How To Balance C3H6O + O2 = Co2 + H2O (C3H6O Is Sometimes Written Ch3Coch3)

In this equation, we have c3h6 o plus o2. This is a combustion reaction. We end up with carbon dioxide and water. Let's count the atoms up on each side.

Let us balance the equation. We have three carbons, six hydrogens and one oxygen, plus we have these two oxygen here with the o2. So now we have three oxygen atoms on the product side. We have one carbon, two hydrogens, two oxygen, plus we have this one oxygen here. So we have three oxygen as well on the product side, let's start by balancing the carbons.

We could put a 3 in front of the co2 1 times 3 that would give us 3 carbon atoms, and those would be balanced, and then we need to update these oxygen here. So now we have 3 times 2, 6, oxygen, plus the 1 oxygen that'll, give us 7, let's leave the oxygen still last and do the hydrogen's. We have six hydrogens here with the C 3, 8, 6, o. So we could put a 3 in front of the h2o 2 times 3 that would give us 6. So the hydrogen's would be balanced. But again, now we have to update the oxygen. So we have 2 times 3.

That's 6, plus we have 1 times 3 that gives us 3. So we have 9 oxygen atoms. So the question is on this side of the equation 1, plus something will give us 9 1, plus 8 that will give us 9.

So if I put a 4 in front of the o2 I'll have 2 times, 4 that's, 8, plus the 1 that gives me 9 and that'll balance. The oxygen let's do that one oxygen here plus 2 times, 4 8 that gives us 9, and we're done. This equation is balanced when you do an equation like this be sure to count all the oxygen sup, and then it's. Often helpful to leave the oxygen still last when you're balancing, and then you can fix them because this oxygen here it's all by itself. This is Dr. B with the balanced equation for C, 3, 8, 6, o, plus o2.

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Dated : 05-Apr-2022

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