How To Upload And Share A File With Dropbox - Dropbox Tutorial

Hey, guys, welcome back to another tech guru video today, we're in Dropbox, so I'm going to be showing you guys today, how to upload a file to Dropbox. And then once you've done that how to share that file with multiple people. So Dropbox, if you do not know is a file sharing program or service, I'm, sorry, that allows you to upload files to the web or the cloud, whatever you want to call it and then share those files amongst peers workers schoolmates, whatever that may be, so I'm going to show you how to do.

That today, so the first thing obviously is you need to, you know, have a Dropbox account it's free. There is a premium version, but you can get so much storage for free. So go ahead and enter your email and give them all the information they need and go ahead and get a Dropbox account once you've done that log in to your account what we're going to want to do is once you're logged in order to upload a file to Dropbox and get it on the cloud to share with someone you'll need to go up here to where.

You see the upload tab or uploading link, right here has a blue addition symbol, and then a little blank piece of paper click on that upload button. And then it will say, choose files click on that choose files option there. And then what you'll do is you just go on your computer, and wherever you find a file that you want to use, you can just go up here and find that file. And then once you have gone ahead and click, the Open button there or upload.

And then also gives you the opportunity to add more files. If you've decided you want to add more after uploading the first one, and then once that file is uploaded, you will then see a little green check mark right there beside that file and then click done. Now as you can see here, I have that file that I just uploaded, and it's in blue there, which means I have it selected now I want to show you guys how to share a file via Dropbox. So let's say, you want to share a file with a person that you're working on a project with, but they live hundreds of miles away. How do you do that all you do is go ahead and highlight the file that you want to share it'll, turn blue or light blue. And then you go ahead and see something that says share link up.

There you'll see the little link image there right beside it click on that button there with the file that you want to share select it. And then once you do that, you'll see a few different options, come available to you, you're going to need to then type their email into the box here when it prompts you to and that's. Going to be the person that you're sharing the file with. So as you see here, it says, add names or emails and then attach a message.

So what you're going to do is you're going to go ahead and enter the email of the person that you want to share the file with then maybe a message like, hey, look at this tell me what you think. And then once you've done that, you can actually go down to where you see the blue sin, button, click on that there. And that will now share that file to them, it'll say, sent to and. Then it will give the email address as to where you sent that file to. So again, that is how you share a file via Dropbox is you just click the share the link option there and boom, it shared it. Now you can obviously download those files if someone has shared a file with you by clicking the green download file button there, you can delete files, you can rename them.

Move them around. You can even create folders, just like it would be on your computer. So we need ways guys that is how you upload a file to.

Dropbox as well as how you share it once it is uploaded, so I hope, this helped you out if it did help me out click that thumbs up button down below subscribe to my channel for more great technology content, reviews and news and I will see you guys in the next one.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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