Jacob Elordi On Stunt Penises In Euphoria, Growing A Mullet & The Kissing Booth 3

You know, our next guest as Nate the troubled American, teen who can't seem to find his shirt from the hit show euphoria in real life, he's, a calm grown-ass, Australian man. So joke's on us. You can watch him in the third and final kissing booth movie out on Netflix. Now, please say good day to Jacob e, Lord, Jacob. Guess what this is your first talk show appearance in the flesh. Did you know that I know you knew it, but it's my first time hosting? So this is like my parents on their wedding night, the.

Blind leading the blind right, yeah, no. I'm. I'm so nervous, are you? Oh my goodness, you said, calm like calm Australian man, I was like no I'm like a nervous.

Boy, what are you nervous about? What are you nervous? Oh goodness, I think everything you'm, such a huge fan of you. I actually had a crush on you when I was younger.

I can't even what an angel. Oh, my god. Okay, I'm supposed to ask you all these questions, but my head's all a flutter. Okay. So everybody thinks you're American because you do perfect. American, thank you.

How do you do it? Well, um, you know, I think it. And then I say it, but did you learn it?

Would you like? Learn Amer American I did. I did you know, um, when I was, uh, well, all about media in Australia is American. So we have, uh, an advantage in that way. But um, when I was younger, I decided like I wanted to be an actor. And there was no way I was going to come here and not be able to do the accent, um. And I listened to a lot of Eminem.

I was uh. I was like an enormous Eminem fan. Yeah, all right. Well, uh, we drummed up a picture of you as Eminem as we can see there. He is dedicated to his crap from an early age. So this is how you learned would you, um, be able to do a few lines of lose yourself, um, possibly in bogan.

You are adorable. I'm going to be sleeping with those pictures. Stop, um, lose yourself, lose yourself. You know, I'll do it with you right? So we do the chorus.

Okay? Right? You'll be like lose yourself in the music moments better. Never let it go. Yeah. You only get one shot do not miss your.

Chance to blow opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yes, I mean, it doesn't get much better than that. So your parents though are still down in Australia, do they come with you? Oh, they're in Australia, were you down there for covid?

I was I went home for uh like six months. When it first happened, I kind of heard that la was closing down. And I was like I'm going home. You heard it because you were here, and they were like, yeah, I remember it was like doctors and everyone. And then people were dressing.

The. Country and it sounded like it was like it sounded like a movie. So you went down there, yes, and what did you? How did you express your Aussie dumb? Right? I think I, uh, I went back to my roots, um, and I always have short back and sides because of the movies and shows that I'm on. He means a haircut.

Yeah, yeah, a haircut. And I'd always wanted. Uh, I'd always wanted a mullet, uh, that was uh. And my mom, never. Let me have one because she wanted me to be like a gentleman, and she wanted you to be a gentleman. Yeah, Presentable and so, um, apparently you you you won this one, you got yourself a mullet Jacob. E, Lord.

I look where I'm from I'm from Baltimore, where lacrosse is huge. And then we call this helmet hair, uh, my girlfriend within a week, a week of us dating. She cut it off. She uh, she took me to the bathroom, and she got scissors out.

And she cut it off. She said, you're cute, but not like you're cute, but not that cute you can't carry that off. Well, apparently, though there was one young woman who was. Rather taken with your mullet, and she tweeted this, she said, and I quote, my type is so specific that I'm only attracted to Jacob e, Lord when he's full Aussie you're going to have to translate this for me buying cruisers with a mullet and a CD breather. Mo at a bottle o. Okay, no other Jacob Lord, pictured for me. What is what are cruisers?

Well, uh, it's like a's like what do you guys call like a cooler, it's like vodka and syrupy juice? Oh, like a wine called a wine cooler. Yeah.

So I had. Forgotten that I was a working actor and um, I'd been with my friends for a little too long. And so the bottle though is, uh, the liquor store, wait it's called a bottle. Oh, yeah, I'll go to the bottle though and the MOE thing that she said is insane, but uh, it's a mustache. So I had a mustache in a mullet, and I was buying, uh, oh, my god wine coolers at the bottom at the bottom. Oh, my lord well, it's a good story.

Did you enjoy being down there with your parents? I did I had it was. It was a complete. Reset like I'd been working the whole time up until then, so it was like, I know because you were working, you did let's see? What can you tell us about apparently euphoria's got a season two.

Yes, yeah. We're very excited about. I've already seen the kissing booth, two, three, sorry, two and three I saw that, but um, and it ends very satisfyingly. I have to say, don't, you think, yeah, and you're fully clothed.

Furthermore, I specifically asked, you said, can we end this where we don't actually see my nipples? Yeah, yeah. I was. Like I need to take a shower unless I'm in a swimming pool or a shower. Yeah, please let's have a reason to take our shoes, because it was getting ridiculous. I'm, always saying that that is insane, I know so no he ends it. If you haven't seen it, he ends it fully clothed.

And in euphoria, clothes are rippling, not so close, less, less, clothes, fewer clothes. What else can you tell us? Oh, man, um. Come on we're, shooting right now we've been. I was filming yesterday, I'm filming tomorrow, um, it's, uh, who's, dead, it's.

Insane, it's, just it's, insane, it's, but it's like a completely different show. I only have one question, and then we have to we have to say goodbye to you. I don't know why? But it's very sad to do they use stunt penises on that show?

Yes? What? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So Eric's penis, yeah, it's. Not his real penis, uh, it's, a stunt penis.

But when you come into the makeup trailer, they're all kind of set up, no, yeah, yeah. And they have to do the makeup artists have to do makeup on the penis to make them. Look. Many penis. Chicks like they'll get down and start checking the penis. This was nowhere on your cards. Let me tell you this is your first talk show, but let me tell you lead with.

Thank you. Jacob kissing v3 is now on Netflix, and we'll be right back with music from ash.

Dated : 07-Apr-2022

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