Match Highlights | Premier League: Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-2 Crystal Palace

Swings a boot at it. Now wolves might be able to counter brilliant from schlep to win it back just bounces potency off the ball drives at the edge of the box, still going what a run, and he's pretty wide that would have been an absolutely sensational goal by Jeffrey schlep who wants a corner, but he won't get one did brilliantly to win it back for palace. And then drove through that walls defense like a hot knife through butter. The shot wants to drill this early, oh, it's, a lovely pass with Zara into. The pedal chair website in it that's.

He going to be put into the nearby, not center, it's, a scramble, and he's seen softly, but has put it over the line, brilliant move by palace who lead at milieux. It was a lovely ball by Gallagher. And somehow he managed to get the cross in and machete at the near post that two goes at it. The first denied by tsar and then mat eta scrambling across the goal line, bringing it in wolves Neal punished. One here's slip running at the edge of the boss goes past.

Two goes down. Under a challenge it's, a penalty, the crystal palace Tillman up ending slip, the referee, Andy medley, he's pointed straight to the penalty spot palace can double their lead Zara against SAR up. He comes, and he scores cargo's the right way. But it's verbally struck no mistake. This time from Wilfred Sahara who ambles over to those palace supporters who are in dreamland.

It has been one of the best 35 minutes of football from crystal palace. This season they have a vice-like control of this game. With another 12 minutes to go in the first half wolves, Neil palace, two, and it's Wilfred Sahara from 12 yards, Elise. The target beautifully brought under control by lyse from the long ball running at the edge of the walls' penalty area. Marcel with him Gallagher on the outside lyse moves infield now he's into the penalty here wants to get an honest face, what a shot what a save by on the that he's thoroughly deserved.

They won two-nil. The boos are muted around us. They appreciate perhaps the effort. From wolves in the second half, but it was a solid controlled. Second, 45 minutes from palace.

Dated : 26-Mar-2022

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