Restoring The Boot Chime Of An Imac G3

What's up bird nation, touchable here. Welcome back to another video. So I have another type of strange video similar to my octane video. But uh, this one is about a different computer. This is my iMac g3. So, um, yeah, it's graphite, it's, the graphite color of the iMac g3, although I do have a Bond blue mouse and keyboard, especially in the original hockey-puck mouse, that's, always a plus. So yeah, I picked this up from my high school for the delightful price of free.

It was given to me, I was told that I could. Have it because they had like zero use for the say anymore. So, yeah, yeah, I'm just like I'm glad to own this computer, although I haven't really been able to get around to it with things like the octane, and this power Mac and the Gateway.

And even this pink Center because why not so yeah today, I'm going to be trying to fix a problem that has been annoying me for quite some time. Now I am going to be trying to restore this iMacs boot shine. Basically, when you power it on it's supposed to make a boot. Shine, but uh, well, it doesn't exactly do that I don't know why it doesn't play that classic boot up chime. But for some reason it just doesn't and that's annoying because, that's, one of the things that I was excited for about this iMac intelligent with a boot shine right now. It is running Mac, OS, X, 10.10, it's.

An apple machine come on like I, don't think, it's some issue with the operating system because the speaker's worked fine I also I'll show you in a moment. These speakers actually work really. Well for this old computer, so yeah, I think I have a few solutions. But first I'm going to show it booting up and yeah, then we'll get into fixing the boot on problems. So let's do this also on a completely unrelated note, let's make the video on this thing soon it's, a's, a compact for Mario notebook from 1999 and yeah, I have something very special planned for this. So stay tuned for something along the lines of that.

So let's boot up, my iMac I haven't done this in over a year that's there. It goes. Booting up, yeah, there goes the screen. Oh, yeah, you're going to see some flicker on the screen because it's a CRT unlike the octane, which has a firebox POS monitor. So that doesn't flicker it's, clicking and clacking.

Yeah, there we go OS X and yeah, it's just booting up. So here we are at the OS X desktop. Yeah, it's just, uh, really nostalgic for me.

I like go up here at about this Mac show you. It is a has 256 megabytes of memory. It is indeed version 10.1, and obviously it's a PowerPC g3 is, you know, it's an.

Imac g3 so yeah, I will show you that the speakers work fine like these are actually amazing speakers, here's the / Oh ping. Yep, see the speakers work like perfectly. Yeah, where's. The funk. Nope, there's.

The one I like so sue me, yeah, there we go. So sue me see so speakers are like perfect. They're. Incredible, I, won't change.

A thing about they're, incredible so that's, my that's, my predicament, the keyboard works. There are a few keys. It doesn't work. Because when I went to type in flexible into the user accounts, it. Just didn't input like L or K, but I'm, pretty sure the P and art keys work.

We should probably test that out gently that's. Apple works. No I just need something like in simple. Text editor system, whatever ya know all right, I just need to know if the P and our keys work P, oh, I, don't know, I'll have to see. So yeah, let's shut her down. So I've heard I'm, not sure if it'll work for Oh, not sure if that is the problem at this model, but I think the p r-- am needs to be set, um, they're.

Reset actually because. Like this thing probably hasn't ever had its p.m. reset because it was out of queues for like 20 plus two years. So, um, they're, not 20, plus for like 18 plus anyway. So, yeah, I've heard that if you hold CTRL + option + PR while booting up the machine, then it plays the chime, uh. So we're going to see if that works, yeah, and hopefully it does work because I would love to get that boot up chime right back. So yeah, so unfortunately, I cannot hold all four keys and press the power button and hold the camera'.

Simultaneously so a huge thanks to my mom for coming down here and holding all four keys, while I hit the power button. So here's, a tutorial in case, you also have this problem with your iMac g3. This should work on any model unless there's something else with it like a logic board, corruption or something what you need to do is hold command option, P and are all at the same time before you turn on the machine then turn on the machine, and you'll hear one startup chime I think, hopefully. And then after.

That keep them held until you hear the second startup chime and then release all four keys, then your iMac should boot normally. And if my calculations are correct, yeah, there we go. So now I have my startup chime back. And that is awesome, that's, truly awesome. So now the machine will boot as normal there's. Nothing wrong. You're, not going to erase anything or get rid of anything with this.

If the worst that could happen is the Machine boots without you resetting, the P rim. So yeah and that's, not even a bad. Thing and that's, just what will happen if you don't do this properly. Yep. And here it is booting up as normal as you can see everything is loading properly. So yeah, as you can see, we still have Mac, OS, X, 10.10 am didn't do anything to the actual system.

It just like got rid of one obstruction that was preventing it from playing the boot shine. So, yeah, um there's a quick little glimpse at my iMac g3 and there's. It's booting up with the proper boot, chime and that's how to restore the boot shine in case. You've lost it on your iMac g3 I hope you enjoyed this video, or at least got something out of it again, expect a video on that Rosario soon and yeah, I'll see you guys in another tech. Video, bye,

Dated : 17-Mar-2022

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