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I'm sure, quite a few of you out there are already pretty sweaty at fantasy start online, too and probably don't need someone to tell you how to keep your character maximized for its damage. So this video is for those beginners maybe are a little unfamiliar with maximizing damage in pso2. So first things first make sure you've got a build make sure you got your subclass access unlocked and equip, a subclass I can't stress. This enough I don't really care. If you just want to play one class, a. Subclass will only benefit your main class, and it will actually increase your stats, and you want the better stats right so don't even have to really worry about. It just has a build set have your subclass equipped.

You can see here it affects your stats, pretty dramatically. And consider that my levels are pretty high. These are quite a few stats. You don't want to turn your nodes up here.

So definitely just at least equip, your subclass it's going to boost your stats dramatically next up we'll go over. Builds I'm, not going to have any builds in this video, but you should seek out and make sure you have a build for your class and subclass as this is going to increase your attack power, even further, and it's, even going to give you better defenses and other things, such as for hunters auto mate half, which basically means that if I get into a little of danger, my character will automatically use a MANA mate or a try mate, whatever. And it will top up my health. So you certainly want to have these.

Builds it'll even give you extra skills that you can use that will increase your damage even further. Now, not only do you want to do this for your main class. You want to do it for your subclass as well as this is going to squeeze out even more attack and defense or your character, and it's going to give you a few extra skills on top of that.

Now the people over at arc, Slayer have put together a bunch of different skill tree builds that you can imitate and copy just make sure in the top rubber it. Says options there, you do set it to English as this will basically set it to the English current skill trees. We have because we don't have all the skills, but certainly check these out. They will help you and there's quite a few builds for all the different classes. I've linked that below in the description.

So do check that out just reminder as well is that you can't regularly clear or reset your skill tree. You have to wait until Sager issues and all skill tree, reset pass. So make sure you get it. Right and this is why I recommend using a build like these. These are tried-and-true builds that people have been using for quite a long time. The next thing that some people even struggle on is making sure you equip the best gear.

Now don't take my load out as the absolute best. This is just what I'm using at the time you will notice as well that you can go for the highest of star count make sure you match up what the required power is for your character class and try to match up with your value. Your start you currently got and then go for it, the best power you can find and some of the best of fixes as well, you can click on the third tab and see what stats are going to add by the roots of fixes all those all mounts they're called in the West. Basically, you want to be adding more to your actual attack power. And this weapon here is 1158, so it's, adding that to my total attack power to get up to 2201. Now, obviously different weapons will have different stat increases and decreases. But just.

Keep on top of your gear and make sure that the best in slot, if you can next up, we've got units, these are more or less your armor for pso2. And some of these even have set values, try to farm out a set with the same name as at the moment, I still need a few pieces for this bristle set to be able to increase and get better attack values out of it. But you can see it is it going to equip me with more defenses, and you also need to match up again with what your current stat is and try to find the best of. What you can equip at the time again, this also has augments - pretty straightforward stuff.

So if you do have trouble finding any drops, maybe they're, not dropping for you. You can always go to player stores for most items search by weapons. Then going to the subcategory for the weapon type and I would probably go white every time because most of the enemies in the game are white unless you want to set up multiple different elements. But you can just search here. You can set up that different rarity.

Based on possibly what you're kind of going for at the moment, and you can even increase the amount of augments to get a minimum of maybe three or four, just to make sure that you're kind of covered for extra stats. And then all you have to do is toggle equip only. And you can see which ones might be best for you at the time. These are all pretty expensive at the moment, but just try to get an idea of possibly what's best for you. And you might even find one that's actually listed for quite a lot. Less than others as you can see at the top.

There was one here. There was only 300,000, you can also pay attention to see how much attack increase there will be on the weapon. And you can take note of if you've got the same weapon, and it's being ground out to a higher level. These are plus 35s. You can see how much that will attack will actually get to the same works for units. You can always a search for units on the player stores as well. If you have trouble finding them out in the wild, it really.

Depends on if you've got the money for it, and you are willing to spend money on this gear at the end of the day it's really up to you if you want to spend money, or you just want to keep farming it like I said before you can check to see if the current set of those units, you've got will have an actual set bonus. If you go into your character, information, then equipment, then set effect information. It will show you if you currently have active set bonuses, unfortunately, for me, I have two of one set. And one of another, so I'm, not getting the full benefit out of this gear. Currently, it's, just one of those things if I was to have a full set I would get the bonus and I can show you what the bonus will be here. If I go to that unit, I, select it and go to confirm set effect.

And if I did have that set and match them up, it will show them in yellow it'll show what the extra bonus stats I would get. And again, these are pretty good stats. You wouldn't want to Tony nose up on this. Because more stats are. Always better than no stats right? So you can also use the item scientists do here, and I think Monica's the other one.

This is in the shopping plaza. You can use these NPC vendors to actually grind out your weapons. You can see up a spear or a bozo +5, and I've also got some other ones at the ground as well grinding will increase your damage, even further I have already done a video on this. So I won't cover it in this one. But do check up in the top right the little eye button press that you can see. The video if you want to learn more.

So the next thing you want to be checking is to make sure that your photon arts or your text at the highest level you can possibly equip at the time. They will rely on your stat points to be able to reach that threshold at the moment on North America. Our maximum is level 10. But eventually we'll get to a maximum of I believe a level 17.

