I Destroyed The Indestructible Cube!

Yeah, we're, yeah, good job that one that's, not a john dear anymore, it's a giant fish that's, a big fish. We caught a big one caught. Big ones. Did you get there? I think it's a dare a john dear.

John when I get it out when I get this boy out of the water, oh my god. Why don't you call him deer? Oh, dear, oh, damn. Dude. Look at that. John, oh, dear, oh, you want to hear my deer call. Yeah, yeah.

All right here. Hold on ready. You're going to get all the deer on your property. I'm, ready? I'm. Ready. Hey.

Look. Look. A deer came.Oh, so dear that one's called john nice, all right? So this is our box. Yeah, now, you know where this is going straight to Preston's house. Now we take our good old tungsten, cube, and we'll just drop it. All right Preston.

You got a box coming your way, boom, where's that okay. Should I have to walk backwards like this? Uh, sure, I mean, I never told you that.

But I mean you could do that, oh is this what it is it's exactly what it is. Yeah, I just feel heavy. I have no idea, whoa, holy crap. This thing is so. Heavy is this like a bowling ball. I don't know, I just going from over here.

Yeah, we have some ball pit balls there's. No way that these are just heavy, though there's something else inside I'm, trying not to make a mess. What is this?

Whoa, wait. A second is it. The tungsten cube it is the dungeon cube bro.

Why did he send me this? Yes, what am I supposed to do with this it's like 60 pounds? Wow, Nathan I am so thankful for your tungsten cube honestly, you are the best friend I've ever had, and maybe. Will be my last best friend. Thank you for your cube that is sitting very comfortably and close to my groin . Come on freestyle. Rap let's, go, yeah.

And we . I can't believe it that was such a good video. I am so proud of everything that we did today are we done? Are we good guys, , yeah, fill your inner self right now? Oh, my goodness.

This is really brilliant it's like we're in paradise. Me I'm scared, oh . So apparently this thing can go underwater. So let's see follow. Me, wait, wait, I don't want to follow you're dropping like lava point in another direction. Oh, wait here in the wild.

Ah, cranky. Would you look at that over there? I see nothing it's great there's, nothing, though, oh it's on fire it's supposed to stay on is it. I don't know if it's supposed to stay on it's supposed to be like a waterproof kind of thing, but it just kind of what if we push you in I'll. Take you in with me, I dare you to do it. Yeah, we didn't sign anything.

Come here. Okay? What are you saying. Pull it out go catch him.

Come here, Pokmon catch that Pokmon catch that Pokmon hurry get up he's in the chair. I mean, he said, he's in his poke ball it's, his mastermind, uh. He already got caught that's. Why? Hey, the other side of the ball is open. He could get out you're.

My boy, come here. Accept me as your training I'm in my poke ball. I landed in my haystack. Did I what's this bro what's, this free merch what's this the team RAR, merchants, I'm, not a traitor? I swear, filing chapter 7, bankruptcy, oh, look at. This Lizzy, I don't want ketchup. I want mustard.

Come on sauce me up, dude, oh that's too much mustard. Yeah, you want some ketchup, , , sorry. So this dad tomato and his son was going on a walk and his son started falling behind. The dad looked at him goes catch up. I'm. Just mustard there's, no jokes.

I must third, ask you a question, all right? Jordan, here's the deal. If you can hang on this bar for 100 seconds, I will give you a hundred dollars you as well. I'll give you a hundred dollars. Hang on the bar for 100 seconds, and you get a hundred dollars.

So one dollar every second that you hang. But if you fall, you don't get anything. Yeah, honestly here let's do this a dollar for every second you hang.

So if you hang for 200 seconds, I'll, give you 200 okay, if you hang for a thousand seconds, I'll, give you a thousand dollars. Three, two one. Go, yeah. Move that cheater hasn't been 100, yet it's only been eight seconds. Ten, nine, eight, hi, how do you feel I'm tired? Already, bro, yeah, how long has it. Been 20 seconds, literally been 20 seconds, 35 seconds someone's going to make it.

You think they're going to make it we'll, see, uh, 100 seconds. So that's, a minute, 30 minutes, yeah, cool. Well, Jordan, has fallen he fell at 104. All right? You got it. You got it.

Remember? Everything you sacrificed in life to get to this point, 10, 140, no it's, five a minute. 47. Yeah. A minute.

140. Oh, you did it. Oh, so that's. 104, one minute, 44 seconds and Jordan, got one minute four seconds. I am kind of impressed.

I don't get any money. Yeah, sorry, I could never be you there. You go right there, oh,

Dated : 09-May-2022

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