Ipod Touch 5Th Gen Vs Ipod Touch 4Th Gen

So comparing the two from the front, you can see that the newer generation obviously has a bigger four-inch screen looks a bit nicer than the previous generation. They both have the home buttons, and they both have the front facing camera. The camera on the iPod touch. The newer one, the front facing camera is improved a lot and that's something else to note, probably the biggest change in the new generation iPod can be viewed on the back as you can see it's a lot taller, and it features a few new. Changes, it doesn't actually tell you how many gigabytes you can see where it does on the older generation. It has the little loop clip right here, which the previous model does not support.

It has the jack on the right side, which is a little different from the newer. The older iPod touch as the Lightning connector. It has speakers they're more like the iPhone 5, compared to that by touch 4th, generation and moving up.

You can see obviously it's more of a matte finish opposed to this really scratch bowl. Metal on the previous generation, and then we move up a little more, and you see not only does it have an LED flash, but the camera sort of protrudes out the device a little it's, not really level with any of the other device, and it looks a lot better quality, and it is, and you can see on the older generation. You just have the small camera and the mic right there.

You can see the sides of both the devices, a little nicer the newer iPod touch, which is on the left has this nice bezel on the sides. Very similar to the iPhone 5, we can show that really quickly. It does look a lot similar to the iPhone 5s cut on the side. And on the white model, it will be silver and have a silver backing. And the older iPod touch just gets more scratched up.

I don't know if it's because I've had it for more time or just a different metal, but it does look. It does not look nearly as pleasant as the newer generation moving on to the top of the device. You can see that the angle of the bevel on the iPod, touch newer.

Generation is a little more like a box. You can see if I sort of angle it compared to the older device. And that gives a nicer feel in my opinion.

And then the button on the top is smoother and sticks out more of the top opposed to this where it kind of sticks out as a slant, and it's harder to push side of both the devices. You can see that the volume buttons. Look a lot nicer on the newer generation as they're, not protruding as in a weird angle like they are on the older device. So you can see after. We loaded up the Geek bench app and turned on both devices, you can see that the newer one scores at 625 compared to the older one, which is only 392. So you can see that's a huge improvement. So now we'll be opening up a nap on both of the iPod touches.

So settings ready set go. You see it loads a little faster on the newer device. And we can try another application like try something like photos, ready set. So you see it appears a little faster on this. This did will have one photo, but it should be. Pretty much the same in that regard so that's, a quick comparison from the new iPod, touch 5th, generation and the iPod, touch 4th, generation, I would definitely recommend getting the 5th generation for the extra 100 bucks. It has a way bigger screen it's faster.

A lot faster. It looks so much, but nicer it's designed nicer more memory, and it's all together a way better device.

Dated : 06-Apr-2022

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