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Come back no expectations, of course, the video has just started you're, still, not good. And you still haven't activated the notification clause. Okay, I know, what I'll give you time to do it to bent activate, the bell same guy where this blue, but a comment I would take everyone as you know here it is done.

And now we can start the video at all caution puppy room, YouTube, these tombs and chemistry as you already know today, I'm coming back with a new video, guys, and we're going to talk about a subject. That can be quite slippery. I also have a question on YouTube is really there. I thought it was a great question by the way I think it's, even the first time I receive this question there, and I think that many of you are in this case or that you necessarily know people who had the same opinion. The question is, if when someone is not black, but who wears a burlesque, but not for w, ales, it's, cultural appropriation, or not which guys we're going to react to that we're going to try to take a little of. Cultural appropriation what it is it good or not what I think about it. And in the end, we will try to answer the question in relation to the Jo ride.

What it is. We will answer that guys, right after my intro, ya. Key, did room and YouTube it's your pot and mines vassal YouTube is shameful.

So as I was already saying, guys will answer the question? What is cultural appropriation and adoption? If we could say of symbol image, two things related to a culture, which is not ours, in. Other words, a dominant culture, if we take the case of the United, States, Western culture, which will come to appropriate, which will come to adopt elements of the culture, For example, Afro-American, has often systematically adopted cultures oppressed. You know, in the United States there is the t1 Miguel r, which we can say a mixture between them the hand world.

Ok, I'm, not going to quote it and the word white for rigor. You see why this word is simply to designate, so it's, still slang, it's, quite simply. For designate a typical white person who will come and adopt codes of Afro-American culture, for example, fashion, hairstyle, music, etc. from the moment when there was, let's say, the handover of hockey where there were white people who came to play jazz when we know very well that jazz is very much in Afro-American culture. And there was white type. People came to do jazz music and that's where these issues with cultural appropriation, like, you know, guys little disclaimer I'll, tell you in my. Opinion at the end of the mission take another example, guys.

So that you really understood better in 2016 or 2017, something like that Valentine hours ago. So the little sister of Kim Kardashian who in the United States had made the cover I believe of a magazine or something like that, or who had displayed herself on social media, mostly on Instagram with pigtails or dreads, something like that. Okay.

And at the time I remember there was the actress by trade. What is called Amanda Steinberg? I believe. Something like that's, what she actually I took sides and had started to criticize quite simply quality'end.

There I take the place of a module in Seaborg who said you type took over the codes, all appropriate the Afro-American style. But on the other hand, I do not tell you don't use the notoriety of your media power to be able to try to fix things little to be able to simply denounce things related to Afro-American culture, basically from what you can understand in your koda DI locker knows. That if you take one you have to take the other, we will only take the positive sides and not take the negative sides, I, even remember that she had released the hashtag.

So to translate into French. It was less blanches LE do better here in quotation marks. But then guys there I am talking to you. Of course, about Afro-American and Western culture in the United States. But there is cultural appropriation.

At least there is this term, which is used, for example, the Mayans for by example, full of things in. Relation to hieroglyphs and it's in relation to Indonesian tattoos, full of things, ok, but I'm going to talk to you about that because it's linked to Afro-American culture, the Turks and these shortcomings of gases to lay the foundations in relation to cultural appropriation had now what it is. We are going to talk now a little more in depth.

We are going to go into hip hop, because as we know very, well, the Jo Hague s'est il ya, the Afro-American culture, but especially on the hip hop side after of. Course, as you know, you want to be a job if for example, you are in distress, if you have dreads, etc., it is simply to come and maintain a hairstyle you as a traveler. We use and in the rock world, it's part of the wade to deviate from a western routine to maintain the hairstyle. And as I said, it really refers directly to anything related to hip hop because as I've already explained in another video on the influence of d wade on hip hop. There was, for example, p daddy. There were a lot of artists, Nelly. Fifty hundred there are plenty of them who knew how to promote the culture of ways and therefore also sustainable culture.

Hip hop is, for example, a person who must have felt extremely concerned by this cultural appropriation. In spite of herself I think it must have been Eminem why? Because he likes when you look good. He came into a system in this hockey universe, which is very communal at the level of hip hop linked to Afro-American. As you know, guys, I really appreciate is led.

