Osrs Party Hats Will Be Worth Millions! (Update)

What's going on guys welcome to another video. Hope, all of you guys are having a great day. Today's going to be a part two of the party hats discussion. A lot of you guys are saying that the reason why the party hats have been going up is because a lot of YouTube creators like myself have been stocking up on it guys.

Let me tell you one thing these days or the past couple weeks, you could barely even buy party hats. Remember how I bought so many party hats on hit that username account I can't, even buy. Four or five the past week, they're just going to skyrocket and keep on going up.

And if you guys say, the reason why YouTube creators are actually stocking up on them is because they're, ashes going to go up the reason why they're going to go up, or they have been going up even more than what was three four days ago when I created that video is because you're getting discontinued party hats on RuneScape, three like I said, and it's been confirmed to a lot of you guys that don't believe in what I say or what I. Share with these creators guys in this YouTube community, then be with it, I have no problem with that. But the reason why they're going up is that they're going to get discontinued in the future trust me, go and stock up on it.

Yes. Some creators may have bought a lot of party I, such a reason why it's fluctuating with the market, but trust me, guys, it's going to keep on going up. For example, my freaking, oh, I know, I'm, not even in members wrote hold on just go to the members.

Go really quick. Okay, guys. My. Party hat inspects about two and a half three weeks ago when I was getting 99, mate I, bought two for 2.6 mill. Today, you can't even buy these for 5.5 mil after two weeks, the going rate want to lose look guys. It just went even up more I'm, saying, 5.5.

Mm, because even if you try to buy it energy, you still can't, buy. If it's went up double more than double the price trust me guys, even if I try to buy blue party at or party at in general. Okay, I'm on my Hopis, pure I, don't have it on I don't have any party. Acts on dope is pure it's, mostly I'm hit data username. So let's say, I want to buy a blue party. Alright.

And about four days ago, I bought blue party hats for 58 K, and it's still sitting in GE I, can't, buy anymore. The reason is no one's selling it for that price. They've even gone up more than what the last video was that I think in the last video they were at 38 K now it's at 49 K. But you can't buy it at 49 Baden be most probably at 65 K, or even 70 K let's, try to buy a blue party after 70 Ken let's. See how much they're selling for now see you can't even buy it at 70, K, I'm already, profiting guys.

So you guys don't understand go buy a party hat. So you don't know how much money I've made so far buying party hats and buying the set of party ass trust me, I, don't know why you guys can't believe me, they're, just continuing party hats in RuneScape, 3, I, don't care. How many roots of creators Bob party hats, nor X amount of party hats, I don't care for that. Their main reason why everyone's buying party at. Is because they're discontinuing it, you guys don't understand that to all the haters that are commenting in my videos and saying that no you're wrong. This that guys I'm always right, I've been playing RuneScape for 7 years. Now, trust me, I know what I'm saying I've experienced through these that's.

The reason why I have had to point, six billion GP in the past I know what I'm doing so let's, see, for example, how much I could buy a blue party hat for remember, I bought them at 58 KM. And today, they're. Going over 70 k. So let's see how much we can buy these at sorry, guys, let's, see, it's, funny, every time I'm trying to make a video people end up, texting me, I hate that. Okay, let's see if we could buy it at 80k. Okay, Chloe by blue.

We can't even buy a blue party at 480 kg, see what I mean, guys, if you guys listen to me, four or five days ago, you guys would have had been making Bank to all those that didn't listen to me. You know, what all four there's? What this is? Why you guys deserve I don't care. If you. Guys are going to say that's me being mean, it's all good just keep on leaving dislikes.

You guys, you guys could leave more dislikes. If you want no problem let's, see if we could buy it, I, 120 kg, P. Okay. So there's going 405 kg. P, you guys so I, profited. Okay, 50 kg. P on each blue party hat.

I recently, bought that I haven't still sold. The reason why I'm not selling them obviously is because they're going to go for way more talking about Santa hats. Now, we're talking about Santa hats here.

Okay. These things guys. Were sixth kg about a month ago about a month and a half ago, I can't, most probably even buy a Santa hat right now for 40 K let's, see what I mean, guys, trust me, something's going to happen just wait for it. Mark my words, make sure you like this video, if you guys support me because, trust me, if you guys bought these party hats, four days ago, even the party hat sets, okay, you know what the Tri-City ad set? Oh, my god, guys, I guarantee you. We can buy a party hat set for less than 200 K. This is unbelievable. Oh, my god, I'm, puffing, that's, how I could tell you guys I'm probably big on these to another 30 K by the way, a lot of you guys think that these YouTube theaters like myself, or any other creator has updates before anyone else that's not true.

Some of you guys messaged me telling me that, but no it's not true trust me. We don't have any updates we're the same people as you guys. So let's, see, wow.

This is some okay. Come on let's now, that's, not what Oh. Oh, my god, dude, they're going for 260 kg, P, I. Profited 100 K so far on each party had said that I bought I'm up. So I'm, just I can't, even talk right now I'm on my coffee right now, I'm, super hyper, I, can't, even talk what the hell. Thank you for watching another video.

Guys, please support me. Please watch this video share this like this comment. And what you guys think I'll catch you guys in the next one peace out.

Dated : 27-Apr-2022

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