My Urban Bugout Bag 2020!

What's going on guys, checking out my urban bug out bag today. Over the years, I've done lots of bugs out bag videos and had lots of changes and things like that. And this is my newest version and there's. A few reasons why it looks different from my older versions is that I guess the stage of what's going on with the world right now I feel like you need to be light, fast mobile. And you know, the big, um bag that you know, you're, not going back home ever again, is a little hard in an urban environment. Especially looking tactical and things like that more lightweight, more, you know, looking to scavenge and be resourceful is kind of what I'm going for in urban environment. So anyhow, the bag is in ever goods.

I think it's called a mountain something maybe I can't. Remember, um. I don't really love the bag because, uh, you know, I bought it because it's on sale for like a perfect deal. But uh, I don't really love.

It that's. Why this bag because it looks kind of plain, and it's, not one of my favorite bags. So. I don't mind having it packed and just sitting somewhere it's comfortable and all that kind of stuff, but it's, just not something I have to worry about if you get them saying like using like it's, sitting there, and I'm, not using it. So you can see there, it's like a. I've got a waist belt and all this sort of things so lets kind of go through each one of the pockets and items. Um, we'll start down here. There are some pockets on the outside of the waist strap that I like, because you can easily.

Access these items, I got a compass whistle, an uh strobe. This is a mini IR infrared strobe. I use it in conjunction with my night vision.

So people can't see it, but I can't with night vision on. So I can give it to my family. I can mark a location.

This is something we use in the military. The know, like a friend or fellow, identifier, marking location things like that and works with night vision. So it can't be seen to the human eye. So if I'm using my night vision, I can mark locations put my family.

Somewhere be able to return to them and things like that we'll go overnight vision later on. So in the other pocket, I've got a weatherman wave on a belt clip. So I can throw it on my belt.

So I'm, not keeping everything in my bag. You always want to distribute your kit. Once you get strong situation, a pilot key, you all know, the importance of that gaining water in an urban environment.

So in that pocket here up top here in this little front pocket here, I got a poncho orange, you know, obviously tons. Of uses for that cordage, some para cord some bank line that cords can be broken and make more cordage a GPS. And it has downloaded maps on there, a solar charger.

I can use this with my uh like black scout flashlight to charge it. Um, the BSS tag v4. I can charge my cell phone and things like that. These are called, uh, kit, which is, you know, you can, you know, poop clean yourself with and a bunch of batteries here. So those are some kind of quick access things that I might use GPS. Obviously, you have to.

You know, take a dump poncho cover my gear, mark something and cordage, obviously so moving on to the side pocket here, obviously, these are all the items. I want to access pretty quickly. I have a big old candy bar, 33 round, got magazine. So I can run with my EDC pistol. And so I got extra a reload there right, and it's in my bag, 33 rounds. I don't have to worry about it in this kit.

I have a small breakaway kit. Survival kit has a survival tent in here. Survival saw a headlamp a water filter straw. Another. Emergency blanket desert, tan, uh, fire, starting stuff compass.

You know, the whole survival kit. So everything you think in a survival kit all of this back. So I can break it away from the kit.

Cordage saws, all this sort of things, and I can have this as a standalone kit. So I don't have to have with the bag. Let's, go ahead and open up the main compartments looking at the front here. This is the medical portion.

So I got the black scout. Eye fact, there is a cat tourniquet, the black scout shears that's. My. Medical components, my trauma components up here.

I've got a black scout medical tent here. I've got a cl, a cleansing wipe. And I got a sharpie marker here. So I can write things down stuff like that right on walls. What have you in this bag?

This is just a storage bag collection bag. So I can put more stuff in there. As I scavenge got a couple n95 dust masks there or respirators. They should come a bunch of different foods from nutrient. Uh, it's called a nutrient, which is, which is a're like a. Survival food company, but all of them have a lot of protein versus most of them are carbs.

So I have tons of these foods in here, soups rice and beans protein shakes all this sort of things. The thing I got in this bag here, some a chem light, a fire steel, a lock pick set and another escaping evasion kit. You know, always wear one on my belt, the black scout concealment belt, because you know we have the pockets with the stuff hidden.

So this is actually extra set in case you need to break it up or what. Have you better to have the knot, it doesn't weigh anything so that's in that bag, like I said, this is like a SSE bag. I have the black scout titanium mug.

So a little cup I can cook with, you know, things like that boil with I have, uh, the folding spork in here. I have our little stove kit. We used to sell. And so we got some fire starter there. I got the stove, and I've got an uh, a lighter. So that way I've actually got two lighters in here. So I got two lighters, the stove and all that kind of stuff.

So. This is like my cook kit eat kit. Um to use with my nutrient survival foods and uh, like my rice and beans and all that sort of thing, and it's, lightweight that's.

Why I have it in here right? And if I need to boil water or anything like that, which I shouldn't have to I can so the next thing I have is my filter. So this actually hook onto my Neogene, which I have down here, and I can pump water and things like that.

And this is a vessel too, so it'll hold water. So let's say, I fill up my Neogene. I can then.

Fill this thing up and use it to pump too as well. I have a smog because we know how important those are. I have Neogene bottle. And in my Neogene, I got more nutrient survival foods.

This is, um, their vitamin drinks, their coffee so caffeine with protein and protein shakes and one of their bars. And I have an emergency some thirst, quench stuff and all that sort of stuff. So I keep that in there, because this is anti-bottom mouse was using a container. I have my alcohol to use with the stove because I bring. This and people may think that's kind of crazy, but the alcohol doesn't, create a flame, really, you know, and it's odorless when it burns. So for you know, kind of quiet trying to be hidden type stuff for my knife. I also have the BSS 5, the best survival knife on the planet.

And this one we do with Strabo knives. I like it because you know, it's, very, very good knife, very lightweight. Slim profile. If I ever have to do a bow drill, I can do that. And it has that wedge on there in case, I have to stab somebody.

You know, it's designed for combat top style, knife as well as survival moving to the back of the pack. I have a bladder, hydration, bladder source, hydration, bladder and also have a tarp. This is one of those, uh, all-weather, blankets, olive drab because it's, you know, can be used be, you know trying to hide yourself and things like that some vegetation, but that's pretty much that the whole gear. You know, I cut out a lot of stuff. I made it lightweight, very a lot of the stuff is stuff that you'd use to what.

Other stuff you'd scavenge or find and this, you know, you'd last probably with the food probably about two weeks with this, you know, so two weeks worth of food, if you're kind of, you know, not eating it all up on the first day, you know, kind of spacing it out. And then you know, collecting stuff as you go and for much colder environments, also I had a sleeping bag, but because it's warm where I live out most of the year, you know, I don't really need that. So some of you guys might say, won't have a sleeping. Bag because you know, I don't plan on sleeping much anyway, sleeping on the move.

You know, move somewhere hide, get in a bush and go to sleep. Then you know, and maybe take little power naps, but most time when you're bugging out you're moving. So that is the gear that is here guys, let me know any questions or comments below. And as always thanks for watching black scout survival, you.

Dated : 27-Apr-2022

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