Lasercorn's New Minecraft Empire!

Black fools, no one puts laser Cohen on trial. Oh, hey, hey, what are you guys doing? Oh, hey, what's up. Buddy, hey, hey, yeah, we decided we're going to play some Minecraft is that oh is that cool with you because? We're?

Wow, you look like one of those things I'm supposed to hit with my stick. Ah, no. That would be a bad idea. He does look like a creeper so that's. She're learning very well. In fact, you should hit him at least once, hey, no, one hits Kane I, don't know, you just seem to have a sword, whereas I only.

Have I built a source I had to eat most of my supplies on the long journey here from the other place that was great, huh? Oh, I. Can't.

Your legal reasons, talk about that, but what's to say it was a place. And some stuff happened that does sound like an adventure. Yes, running away from someone no not exactly. Hey, you guys want to be citizens of the new country I'm forming that for the legal reasons is called corn land. EEE, oh, yeah. It sounds like that TV show is that sure with legally that's we're, clear.

Cornucopia better, oh, wow. Cornucopia. That does sound good more like my idea. Yeah, my right house.

I just realized I think I'm breaking down your house. Yeah, it's. Okay. Yeah. I only built this house because I've wanted to put have a place for a bit. Oh, you have a bed already you give my bed back. Did you steal his bed?

Okay, I am that's hilarious. Yeah, but I've. Locked you in to Thunder dome, you know, but that button. Thank you.

Hey, I'm, really, not trying that after you, you would just relax, I'd, build you a door. Out of here, do you have a pickaxe or that's? Okay, guys I got it. Yeah, I get out I. Think I'm crafty knows about it get away from my wallet. The heck yeah, stop breaking.

Go. Pretty without but I needed a door. There. Haha. This bed is useful. You took my bed again, first you killed Amy.

Yeah. She shouldn't be stealing things also, I, didn't mean to kill her I actually died so fast. You really didn't kill me. No I. Did it meant to intimidate you into giving me my things? Oh, my god, I'm like going to cry right now it's.

Funny because, it seems like something you would definitely do I just meant to I just meant to scare you. And you just hit me too hard. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You know, I'm like Ricky, Ricardo, I, don't, hold back because he just beats women. Yeah, good because. Lucy's always got some explaining to do.

You know, oh, yeah. So Hank for the crime of murder now sentence you to death, you know, not my bed I need to sleep in it die. Bring it? Oh, he's. Fighting back I, don't, even think I can fight back. You can fight back with that. Pickaxe, ah, die.

I. Quit see you've died. Do you respond at your head? Yeah, sure he did, and I picked all my stuff back up. So I really learned, no lesson good, stay out of it.

Yeah, why am I even coming back? You've done nothing, but hurt me on the other side of what over here, wait you're building a separate house. Yeah, no, wait come hang out though, but he killed me.

I don't, really trust him. Yeah, he's pretty untrustworthy I, wouldn't say that you've never played Minecraft laser corn. You know how to laughable.

That statement is statements, not laughable exocrine, suggesting that anyone is untrustworthy certain people are untrusted. I. Am the most trustworthy Minecraft player? Are you sure I feel like just left to me? Did you cast some buttons for no reason? Huh?

I picked up some. Yeah, you taught me how to you told me, right, click, and I'm. A dad I made a nice little shack. Guys, who's got some windows, I think, I, hear a monster Amy. What are your coordinates?

What? But I hear somebody that's growling, I need coordinates. Look at me, I can't, see you, oh I. See you now I'm jumping I, see, yes, yes. I. See you those things are those things growling? Oh, no that sounds like a zombie, so I'm forming a new country.

And what we normally do in these situations is, we find a town, and we peacefully relocate the citizens, and we take away we're right next to a town. Yeah, there's. One, over there. You want to do that.

Yeah, well - I do need. Some stone aim bot are you ain't? But I'm crafting?

Oh, wow. They made the boats way faster -, but where. Are you crafting I'm jumping across the river, where are you I was going to give you a boat you're just gonna, oh yeah? I. See you, yeah. Do you want a boat?

Look at how fast I'm going I? Need no boat. Oh, are you serious again? You sure you don't need a boat? Are you guys fighting back?

I will hold a trial. I can swim circles around you and smack you with my sword. Don't. Oh, my god, great I'm, like a great way don't touch me. Ah, hang out trust me, I'm. Weak already.

If you hit me again, I'll die, hey, Amy. Yeah. Don't hit her again, or I'll kill you again, just take this one then I'll go get it? Yeah, really take, oh, yeah. Your fire is so shallow I really want to smack click on the boat. Yes, no she's, looking like so snackable, right?

Hey, hey, get in the boat right? Right-Click it right? Like right?

Look. Look, you idiot, oh I'm so fast. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. No master probably see we're probably going to have to take shelter in one of these houses till the night ends. Hello. Look at all these crops, yeah, drops over here.

