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Jim are you there I'm here? Okay, you are getting 2 pitch. There are five hundred and fifty people in the chat room right now there will be 25,000 people listening to this program over the next two months. The downloads have been extraordinary for this. We can start up more and more people are adding it on their iTunes. There will be a blog post written up about this. People will follow up on it later due to YouTube it'll, be super distributed.

So there is no pressure on you Jim. You have 60 seconds. You're breathing way, too much into the microphone.

Don't panic, then step back from the microphone a little. And you have, you know, the rules you have 60 seconds. And then we are going to ask the chat room to rate two things. First they're going to rate, don't, get nervous they're going to rate your pitch how well you pitched.

It 1 to 10 and then they're going to rate your idea. So I always ask the chat room to rate those two things I, ask them to put pitch colon. The number then a space that idea. Colon a number 1 to 10 are you ready in 3 2?

Go, okay, here we go very simply. Papa. Do help company increase their online conversions and boosts sales by creating social proof around their products and services. And what I mean by social proof is testimonials and compliments. So we all know how important testimonials are right. But the problem is their pain to collect their pain to manage.

And there are pains to promote, so properties decided to address these through pain points. One is we. Make it very easy for you to craft your testimonials by creating a property account. We give you a link, which you can put it all your customer touchpoints, your email signature your transactional emails on your CRM, your blog your website.

These links with your customer, one click away from giving you a testimonial. Second, we make it very easy to manage your testimonials by putting everything in the cloud. And from there, you can share view and basically leverage your testimonials much better.

And. Lastly, we make it very easy to promote your testimonials. So once you approve them at the click of a mouse, you can stream them to your website, your blog, Twitter and Facebook and much more so that's, it that's property. Okay, very good. You did it in under 60 seconds, which is great. The chat room is now going wild.

Let me take a look at the chat room everybody in the chat room should tell us what they raided, what they raided the pitch and what they rated the idea fail. You heard birth boat both what. Did you think Phil? Do you understand what the idea is? Yeah, I think the pitch.

And the idea are perfect a lot better than I expected. I expected, yeah, but we get a lot of you to show, you know, for background, there's like 20, 30 people a week who want to be on this. Yeah, I know, I.

Listen, yeah. No, yeah. No.

Great respect, you with the bad one and personally I'm a big fan of I've actually been looking at a lot of businesses in the testimonial area, I think, there's a huge amount of opportunity there for her. So, uh rate the pitch right? There, I think I mean, yeah, yeah. Yeah. No, no. The pitch out of 10, yeah, I would say the pitch was an eight or nine. Okay, mom and I think the idea I would say from what you've told me, I think the idea is probably a seven.

And I think it can go up to an eight nine or ten. If I knew more about distribution and how you plan on, you know, getting this to be big. Okay. So just to give you guys, some feedback people in chat room are giving it a seven or eight in general, and they're.

Debating right now is this a feature of a larger marketers tool set or is it an individual business? I was intrigued when I heard about this I am a little annoyed by people asking for testimonials I, get that a lot through LinkedIn that being said, I have gone on LinkedIn and written testimonials for past employees without them asking, but I think that's the point of his pitch it's, annoying its, hard. Yeah, we're just right there, and I was a box.

It was on email. And it was how let me ask a follow. How exactly does this work I ask people for them, and then you put them on your site, but how exactly does it work? So basically, it's a distributed application, it's really a platform.

You don't even have to go to property com2, give somebody a testimonial. So you put these links on either your email signature a case study with a beta customer. We did. He sent it out on his billing cycle high in his emailing said, we're using a new tool, that's helping us generate some positive comments. If you've got a.

Good experience, please share with us click the link below, and he got back a tremendous response, 40 50. And by the way we call these testimonials props, yeah, I figured that out, yes, he got back up 40 or 50 glowing review. He loved it and not only that. But its proper do profile showing up on page 2 of Google within 48 hours. So you got a link in google.

That's that's got nothing, but great things. Your customers are saying about you. And then when they go to your property profile, of course, there's a link. To his website, so he's, he thrilled when we also have one extra feature. We have a lead generation tool. So the best time to ask your customers for referrals is when they're giving you a compliment.

So when you get done giving somebody a testimonial and hit submit the system, thank you for your testimonial. And then says, when you think about this great experience who else comes to mind that might benefit from that same experience, and it could generate leads for your company as well. I think. The biggest hurdle for leaving reviews on places like Yelp and LinkedIn. And so on is that you have to have an account, and you have to find the right page, and it's like five clicks deep I. Imagine with your site, it's, just one click I'm at the login I don't have to do anything it's just right there. Well, no, it is one click.

And when you get the testimony on, you hit submit it's going to want your name and email. So we don't want anonymous testimonials. And one thing that differentiates us with the other. Testimonial companies out there is that we socialize your testimonials.

So when you're reading somebody's testimonials on their website, and it's a profit of testimonial, there's, a profile attached to it. Now some may be filled out more than others, but you can click on that testimonial and see who that person is. And instead of saying, Jim em from Denver, you can click on Jim, Mueller and see who he is who's propped him. And it socializes your testimonials. Okay. So I'm looking at the site right now.

I. Pulled up proper do / v, YL media, and it's like a little mini profile, and it's got the things I think the website design I, give the website design like a sex right now, I think, that's somewhere where you could improve. You've got a working product. So that's, great and good luck with it. I think it is interesting. Of course, the big issue is going to be, you know, people putting in reviews that are fake the same issue yelp as and reputation system, but you'll, you'll figure that out.

I think as the. People the chat room we're saying, this is one a feature set of a larger marketers' toolbox. So good luck building it out, and I think you did a good job on shark tank. Thank you.

And by the way we've got a profile, there I've been curating your props for the last couple of months property, calm forward, slash twist I know, because you keep hanging me on Twitter and I know, the brand we started pitching I was like, oh, my god. This guy is like emailed me and tweeted me like a thousand times you're, relentless. You you're somewhere between relentless entrepreneur and absolutely annoying, which is start, which is exactly where you need to be as an art I. Think that describes you exactly, exactly I'll give you prom for this you if you're is you're not annoying, some people you're, probably not doing this job, but I do. And lastly, before you go I want to offer all the twists listeners, a free full version account, because we do have a free version, but a full version featured account to all your twist fans.

If. You're following Jason and following proper do just do pound proper do in twitter and ask for a free account will give you one all right there. You go very nice well done, and we'll talk to you soon Jim. Thank you, Jason shares now.

Bye. You.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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