How To Get Sim Network Unlock Pin Code For Free 2020 Method

Hey, guys, this is sim unlock pin. And today I'll show you how to unlock this phone as you can see the phone is locked to a carrier and requires a sim network, unlock code to use it. So straight to the topic I'm going to show you how to unlock this phone. Firstly, to prepare you're going to have to find out the IMEI number of the phone. You can do so by searching for it on the device, usually it's written on the back of the phone or sometimes on the sim tray slot. You can also find the IMEI number on the back. Of the factory box you have it or use the most simple method open up the dialer and dial starhash06hash.

And this will show you the ambient number of the phone on your screen. Once you got this number write it down, and we can proceed to the next step. Okay. So now we don't need this slot phone anymore.

We have to use another device for the unlocking so here's, my second phone, and I'm going to go to Okay. So the website is This is where we're going to do the unlocking its. Very simple, you just enter the IMEI number of the log device and press next then you'll be asked to choose the OS version of the device.

In my case it was an android phone. So I'm going to pick android then click on unlock this process will usually take five to ten minutes until you're prompted to verify. The unlocking by installing an app this verification is required because this is how the website is monetized.

So the service can be offered for free. Okay. So once you come to this screen decide an app.

From the list and make sure to install it successfully. I would suggest cyber ghost VPN, because you might find it useful later. This process might take a while, so I'm going to speed up the video when you're done with setting up the app, you will receive a free virtual message containing your sim network, unlock code. Now, we're done here, write down the unlock code to a locked device and press on unlock and that's it.

This Samsung phone is now successfully unlocked I'll enter the mobile networks' menu. So. I can show you that I'm connected, and my sim card is now useful. Okay, guys. So that's, it that's all about today's video. I hope you find it useful. And if you need any further info, please leave a comment.

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Dated : 27-Apr-2022

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