let's. Go let's. Look at this one that has let's say, seven, there's, four likes four loves. Okay.

Greater clarification is needed CXE as a teacher using predictive. Grading does not necessarily do not necessarily reflective. What a student is. Capable of this approach needs to be reviewed. So this person is not in agreement with this approach. They are saying they need to review what they are looking at let's go down. We have our neighbor with 10 10 likes.

I am not understanding this. So if there is no adjustment to waiting of the papers, then where will the other marks be acquired? If it is from the teacher's predicted grades, then how does a private candidate that entered through a government center?

Have the max assessed? I have released and. It is still not clear a lot of people support that sentiment 10 up votes. Then we have a next statement from the same person. Also, in some cases subjects have SBS are paper, 32 rated as 20 and the paper one as thirty percent. Therefore, the paper two would have been fifty percent of the max. If the weighting is not changed.

Then how is six acquiring the max for that? Fifty percent area I seem to be missing something if anyone can explain, I would be grateful. And then someone comments on that comment. Saying teachers predicting grades, I do not agree with because a student may perform exceeding the teachers expected. I have heard of teachers stating that student will fail an exam. And that student get a two on the exam, which is true there at times. I predicted that a student might fail, and they get a strong tree.

You know to my surprise and to my pleasure, they got a strong tree I'm glad to hear that all right our next seven like seven, um, comment. Here let's go. Uh, don't, fully understand does the.

Teacher's predictive prediction have any waiting cause. This can be unfit to students whom the teachers dislike. How could this be fair that's true? I mean, it's not supposed to happen you're, not supposed to take your Lacey these efforts to an into your assessment of that student. It should be objective across the board, and we have some humor here. Good since this is the same since it's the same. So the process is since the grade one in 2020 is the same as previously is then get rid of paper.

Two. Completely from 2021 onward for your point, you cannot get the person point they're, saying with Sofia, then why not scrub paper tools all together? Because if your new system is so fair, valid and equivalent. Then why do we need a paper to going forward that's? What this person is saying? And of course, he's a little telling cheek, but you know, a little humor is not bad. Then we have a next comment here, nine up votes since the decision to look at the grades in the previous years.

What will happen to. Students who wrote exams this year with the intention of redeeming themselves. So the same people wrote in the past, they were listed to get higher grade for unreliable grade obtained in previous years. Also, what makes you think that students haven't improved in their thinking and applying skills this year, putting in more effort than that of the previous year? How can the decision be based on past occurrences for changing future patterns for changing future? Patterns of learning?

Are you implying that? Students are not capable of having room for improvement, hey point here I agree. So as you can see, these are questions, six, we have to answer and bring to the full for us to understand what's going on all right so that's it for comment sections. Now I ask you a question, those of you who sat this exam this year, 2020., do you really care about all this hoopla? Do you really matter to you or is it that they see it? The exam was easy to you.

So you might have passed gotten your greater ones. And since excess. Is equivalent you're good with that you're good to go.

You ain't care. You don't mind, leave as is, it was unfortunate Corbett came around, but it cannot be helped what are your thoughts on that you think about that. Do you just want him to leave it alone? You enjoy your exam. You're. Easy, are you good to go? Or some of you who would have missed the paper too?

I don't know you might be in a minority, but those who missed the paper too. Do you think that these are valid questions that are being asked? And you. Want proper understanding and clarification on them all right, let me know sound off in the comment section, uh, so that's it for this video. Let me know what you think thanks for watching thanks for listening.

Dated : 07-Apr-2022

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