How To Deal With Paragraph/ Line Spacing, Sub-Headings For Ebook Creation

Hey, I, almost forgot what how good I all right so format in your your your words, your paragraphs and your chapters, etcetera, really important themes. Why on earth it didn't dawn on me to mention something about one? Because as you know is that I haven't put any numbers of a numbered any of my chapters or anything, which is well, bad form, really. But hey, you know, I don't see them around in many e-books in It's and unnecessary, but what unnecessary work. But if you really wanted to. Make an impression, one of them, fine there's, nothing to stop me for example, but in putting a numbering in front of, for example, my deduction here I can put number one probably bird dot there. I could number them.

And then consequently go run down the pages and place a number of place. A number, you know, give me Dalai me camel place numbers day. Okay.

Now, the other thing I like to mention is that some subheadings now, the subheadings and also your kind of thumb paragraph spacing. Now the reason. You'll notice, why most of the paragraphs that you'll ever see in most things books are all broken up. Um, if the reason this is that people don't like to read long length paragraphs, they get tired, bored easily, and they lose interest. Well, you know, it's, not my fault there's lazy.

People out there just don't like reading at all it's a shame, really because it defeats the object of reading a good book full stop. But nonetheless, if you tend to keep your paragraphs for lines long, possibly five lines. Long, I mean, you really are pushing it going beyond five lines, which I do in places, but that's fine I, try and break them up where I can okay, I mean way you've got an image there obviously is going it's going to look a lot longer, but not necessarily feel it's all it's all kind of in the mind if you're not, I mean, you know, I like to feel like I am I going to get through this book while I'm really not is something about our CMS that works that way. So you know, fragments, a let's play. The game let's play it by the rule so try and keep it. You know, within, you know, maximum really five lines long and break them up. And also there are is a rule about where you break a paragraph up to run into the next page.

Okay. So bear that in mind, oh, yeah, I'm coming back took my earlier point. Now there is one place where I have put little subheadings along through the entire theme.

And that the reason is because it's longer than one page worth of rioting. And it is this chatter. In fact, This chapter, what can I do with an e-book? And what can it do for me?

You know? So basically, and the reason why you would put, you know outsourcing, what can an e-book do for me? You know, the reason why you do that is if someone's reading through they get distracted, and they come back. If they've got if they got pages loads of all these four and five power graphs long, long, sorry, this five lined or four, lined paragraphs everywhere, they're, not going to be. I distinguish where they left off. So it does help.

With in this case, I have put long, you know, I have put a little subheading there, and I've highlighted them are bolded them up. Sorry, you know, because it does help in that respect. So bear those things in mind.

Okay. So I have gone over this one of its. But, but hey, you know, compensate by making a short one asset.

These things are really important. Now, of course, the other thing the other thing which is, which is the van her, you know, I mean, really I have got these. I haven't done the. Spacings here. So if you're up in that in on the homepage, if you look at the top left-hand menu, there, the mayor mouse pointer is bigger. It does if you could miss it I'm in Hobart.

But if you come here to this tab here line spacing now I've got mine, oh I, don't seem to have my life space at all. But, but really, you know, if your right knee books and this is like into laughter, internet marketing e-books. If you like that it, you know, if you're doing something like I think officially you want to be. Doing them at, you know, 1.5. So this is the tab you come into line space in a new choose, you know, the last one and a half, you know, line gaps.

Okay. So bear that in mind, you know, it's, it's. What esthetical aesthetically looks good for you what you feel comfortable with I mean, obviously, if I was to 1.5 the entire book here is going to be double his big.

Okay. I don't want people to get bored and tied yeah, it's, too. Much value in this e-book I, can't, read all this. It must be thrown away. You know, so I'm trying. To please everything, but at the same time, I must point out those few points now coming back to the point where I was showing you, you know, an idea, for example, you know where to get the contents for you rebook ye.

You know, I drummed up a load of articles, PL articles and stuff them in there. There isn't a word there, isn't, a paragraph in here, that's oil, ascendance or what that's anything to do with copied and pasted. I copied and pasted it into the document to show that easy would be to. You know, get the mind. Flowing the juices flowing and all that carry on. But what I didn't show you supposes that you're dragging content from the internet right? And this was, and this was your document, and you've copied and slapped it in here.

And you know, you don't, you probably bother to do everything more fine that's, fine, you know, I don't mind much that night plagiarism. But anyway, so you look down here anything well, I'm going to try. And and and suppose where my mouse is here, you want to close this gap up. Here and you find hmm, hold it a minute.

No I, just want it to go up one line, and it's going directly. Well, that means is because the spacing got a bit wrong. So what you do in this instance, is you highlight all the way down? You know where these gaps are too late to do that and watching the mail see. And if you go to page layout you'll, notice said, you know, these four here, the spacing here, the indents and spacing, really, they should be a North, see them. But this one here, for example, has shown 18.9.

So if. You were to tap that bottom, bottom drop down thing until it reaches the zero then you'll find all things considered done and dusted. And then you've got the control of it. Yeah. So I needed to point those few things out because they are important if you wanted to improve your work, fine great, great stuff. And likewise, here, you know, oh, okay, why would you want to do that? Because again, you know, I wanted I just wanted a gap there, but it's, not letting me, you know, it's more than well.

Okay, but sometimes it. Works that way. And as I say, you know, you come up here, go into page layout and check out this little indent and spacing part here in any of the if any of these are more than like zero point, and you want to just start from scratch. So you can decide what on earth. You know, all doing with that then fine, you know, then you've got that. Then you've got control as to, you know, how you're going about setting you rebook up, well, I hope that time helps I'm just going to check it. Do it on orchids place has done.

That same reason why, yeah, yeah and the last thing cause, which is the reason why also is that I've applied, you know, return to the table of contents in the bottom of those in most of these pages. There also is because there's nothing worse than you like two miles down a team of exaggeration of the Sun. If you'd like, you know so long into your thing in your uncle scroll, all the way book called us here.

Builders are, you know, let's get help those lazy critters out set up a little. You know, that's, why I. Do that really okay, but your design is unique to you, you do as you will as you want, but I'm, just pointing out those few things. Okay, all right? Well, I hope, you got anything out of this video series. And the e-book of course of giving you my email address, whatever you want to make them any comments about with a vast fine and a bid you farewell and I hope you enjoy life and succeed, very well in all that you do toodle-pip now right.

Dated : 17-Apr-2022

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