It Was Almost 10 Years Ago! (Dog Girl)

Revenge, the Minecraft version by captain sparkle, oh my goodness. I haven't heard that name in forever. Okay, okay. Um. Should I stay along with him? We're just saying like karaoke, creeper, oh man.

So we back in the mind gotta pick a swinging from side to side side side to side. This test the grueling one hope to find some diamonds tonight night, night, diamonds tonight heads, up, you hear a sound turn around and look up, total. Shock fills your body.

Oh, no. It's you again. I can never forget those eyes eyes eyes. Eyes eyes cause maybe tonight, the creepers trying to steal all our stuff again tonight. And the creep is tried to steal all the stuff again, just when you think you're safe over here, some missing from right behind right? Right behind and that's. Some nice life.

You have shame is going to end at this time time time time time blows up and your health. You can use the one up get inside don't, be tardy. So now you're stuck in there.

Half a heart is left, but don't die and die. Cause. Baby tonight, oh my gosh, I wish you guys need to shout and steal all this stuff again. I can't see you tonight, you grab your big shovel and bolt again and run until it's done, done until the sun comes up in the morning. Cause maybe tonight, the grief is trying to learn stuff again, let's grab the diamonds, make some armor and get a baby come forward. I'd like you to ml probe, don't make the diamonds that come at me, bro training in your room under the torchlight before I'm going to get ready for the. Big fight every single day on the whole night, it's, wow.

All right. Look at me. Look at you.

Take my revenge, that's. What I'm going to do I'm going to warn you? Possibly what else is new. Oh my gosh. I totally forgot all the wrap parts sounding like steal our stuff again tonight, you grab your sword armor and go fight like it's, the last night of your life live. So then your bite baby tonight, the creepers trying to steal all the stuff again tonight, you grab your big shovel and bolts again and run. Until it's done, done until the sun comes up in the morning cause baby tonight, the creeper is trying to steal our stuff again, oh my gosh.

Oh, no. This video made. I need to look it's been so long on iTunes 2011. It was almost 10 years ago, actually, almost 10 years ago, that's, crazy,

Dated : 11-Apr-2022

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