How To Check Your Wii Friend Code And Add Other People

Hello, there I'm, basically making this video to show all you guys how to add friends on a week. So you don't want to click the movie message board, and it'll show up with this. You know, familiar screen a creation message. And then you want to hit address book. And right here. This is your we number. This is where you're going to this is the number you're going to give to your friends who you want to add who you want to talk to, and it's also going to be the Wii number you'll need to exchange means so write.

This down give it to your friends. If you want to add someone going in register will add a Wii number first click it, and then it's type in the Wii number as I'll do for you right now, hit, okay and then type in a nickname for them. It can be anything it doesn't matter. What you put in even if it's not their nickname or their real name or anything you can put whatever you want next. You had okay and or prompt, you know, out of me for them just go ahead. And you can add one, or I can skip this, and we're.

Gonna send you their me they'll, tell you that the information has been added to your address book, but you're not done yet, just basically to make this work. Both Me's, both ways have to have the other friends, added on there's, so it's, to send messages let me grayed out until they've added you, and you've added them. So you cannot send messages or exchange means until you both out at each other and that's, basically how that works next I'll show you how to register an email address it's, pretty much the. Same process just type in the email address, how they'll do for you right now.

And this is my email address. So if you have any special questions or comments, couldn't, you know, me yet, pick love 0 0 at Enjoy nickname can be anything and okay. I'll ask. You'll, ask you doubt of me again. And that is the final step, although again, you're not done yet as its again, the email address has to add you online for you to be able to send messages to each other it's slightly different for email. Though as for email Nintendo, actually send whoever you add it, an email asking them if they are okay with you messaging them.

So all they've got to do is hit OK in the email, and you're set to go. Um, just make sure you tell them that, and they're not wondering what's going on. So yeah, thanks for watching my video and have fun, adding your friends and exchanging maize on your Wii.

Dated : 05-Apr-2022

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