Jeff The Killer - Real Or Fake?

In January 2017, a man named Richard Christiansen posted this picture on his Facebook page. He claimed it was a giant winged demon. This picture for real or as Richard just showing us a palm tree on a foggy night, I've got the answer to that foggy, mystery, plus answers to some other scary photos and videos that you guys said in like this video something they called the Fresno night crawler a picture claiming his show a boy who found some whale vomit worth sixty thousand dollars this picture that. Wants you to believe this is a real creature and that doesn't, even include the big story.

This week about a human monster, they call Jeff. The killer it's going to be a real creeper of a show so don't, hey, guys pill here. You know when it comes to creepy monsters, I think Jeff. The killer is right up there at the top, but is this guy, a real person or just a figment of our imagination when she looked into the bathroom, she saw a horrendous sight Jeff had taken a knife and carved a smile into his cheek. Okay.

Okay, I know, why do you guys are already busy heading down to the comment section? Let me know that everybody in the world already knows that Jeff. The killer is just another big, fat, creepy pasta, fake, well, the only thing I have to say about that is are you sure? I mean, if everyone already knows he's, fake, then why do so many people keep writing in and asking me to investigate, and why do new signings of Jeff pop up every day?

What do you say we make this video, the video to nail Jeff to the wall once and? For all that way when YouTubers write to me in the future and ask about Jeff because they're, not sure if we can just point them to this video. And in a way we kind of, you know, paid it forward.

We helped out our fellow YouTubers get my drift you with me all right let's. Do it as it turns out there are a lot of versions of the Jeff story out there. But the most common one kind of goes like this Jeffrey woods, a kind-hearted young boy moves to a new neighborhood with his family and gets into a nasty war. With some local boys, the struggle ends up costing Jeffrey his sanity, and he becomes a serial killer known as Jeff the killer now on the surface, I mean, that seems kind of plausible because you know, that's something you could just see on the news just about any time these days. But on the other hand, there's, never any specific information linked to these stories like what town was Jeffrey born in and exactly what new neighborhood did.

He moves to or even the name of the school. He went too now to be. Honest, you know, I have to agree with most you guys out there that Jeff was just cooked up on the Internet and somehow made it up to urban legend status, but here's the question, I mean, how do we find the evidence The Smoking Gun that will, and I want you to say with me, this time nail this one to the wall once and for all well, you know what there just might be a way because during our investigation, we uncovered the fact that all these people doing all these stories about Jeff have never, actually. Checked the public record, I mean, we've got his real name right? So all we really have to do is just a simple background, check and see what turns up if Jeff really did kill a bunch of people. You think he might just have a real bit of a police record don't, you think, and if not that then I'm, pretty sure there would be a wanted poster out there somewhere, but some problems you can't get quick answers to no matter how much you want them use doing a background.

Check turns out to be really easy for. About 20 US dollars, we were able to examine every public database out there. And thanks to that small investment I was able to come up with this the official answer. Now, if you watch this show, you know, not even Jeff himself could scare me into opening up this before you open up that. Okay. Now when I say, go, what I want you to do is yell out as loud as you can either real or fake.

Now, if you can't do that it's, okay to pause, the video go to the comment section leave your answer down there and then come. Back here and play the rest of the video. A third way to go is just a vote right up here. You ready and go. Okay.

Did you vote good? Because in just a few seconds we're going to be opening the old official envelope right here and getting the ultimate judgment on Jeff. But before we do that I've got a couple other scary submissions to take a look at first up, is this video of what claims to show a mysterious creature known as the Fresno nightclub.

The video was sent in by dozens of people, including. Leonel, Jimenez, John, mattresses and monkey Dee Ricky. It was recorded by a homeowner's security camera in Fresno California and shows.

Well, this guy's this video deserves an entire show to its own, but there's a little problem with it. And why I haven't done it as a big story. And that is that this one is officially on despite the heavy hitting research of sci-fi channels fact or faked show and an excellent recreation by the para breakdown Channel pointed out to us by shearing cloud, 236, no one has. Ever been able to debunk this video with any solid evidence are they aliens ghosts puppets on a wire? Nobody knows our next picture claims to show a young boy with a chunk of whale barf that's. What I said whale vomit for which the boy was supposedly paid almost sixty thousand dollars. The picture was sent in by Johnny vine who wrote a bill.

