How To Fix This Pc Can’t Run Windows 11! Tpm 2.0 Enable For Amd/Intel!

Hey, guys, Sunday slain is here about things 1831st installer again, I have lost a problem from saying that if this pc cannot run the Windows 11 or the TP, a required TPM there, uh or PTT anything enabler. So in this video, how to fix all the thank you for 700 subscribers? Okay, so we had this on July 1 by 8 to this July to as you can see, we already just crossed 700, and now we're at 701. So thank you for all the support and now let's get in on this tutorial. So as you can see I'm on the Microsoft. Official website anything.

So the first thing I'm going to talk about is what is the minimum American foreign. So this is my Microsoft. So now we're going to first thing we're going to talk about is the processor.

So this required one gigahertz or two or more course, I guess I think for the loss of if it's, two or more curves, because like here for all the in your chipset is a two hour more core the second, uh, I think for like, AMD, the lowest one is a four car, four thread so that's, why I think. You're good now let's talk about the memory. So the memory from windows, 10, there's, two gigs, but for windows, 11, it's, a four gig.

So if you have four the more you're good for me, I have it now next we're gonna talk about storage. So it requires 64 gigs or higher storage, because I highly recommend to look at this. This is also important that if you don't have enough space, they should delete like if you have any random files, just like those, and then install a then install the Windows 11, the next. Is the system, uh from any tweet UEFI secure boot. I think for most of them is automatically that so that's good enough for the graphics card is the f12 setting all the near graphics card is that next is the display. It is 720p or higher for. I think most of you is that also and also for internal connection, obviously it does require is an internet to share downloaded.

So if you have any Wi-Fi internet, you're, good. And now the problem that it is going to have for like most of you is the TPM. So this is. A a transfer platform module, TPM version 2.0.

So there's, some fix, you can do so uh for this vid for in this broadcast, how to do this for AMD and also intel. So that that's, why don't forget was the full video. So thing is, this is a module. This is like a security module that every pc every near chap. It does happen. So a MDF. So intel have this also MD have this as well.

But things for a for both of them is a different option. So that's when this branch, you decide to do this for both. So if that is a. Problem that you guys are going to have. So this is the main issue. So if you're involved in 1.2, actually, you can uh upgrade to the version 2 when oh as well, as if you can do that, like it just go to google and search it up.

You can just you can just upgrade from 1.2 to 2.0. And and and now I'm going to show you guys how to fix this. So first thing I do, I need to go to your bios it's going to advise it's really easy. So we're just going to click on the power, and we're going to click on restart and. This time we're going to keep we're going to keep pressing a deleted our f12 on our keyboard. So just a q, keep pressing it. And I guess also if you can see that if you did don't, forget to drop a like and share this video with your friends that I have problem like this.

So just keep pressing f12. I guess for fun I'm going to desk up so that's after you press, f12, but well, for you guys, it's different, you can do that as well. So you're going to go to enter setup. And now it's going to go to the bios as you. Can see there for me, it's a gigabyte motherboard.

So for every motherboard it's, also different. So I go to the setting. So after tap on setting you're going to go to the third option right here. And now again, it's something like this, intel platform testable technology. This is also for intel it's called the pt PTT. So make sure it's enabled so just press on and click, enable as you can see here to enable it, go on the 7, setting and click on save because it doesn't exist with your saving this. And.

Then it just goes, and then it hit install we're going to see 11., because after this I'm going to follow it about how to install Windows 11. So if you see that then definitely drop like and also a turn on the ball. So for intel against something like this, intel platform, trustable technology, also in parentheses you're going to see PTT you make sure this is enabled, and then you're going to go on, and you're going to click on save and exit button is now number six how to do this for AMD? I guess if you are a MD you. Need to look something called this right here as you can set it, AMD, CPU, TPM. So make sure this is enabled as you can see to make sure this is enabled so zoom out and make sure it's enabled right here.

It's. If you don't need it anymore, this is going to work for MD. So I think if for most of it I'll be in the setting and then make sure you look for this it's called the one second, MD, CPU, TPM. So this is for MD so make sure you have this enable you to water to this thing to work. So for AMD, it just.

Called the TPM and for intel it's just called the PTT. So both of them is the same thing. And then after you, enable this, make sure you go ahead and click on save and then click on yes. And now your computer will restart.

So once again, if you're on MD anything channel, just MD CPU, FPM guys for me, I don't have AMD I'm on intel, but things if we MD make sure this is on. So I guess I'm going to 100 because I'm 100 sure, if you turn this thing on, it will work so make sure this is enabled. So if you don't. Enable this, it will not work. Okay. So that is it for this quick video. If you guys enjoy don't, forget subscribe, if you need to my channel and see you guys, you.

Dated : 05-May-2022

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