Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon Money Glitch *2021* (Infinite Money Glitch Pastebin 2021)

Hey, guys, welcome back to my video today, I'm going to be showing you guys a working money, glitch pretty much for car dealership tycoon. Now, before we begin, I just want to marry guys that this is in the script. So you can't get banned from Roblox for this, and I'm, not even sure you can get banned from the game because it's, technically like some kind of auto cooker, um and auto clickers are around on Roblox there are games that like you need auto clickers, so I'm, not going to get into the argument on how.

Auto clickers are allowed just look at anime fighting simulator, for example, or like other games. Anyway. So also this only works on pc. Because you this program is only for pc. You don't want to go and look up, tiny tasks, just type that up on Google, uh, you're gonna wanna look for one of these just click on it. Go on and download. If it's completely safe.

Once you download time task, you want to click continuous playback, put your recording hockey on whatever you want and playback hockey on whenever you want. In this case, I'm going to put my playback hockey on f12 actually control shift alt p. And my recording hockey will be CTRL shift alt r. So you're going to want to go back to your spawn. So I just reset my character, uh, there are other ways to do it. For example, driving back and forth.

But I find this the best way, um. So you want your mouse. Wait hold on.

You want your mouse right there. So don't, click it yet, uh. Well, I clicked it. Okay, hit CTRL shift alt, or you're recording hotkey. So I clicked it I'm gonna.

Click on that I'm going to click out my car, I'm going to click drive I'm, going to put you my mouse back there, I'm going to have to walk towards it. I don't know why it's not letting me drive, and then I'm just gonna drive for a bit. And as you see, how I'm here I'm going to hit escape, our enter which resets your character, and then I'm going to hit CTRL shift alt r. Right now. Now I'm going to hit CTRL shift alt p, and we're going to see what happens.

Damn. Okay that stupid Roblox thing went in the way let me try it again. Okay.

So we're going to hit CTRL shift r, we're going to move forward, then we're going to like slam on the brakes, and we're going to go backwards I'm going to try to go back in the same spot where you're at I'm going to hit CTRL r, I'm going to hit CTRL shift alt p. So yeah, it's pretty much doing it. Uh on itself. Now you can set this up differently with different colors and different spots. Obviously, this is one of the spots again.

You can also set up to reset your character thing. As I first showed you, I. Just didn't show you it's working because of that stupid offer thing another quick glitch, you can do which I think a lot of people know how to do is just hit w and s and then hit the slash button, and it will automatically do this thing over and over again, it's pretty much. You can pretty sure you can go in another tab, no you can't. So you have to do to set this thing up, it's, really simple. You don't need to download anything it's just hit WNS and then hit the slash button.

And it will just do this. Over and over again, obviously you're going to have to like put set it up where there's more space. For example, here's a good spot, we're going to hit well, there's probably better spot. But I think you can set this up easily requires no program, and you can just leave this on all night, and you can get money. Also. This is probably not the best spot.

But you get what I'm saying also is there a car PVP or anything? I don't know, you can do this in your VIP. Sir, yeah, there is like a few ways on how to get like tons. Of money AFK, if you guys enjoyed, remember, smash like and subscribe, and I'll, see you boys next video? Peace.

You've been working out.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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