Shsat Handbook Test 1 Question 58 Answer

Question, 58th floor, rode her bicycle at 15 miles per hour for two hours. And then at 12 miles per hour for one hour, what was her average speed for the entire trip? So we have that rate equals distance over time. But when they asked for the average speed for an entire trip, you need the total distance and the total time of the trip. So we already have the total time because she wrote at one speed for two hours and then another speed for one hour.

So we already know that the time is going to be three. Hours we were to find out what this total distance is. So using this formula rate equals distance over time, let's work with the first-rate, 15 miles per hour cycle isn't for our for two hours. So 2 goes here, and the distance is unknown so to solve for D, we have D divided by 2. So we'll have 2 x 2. And of course, you do it to both sides.

So now we have that the distance she traveled was 30 for the first two hours. Now, wait to find out how far she rode for the second part of a trip, which is 12 miles per. Hour for one hour. So again, we have that rate equals distance over time. Her rate is 12 distance is unknown /. One distance divided by 1 is just distance or anything divided by 1 is it sell.

So we see that the distance is 12 for the second part. So now our total distance is 30 plus 12, which is 42 and her total time is three hours. So if you want to find our average rate, we need total distance, we're, total time.

So 42 divided by three and we'll. Just do some quick long division 3 goes into for once 1. Times 3 is 3 bring down to 2 3 goes into 12 4 times 4 times 3 is 12.

So there's, no remainder goes in evenly 14 times. So the correct answer is H.

Dated : 05-Apr-2022

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