This is a joke picture right? Johnny. That's got to be just about good. Faith is story I've ever heard. I mean, go on seriously whale barf, 60k, I, don't think.

So this. One's like right up there with that story about the kid who supposedly spent forty thousand dollars and power-ups in a mobile game with his grandfather's credit card, I mean, all the wait a minute that one turned out to be true check this real quick. Oh, it is real. Thanks to Facebook reader, Arnaud Tyson. We now have a link to a newspaper article that confirms eight-year-old Charlie Naismith of England found a rare chunk of ambergris made from sperm whale vomit. The reason it is so valuable is because.

It's, very rare, I've actually used in the manufacturer of perfume. I mean, can you imagine? Oh yes, no, hmm. Oh, you smell.

So good tonight are you wearing that? Well bar perfume that I like so much mm-hmm. Our last picture today comes from Oreos 29 1 0-0. It shows this monstrous looking creature Oreo, wrote I feel like I've seen part of this before, but is it real Oreos I think the only place you're going to see something like that is in a Star Wars movie or in your dream.

So let's hope, it's, not in your dreams. Because that is a pretty scary-looking creature. So let's see what we got here how'd.

You guys, are we talking at BFF as in big fat, fake or SFF as in so alright? Well let's find out, and it's I thought, real the first one on Facebook to nail this. One was Jose Maria Perez identified it as a star-nosed mole, according to Facebook's effort, sleuth, Isaac Sis son. It can be found in the lo wetland areas of North America and uses that ugly face as a touch receptor.

It gets its name from the 22 appendages. Or feelers that surround its nose. Each feeler is covered with thousands of sensory receptors called I MERS organs that make the star one of the most ultra sensitive organs of any in the animal kingdom. Okay, now that we got all that out of the way. What do you say we get back to the big story here and find out what the official judgment is on Jeff, the killer, and I am glad to finally get this done whew, this guy's like doing things to me? Anyway, here we go the serial killer known as Jeff.

The killer. Has been investigated with the help of advanced background, check technology and based on what was found in the public record. We have a final determination that we feel is 100% accurate. And that determination is they nailed to the wall once and for all, and it's. None, too soon.

If you ask me, but hey, if you're thinking about flicking away, right now, I wouldn't do that I still gotta give you the answer to that creepy photo, remember that one, and also I think you're going to be really surprised to find out. Where the origin of Jeff, the killer came from listen to this as it turns out our examination of public records revealed, there were only a handful of Jeffrey woods on the record, and none of them had any criminal complaints or records, linking them to anything that would suggest they were even near serial killers Jeff. The killer really got started by a guy on a website called New grounds on August 10th 2008. He calls himself a killer job and described his creation as a Bloody Mary type game where you.

Go into a closet and call out Jeff's name in his post. He wrote close your eyes and call out the name, Jeff he'll appear by putting his face right up to you and proceed to yell and try to chant harm at you to make him stop is to stand there and complement him not doing so will result in a nightmarish field trip from these humble beginnings. The story of Jeff was picked up by other people, expanded and rewritten until it became what it is today. Jeff. The killer written by Kay, Benning, Callum, narrated.

By Steve gray, I'm, not sure where the plans are in terms of making a motion picture out of this story. But the good news is you and I have one less serial killer. Okay?

Well, that's, all the time I have for this video I'm going to be giving you the answer to that weird picture just a second. But first I want to send out a big. Thank you to all. You people send in all those crazy photos and videos that you send in every week and a big special. Thanks to all the people out there who helped me solve these.

Little mysteries and hey, don't, forget, if you've got a picture or video, and you're, not quite sure whether it's real or not send it in to me at bill's channel at and off take a look, please don't, leave links or suggestions in the comment section because you know, the only thing that's going to do is cause me to bleach my face, white and run around on the streets like Jeffery woods screaming, you're, driving me. Crazy, see you next time now about that picture claiming to show a giant winged. Demon, senior researcher, Holmes, Andres and I were able to pinpoint where the picture was taken with the help of Google Earth. We were pretty certain. We would find a palm tree there, but came up empty-handed, meaning. This picture at least for now has to remain on you.

Dated : 06-Apr-2022

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