Neighbors Teed Off Over Painted Hills Development

With tumbleweeds now, instead of golfers, the old Painted Hills Golf Course is about to be developed into mixed housing, leaving some neighbors teed off the old course on the corner of dishpan, mica and Thorpe road in Spokane, Valley, ONLY, 4s, Aaron, Luna, working for you with how the new development will look. And what neighbors have to say about it. Aaron Nadine. Traffic is a big issue, especially for neighbors out here.

They say that with 580 units coming into this area, a lot of roads on the lot of cars on. The road will really clog up. Those intersections, developers say the way they've developed this with entrances off Madison and off dishpan mica.

It shouldn't be an issue. It used to be filled with top-flight sand Titlist now, it's home to tumbleweeds and white tails. Turn mean, they lost the golf course. And then once they got over that I think they become used to the fact that this was kind of a green space out here. Steve Wings walks past, the old Painted, Hills, Golf Course when he visits his mother. He heard about the new development plans. And what neighbors are worried about the biggest concern with the people around here is going to be the traffic pick up unused for several years.

Nazi black was the only company to bid on the land. And we purposely put it over here, be developed for Brian Walker says, the new project is very much community-driven. We completely changed the original direction from just putting wall-to-wall housing in to doing more of a community about 580 units are planned for. The 100 plus acres, 228 units will be apartments for tea, estates and 206 single-family on the north side will be 52 cottages with a small chip. And putt course, an outdoor fitness loop with outdoor stations for workout. And in the center of that as a children's playground area, they're planning for retail space to the southeast. A restaurant is already moving into the old clubhouse traffic will access the area from both dishpan Micah and Madison other than the target project up on the south hill.

I. Can't remember spending as much preliminary design time and neighborhood time, a draw for potential buyers, an elementary school middle and high school just blocks away, which is also part of the concern looks almost perfect for the people that will be living here. But also I don't know if it's going to overwhelm these schools because they're not they're, not real big schools. Other than high school I did speak with a central valley school district. Today. They said, thanks to the passing of the bond.

And the levy, and they're going to build some new schools, they should be able to handle the influx of new students in the 2017-18 school year. Now the developers do plan to hold a community meeting stay with ONLY 4. As we tell you when and where that will happen reporting live in the Spokane Valley, I'm, Aaron, Luna, ONLY, 4 News,

Dated : 06-Apr-2022

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