Making A Center Support For My Bed - The Last Thing!

Hey, what's up guys JB here in this video I'm going to be completing the very last stage of my bed making now, if you haven't seen any of my bed making videos yet, then, uh, wait to the end of this video or skip to the end of this video, and I'll put some links in there. So you can go check it out. I've made the headboard. I've made the bed.

And I've also finished it in a nice white weathered paint. Now, the bed doesn't, move, it doesn't, bounce. It doesn't creak or anything, but it's a rather large bed, it's. Pretty much two meters by two meters, and you've only got the four legs on the outside. So I thought, you know what just to be safe I'm going to put a leg in the middle. I have also decided to screw all the slats down. Now, originally, I only did four slats, um on the whole bed and four in the middle of each of those four giving me a total of 16.

But there is a little of movement when I take the mattress on and off, they do move a little, not a huge amount it's, not a massive issue. But I just. Thought, you know what this is the final time I have to take that huge mattress off I'm going to put the leg on and let's, just screw all the slats down, and then we're done for sure come on let's get in the garage and get it cut do so so do so so here it is here's, my center leg support. And as you can see, I've put a rather large notch in it there, and that will go right underneath or the center rail will go right in the middle of that somewhere about here. So I was thinking initially, I could. Just literally drop the center along to there, but I think what I might do is stick a bolt all the way through just to really make sure there's, no movement with this as well right?

Let's, get all these slats off. So with all the slats off, we can just take out this center rail, just like that and let's just have a look to see how well this is going to fit there. We go look at that pretty good that that fits really nicely and give the center of the bed, a nice extra bit of support right, let's, put a. Hole in this for the bowl I'm using a m8 coach bolt again, just like I used on the headboard I'll just measure the middle of this rail. So that's, 2010, so it's going to be one meter and five right about there. So there we go job done.

I drilled and countersunk all the holes in the ends of the slats. And also in the middle all the holes in these slats are now drilled. And what I've also done is marked on the side of the bed, exactly where each slat needs to be. So I've spaced that out equally so let's. Go ahead and screw them down I'm going to be using these 550 screws it's, what I used for the other four, they seem to be pretty good, and I'm using a slightly smaller drill to pilot them into the supports rather than using a five mil in the slot.

I wanted a five million slaps. So it gives the screw a little of room to spin around, but then it will pull nice and tightly into the bed. And then we've just got the final slot that was already in the bed boom. So that is it job done all the slats are. Screwed down, I've got a center leg for extra support, and that is solid. So just remember when you're making a bed like this, every step that you take could be your biggest mistake, it may bend, or it may break, but that's the risk that you take well. Thanks for watching this video guys, if you haven't seen the other bed videos, then go ahead and check those out right now.

Don't, forget to subscribe like and share that'll be fantastic. Nice. One guys, it's, definitely time for lunch. Now I see you on the next.


Dated : 06-Apr-2022

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