How To Use Vuze For Mac

I love YouTube. This is Matthew double-oh-seven, double 7, and I'm here to show you a tutorial on views for the Mac users, practically like Likewise, but I think it's better faster. And it doesn't cause any viruses or anything like that.

First, you need to make sure your devices it's hooked up to iTunes. Just in case, you want to download the music or movies, whatever you download to your iPod. So you need to go to the search key and type on the album of the artist or whatever song it is. So you go to just. Say, you don't know that when go to iTunes and then just say you want to listen to all-time low, and then you want the album nothing personal.

So you type in nothing personal just let it load I'll. Just take maybe a couple seconds it'll show, right there see then the whole album pops up. So you click on nothing personal.

And then at the top of the top of the page there'll be an arrow pointing down, you click on that, and then just let it load. And then now it's for downloading for. And it shows right there. Nothing personal this because, I'm doing two, so it's going, and then I'll be right back then, okay. Now, it's, downloaded. So you go to my library. And then right, there says, all-time low nothing personal, you click Launch.

And then this is the entire album. And if you want every single song highlight, the entire thing and then click double click on it, and it goes straight to iTunes. And now the entire now it starts playing. Okay, okay. And then just say, then you do that for any album or anything. Now just say you.

Wonder downloads a movie you go to type in the movie just say, what movie just say you want stepbrothers your something happen set brothers got it loaded again, I'll be right there, double-click on it and then download it again. And then it will be now then I'll be in your library once it's done lap downloading it. It'll probably take maybe a couple of hours because, it's a size is huge because, it's a movie.

So once you find it just say you wanted to go to iTunes because, if you press launch, it doesn't go to. Itunes, it just plays the movie. Ok, you have to go to the go-to iTunes and then little over here. All your movies.

Here it'll be I'll, show step rolling down one of them it'll show all the loading process right there. And until it gets a 100% once I, guess, 100% I'll go to I'll, go back to iTunes and then go to your movies. And then you could download it back to your. Then you could download it back and that's, the tutorial for views. And thanks for watching please rate. Comment, whatever, yeah, if you want. Me to small or small as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Dated : 19-Mar-2022

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