He is one of the best. Rappers of all time, it must have been hard for him to come and do his place at the dock. And as I wanted to already explained, for example, Dr, are had a hard time getting Eminem signed to his music label in the record company more because they had a hard time seeing any real potential, but mostly because he was white suddenly. And here he signed and his apartments. He created so his alter ego. Slim shady did not start to put durable had at the time. I come across was 2002 2003, something like that when.

Dr, are and Eminem signed files, this ain't. And at that time there, he was sure and certain that he received a lot of criticism from typical and Afro-American people who have fun, but boy, you're, there you're already, rapping, we'll, leave. You make music that's supposed to no us to represent I, put quotes because that's not my speech. And on top of that, you start to help me from Joel. You see and knowing that, in addition, he had no Patrice waves. No trade.

Come on let's say, protect hairstyle. Ok. Now, guys. What I think of this cultural appropriation, then my opinion, it will be very simple, knowing that I am mixed race. My mother who is French from Brittany. And my father who is Congolese from Brazzaville.

So what either way it would be a little silly of me to have this notion of cultural appropriation. If I may say because that means that whatever it is I, should in quotes choose one or the other. You see what I mean I start from the principle that it is always better to take in the cultures of others. That means that our culture may have been very enriching. But once again, we live in a world on our nose in this sharing.

We are especially more with the social networks we're in really here, I give you that you give me that Peter, and it's good. Anyway, the wise job will always be part of maintenance of our lives, especially since the beginning of the 21st century, the miscegenation is everywhere, but there we will not only talk about interbreeding at the mulatto level at the level of color. We are. Talking about interbreeding in any investigation in all areas, there is interbreeding in either for me.

This notion of cultural appropriation I can understand that a society that a community that is supposedly dominant in quotation marks will come to appropriate it, especially if it's badly done. In fact, that's the problem it's, especially if it's badly done. If it's really to take everything is in quotes, the shutter if I could say the spark of the symbols of style.

And it is a culture, which has always. Felt oppressed, and I assume that putting up barriers like that will not make things move forward. And that 'and, why I believe that cultural appropriation is not something that I am going to dwell on, I believe that we all have to mix, and that we must, in any case, share cultures and c is what will best advance us. A simple summary of what I think of cultural appropriation concept refuses, not only interbreeding in itself in what is most universal. But in addition to that makes it the promotion we.

Will say of a differentials theory, if we could say who is really going to come and cut the pear in two culture is it culture, perhaps the choice was the culture, and we should not mix them near the gadgets. You are good me, that's, what I think, but we have to make the difference. And the difference is much clearer between the cultural exchanges, which will come to be her on a common point. For example, as I said, you don't share this I share this with you in order to be able to do evolve communities and. Ownership ion really hard and fast that it involves, again, let's say, a theft from a minority, ok from a minority community and who often felt oppressed like I said, no, in this case, I preferred more the dull of cultural looting, rather than cultural appropriation. And here you go guys.

So I think now with this video, you could understand for those who didn't know about cultural appropriation to answer your question now, well for me, I have no problem with that little doesn't matter if you are from such. Culture or culture, you can put a durable after like believed, the durable, of course, these basic facts out of play, but good basic to protect a hairstyle. No matter the hairstyle.

Ok. But now guys don't have fear. I know, it can be hard to say that like that it can be complicated, especially to apply, but don't be afraid of the repercussions don't be afraid of what people will think if you put yourself be tough with people who are going to have this kind of behavior.

I am, of course, talking about the. Oppressors so they will come and tell you, yeah, but you take your tough act, a Caucasian type person. For example, you are a white type person. You don't have the right to put these funds it's crazy who allowed you to right or even to come and say that you see what I mean. Anyway, there has always been a wise profession in cultures and c that's.

What made things happen? Anyway, you have to make the difference as said, a clear difference between cultural plunder and the sharing of cultures of the two worlds. And the problem is that between these two worlds there is a small footbridge, which can be crossed quite quickly. And this is where you have to be careful here to answer you as well as I said for me, there is no issue at all with the fact that you can put a Duran that you are black plan. I don't matter colors, you become of any religion any culture.

You can wear anything you want there's. No issue with that. In any case, I don't have it at all I don't understand not why people should have it. I hope this video, you will have more, but in the comments I will answer everyone as you know, a little blue thumb for support go Czech, www.ma weeks, box.com first box in the world dedicated at the interview of the wise. It was beautiful and jimmy worse.

Dated : 28-Mar-2022

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