So try to see if you could find the upgrade disk for these. And even if you don't have the disks, maybe try to get a full set if. You can and then from there, what you want to do is make sure that you're equipping the best PAS and text you can at a time with the most damage, or at least the ones that are the meta of the current gameplay. If you're still not doing the best damage.

Well, possibly see what the weakest links are and try to upgrade all of those gap, photon arts. And text, just to make sure that you always have the best possible damage. You can get with all of those abilities.

You will always have the appropriate text. And. Disks drop based on your class and weapon usage, but you can always actually check them in the player shops again by searching for discs and then going for the specific discs that you're after.

And you can see that most of these are going to be selling on the shop for pretty cheap, except for a handful of them. So you can always get some pretty quick upgrades just by checking player stores. And you won't really be spending a lot. You can also check if you go to Rebecca the quest counter and then go.

Into any quest in the game, you can actually choose it choose the difficulty and then go down a quest log. And you can see what items are dropping there in what frequency. So if I go to the fourth or fifth page I'll, start to see what discs are dropping in this specific place that I've decided. So if you're trying to figure out which ones that you need to upgrade, you can always use this method to Zone in on one of those discs that you definitely need or baby weapons or units. And then just go and run.

That quest and try to kill the boss, try to break as many parts on it. You can and then hopefully fingers crossed. And you may get that to drop next we're going to go over rings. You actually have to ring slots are left and a right ring that you can equip, and I feel like a lot of people don't pay attention to this, or they maybe assume that they are a very endgame thing when you can get these pretty early on.

All you need to do is go to franker caf, then go to the jewelry counter by trading and. Gathering materials and a bit of peseta. You can purchase rings, these are more or less specific to most classes.

Some have some overlaps some do not. But if you read the text on these on the second and third page, it will explain what that ring does some are better than others at the end of the day more than it will come down to what you prefer as some might say that twin machine-gun stands up is best, but possibly I prefer forward stylish role so definitely play around with them get the ones for your. Class and see which one works for you. Now, there are ones on the right ring. These do have very specific class matchups.

They need so just don't go and buy something because it sounds cool. It may actually not be equitable by your class and always read what the skill does, especially before you go out and waste some of your farm materials. Possibly you've gone and spent on this one ring, you actually required another one, which needed the exact same materials. So always do your research before you just. Go and buy something on a whim, mags are super important as well.

These will add quite a bit to your attack power. And in some cases, they'll give you even more stats. So I've got all four here at 200 I've got a dexterity. Once I've got a range.

Once I've got tech, and I've also got Nell a. So each of these will give you 200 points in that start except for dexterity. But you can see here I'm getting a 200 point bonus for melee range or tech. And then dexterity is an outlier you specifically want these for.

Braver and bouncer and never take anything else. But basically the way it works is that braver will convert 200 DEX points, and I'll actually change that over to 200 points in MLA and 200 points in range. Bouncer will do similarly except it's going to change 200 points index to 200 points in LA and 300 points in tech. So it'll be kind of ridiculous to turn your nose up at that, regardless of if you only use one weapon, you're always going to have that stat.

You need plus an extra 300 in another stat. You may think a good idea is the split stats, such as having a 100 MLA and a 100 DEX mag. But let me tell you it is never worth that the amount of weapons in the game that require DEX for a non DEX character, class they're, just too few of them who ever considered doing a split mag. Unless there is a very very very specific build for it.

If you're a member of a No, you can get a buff that will increase your damage by up to 20%. If you go to receive photonic effect, and you choose attack up if it is up to. Rank 8, you can get a maximum of 20, but obviously you'll get lower of a bonus. The lowest of the actual level of that attack. A buff is the tree has two best buffs that you can decide from that is the experienced one and also the attack one so always bug, your Alliance leader to make sure they're upgrading those two first before anything else as there is more benefit to these two buffs, compared to any other boss, the tree offers the other ones are very situational. And then before we do run into a.

Quest always make sure you go to the medical terminal and select shifter drink EX. You don't need premium for this buff, and it will give you a large buff up on your attack power. If you do have premium, it is definitely still worth using this. Even though it is in the premium buff as it is going to give you some special bonus effects, such as photon blast acceleration and there's, even a premium experience buff that is worthwhile - you can see here that with all these buffs. It has increased my melee. Attack power to 2644 over here. So that's with those two buffs I've just put on.

We've used the attack drink up L. And also the tree buff level 8. And you can see here, 2644 that's quite an increase in buff damage. We also have another way we can do this notice will shift into band. Even if you are not a caster, you can still buy these shifter essences from the consumable stores. And this is going to further increase your stats. It lasts for one minute.

And you can see here, I've gone up to two thousand. Nine hundred and eight in mine la power, which is pretty, pretty good that's. Three hundred extra bonuses, Melt power. Why would you turn that down?

The good thing about these attack box is that they will always apply to your characters actual main attack stat. So if I'm playing a caster it's gonna buff my tech, or if I'm a range card it's going to increase my range damage. The best thing is that all of these steps can be applied at any level of game. These are just best practices. You can apply to ensure that. Your putting out the best damage you can be based on your ability in the game with these steps, if you were in my party, you will be doing right by me and I would have nothing to complain about.

Now, if you want to increase your speed out on the field, I did put a video out a few days ago on those movement based pas and also tag. So check that out otherwise I'll catch on the next one have a good one bye.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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