Oh. Yeah, I'm harvesting their crops. Harvest seven harvesting hard. Nobody told me how to get out of the boat should be like control.

Yeah, I got some weak. It should be the sneak peek, trash, , oh, okay. B root. B. Oh, yeah. It's chef root.

Amy. Do you need food? No, a full health? Oh, you have full help. Yeah, I thought you said, you were I didn't want him to kill me.

Oh, okay. Wow, your sword. Did so much damage I am multiple speakers.

Yeah, there's, lots of creepers over here, kill the creepers. What we did it once down.Wow, all right there down are people inside this house. Yeah, oh, my god, they're like Squidward's. They have these funny noses, go say, hi to him, I'm in them. Ah, oh, Jesus. I thought that was you being addressed with zombies guys, make sure you replant? What you harvest, ooh, are they going?

Huh? Yeah. Yeah. Those are villagers are they nice haha? They are, but they're in our homes, they're evil. Men.

They will hurt you and your family wait. So if we hit them is it bad, no they're for warden. Bad is a. Relative term, I mean, is it wrong to steal a loaf of bread to feed your family?

Yeah, how about an Xbox One to play games with your family? You see how it's a slippery slope? What please help me your highest are you in the water. I fell down the well, I mean, hello, and I can't get up he's chap to Noel just break this wall. Wait my stick is too weak.

Oh sorry, Wow broke out, literally exactly slung them. How dare you force her down a well? How dare you? Yeah, evil, villagers, train to con you they're so evil.

Oh, wow, oh, did you see I think one of them hit me that must have been what I don't guy I felt out in the will how dare you force her down that well. And so the evil villagers were vanquished. And the town of Cortland did was founded by manifest there's a zombie in the house.

Oh, oh, hi. Yeah. You got killed. Yeah, you got yep that's. What we call getting Mere.

Yeah, yeah, trying to bring back hurt - guys. Hey. So, thank you there's. One villain, I'm, getting Mere there's, one villager wandering.

He didn't get the. Murder, oh, wait, oh, I didn't, see that? Yeah, the Mere you sure did get dropped off. Oh, there's.

A creeper near my house, don't, love. It is a little blow your house up Links. Now, I, remember why? I stopped playing Minecraft because it was too awesome.

Hey, oh god. Ah, . We almost died. Yeah.

The skeletons on the server are like amped up. Yeah, what's up. you so much damage. Okay, oh they're already shooting me again, just trying to pick up my stuff.

I'll stab. You , don't think I won't, be Saving. You right. Now, you're dead, that's, its skeletons, oh, wow. They're doing so much damage.

I'm going to die again, Oh spider outside my door, . This game be so bad at this. Huh? Yeah. Act up.

Man, I, don't, have anything anthem we're on we're on Minecraft realms, it's up. Why did you do this? You knew this was my first time. Why I swear?

Why did you set it to 11? You know what we do put it up to 11 exactly pigs here? We're all dying?

Well, yeah, but we if we could get back, we can grab our stuff and get, oh I'm getting skeletons. This. Is what happens when you kill innocent villagers because this is our karma, oh man, eating the raw chicken made me, sick, I thought only zombie flesh made you say, yeah, yeah, the server's amped up to 11 these count to 11 I know, how is that guy not dying?

Oh, he's, a . Wizard here, really, yeah. That sucks wait is that you over there? Naked, yeah, I'm going to eat some potatoes. Eat me. Raw, potatoes, I'm going to kill this wizard he's just chilling.

Why would I cook them they're delicious? Oh, wait. Yeah. This guy I.

Thought was a wizard is I mean, die. Evil. Wizard beyond I get the weird feeling that that thing. Wasn't, always if I've vanquished. The wizard I don't, really believe me, but alright, the WWE.

The www-why is easy, ERD. Any puking I'll, take all of it. Yeah. Give it to me. Yeah, . It's.

Realistic I've, seen this scene before this nice, oh, wait just made me. Turn on sticky. Are you twerking? I was only having a trigger? Oh, we should hold the pole. I bet you vegetarians.

Now, well, potatoes are the most efficient. Food source so yes for now we are vegetarians. But the important thing guys are we have peacefully taken this town, well, another wizard stops running. Why is the zombie on fire knows Oh. Another one get the wizard leave one alive. Why?

For interrogation purposes I think you've killed all of them all the and I should be. There should be a statue erected in my honor erected pinky loves erections idea. Anyway, the significant thing is, we've created the city of corn land, EEE.

And yeah, we have a good little. Start to our town, yeah, I, can't sleep day one. And we've already built a town Rome wasn't built in a day, but corn land, I assure was, and its show sanded. Yeah, hey, everyone. Thanks for watching. If you like that, why not check out our super chubby, bunny man, challenge, it's, got marshmallows or click on the right to check out the video YouTube thinks is best for you.

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Dated : 05-Apr-2022

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